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Barbershop Trio available for weekend dates

By Mike Cunningham On November 12th, 2017

So, the American Dream does live on, with perhaps a helping hand from the Massachusetts’ Appeal Court.

Some may remember my small polemic regarding the  Berkshire Museum, based in Pittsfield, Western Massachusetts,, and its prized paintings by Norman Rockwell.

Seems as though the Court, in a decision which reeks of good sense, has blocked the Museum’s decision to set the Sotheby’s sale of works by Rockwell, as well as other important American artists.

Well done the Judiciary. Well done the Americans who literally ‘know fine art when they see it’. The Berkshire Museum guys should close shop, and distribute those rare and precious memories of Americana to a Public Gallery or Museum, under the control of someone who cares!

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  1. Looking at what’s happened elsewhere with museums selling valuable items I can understand why many people are now providing museums with items “on loan”. If the museum no longer wants the item, it has to return it.

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