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It’s Radioactive

By Patrick Van Roy On October 20th, 2017

Due to the Freedom of information Act and Civilian Lawsuits thousands of pages of information is finally being released. During the Congressional investigations into multiple issues of both Obama and the Clinton’s The Whitehorse, The Justice Dept, The FBI, and the State Dept. refused to turn over documents.

Congress has the ability to issue subpoena’s, however to get those subpoena’s enforced it sends them over to The Justice Dept. and if the Executive branch which controls all these depts is the one you’re subpoenaing along with Justice itself how far do you think Congress id going to get?

Now a Private entity  can request documents using a FOIA request, when these Govt. agencies refuse to give the documents they then can go to a court and a Judge can issue a warrant and enforce the Law against these bureaucracies.

I’ve written a couple of posts over the past week that are based on information revealed through this method. There is a Ton more to come. From the Obama Administration using the NSA and the Patriot Act against Political Opponents to the Cover up of an FBI investigation that proved the Clinton’s were bribed by the Russians.

As more is revealed, it will be seen on these pages.

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