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By Pete Moore On November 12th, 2017

As Poles turn toward saving their civilisation, British cultural revolutionaries are still at it over here.

‘Transgender lessons’ to be given to nursery children as young as two

Drag queens are being brought into nursery schools for storytelling sessions to teach children from the age of two about issues such as gender fluidity.

Bristol-based organisation Drag Queen Story Time (DQST) runs reading sessions with ‘queer role models’ for young children in schools, libraries and hospitals.

Launched by Bristol University Law graduate Thomas Canham, the project aims to teach children about transgender issues through storytelling, in addition to misogyny, homophobia and racism.

Degenerate kiddie-fiddling is at the core Leftism now. Full on promotion of paedophilia cannot be far away. As someone has said in these here parts before, do everything you possibly can to keep your children away from state school weirdos.


  1. Home school your children for as long as possible, they will be must better of in life.

    I spent the Day today in NYC we went to an open house for my youngest daughter.

    We were at College it’s her first choice…. I don’t my little girl wants to be a New Yorker….. where did I go wrong?

  2. john Jay

  3. I don’t understand my little girl wants to be a New Yorker…..

  4. my hot link isn’t working……


    john Jay

  5. I work with some people who went there, a good school with good business ties if she stays local.

  6. Going to college in New York City can be a great experience.

    And it’s not far away.

  7. Patrick

    If your hot link isn’t working it might be time for another visit to the doctor…. 😳

  8. Cultural Marxism brings us more of its fruits

  9. Colm That hot link still works (sometimes).

    Yeah she wants to be in NY. It wouldn’t surprise me if she gets in that she stays up there.

  10. ot


  11. New York is hugely attractive to bright young people.

    Even in my tiny world, there are young adults from Texas, Alabama, Chicago, California who came and will likely never leave. Great people, interested in everything, people anyone would be happy to know.

    But many also enjoy the school / work experience for a time, and then move on. I know two from Pennsylvania who did that.

    Good luck to her.

  12. thanks

  13. I hope she gets a slot her scores and grades ads great and she likes John Jay. She’s going in direction of some sort of policing, just hasn’t decided what yet.

  14. where are our anti-israel fanatics

    TEL AVIV, Israel — U.S. and Israeli officers broke ground in Israel on Monday for a permanent U.S. Army base that will house dozens of U.S. soldiers, operating under the American flag, and charged with the mission of defending against rocket and missile attack.

    The American base, officers in Israel say, will be an independent facility co-located at the Israel Defense Forces Air Defense School in southern Israel, near the desert capital of Beersheba. Once completed, the base will house U.S. operational systems to identify and intercept a spectrum of aerial threats, along with barracks, recreational and other facilities required to support several dozen American air defenders.

  15. Patrick Van Roy, on November 13th, 2017 at 2:10 PM Said:

    where are our anti-israel fanatics

    As far as I’m aware, there are no “anti-Israel fanatics” at ATW.

    But this announcement ties in nicely with funding…….


    Downing Street has admitted that International Development Secretary Priti Patel discussed with Israel the idea of giving the country British foreign aid cash.

    A Number 10 spokesman said a conversation had taken place between Ms Patel and Israeli officials, after it was reported that she had suggested funnelling money to the country’s armed forces.

    The UK taxpayer shall fund the IDF

  16. Israelis don’t pay a fair share of the cost of their own defense. Until they do, no other country should be paying Bibi’s bills for him.

    And it would be beyond absurd for the UK to subsidize Israel, when their own military is not what it should be.

    The total Israeli tax rate is less than half the average of 31.2% that a family with that income profile would pay in OECD countries, and less than the 26.7% in taxes a family in the US would pay. The top-taxed countries are in Europe, with a 48.7% tax burden for families in Belgium, and between 40% and 45% in France, Germany, Italy and Austria.


  17. The UK taxpayer shall fund the IDF

    One woulf have thought they’re funded enough by the US taxpayer.

    The above is of course bullshit. That’s why Patel jumped before she was pushed.

  18. As far as I’m aware, there are no “anti-Israel fanatics” at ATW.

    yeah and the Earth ain’t round…..

    You brits need to fund your own military, we’ll take care of the Jews thank you.

  19. Patrick Van Roy, on November 13th, 2017 at 4:22 PM Said:

    As far as I’m aware, there are no “anti-Israel fanatics” at ATW.

    Ok – who are they? Name the names

    Phantom, on November 13th, 2017 at 3:39 PM Said:

    Israelis don’t pay a fair share of the cost of their own defense.

    I don’t believe that Israel ever could fund its own defence so subsidy from the US is necessary. Israel has created too many enemies in its own backyard to risk military defeat. However, the amount of subsidy from the US is well beyond what is necessary. Surely it would save money simply to have an armoured division based in Cyprus to be ferried over in case of absolute need?

  20. Paul McMahon and Tarasov are anti-Israel. Maybe Noel is on some days. Colm has gone all SJW so it’s only a matter of time. Might as well chuck him in there too.

  21. Israelis could at least pay the same rate of income tax that the US taxpayer pays, and use those funds to pay some more of their cost for their own defense.

    If someone’s going to be on a welfare line that I pay for, I’d like to at least nudge them to some level of self sufficiency.

  22. Paul McMahon and Tarasov are anti-Israel.

    Being critical of Israeli expansionism, disproportionate violence and questioning these being justified by some book written aeons ago is being anti Israel?

    No doubt I’m an anti Semite too.

  23. Paul –

    You’re not an anti-semite but what you posted about Israel gives the clear impression that you consider Israel’s existence to be illegitimate.

  24. I absolutely question the validity of the source of ownership but am pragmatic enough to recognise that the state has been in existence for almost seventy years.

    That recognition of the state doesn’t mean that I have to be supportive or non critical of it’s present composition.

  25. What does that mean?

  26. C’mon Pete. You’re an intelligent guy.

  27. I am. That’s why I know you’re obfuscating. “Questioning the validity of the source of ownership” sounds like you think that Israel’s existence is illegitimate.

  28. No, it would mean that I don’t put much stock on claims based on an unverifiable book allegedly written thousands of years ago.

    You studied land management or something similar IIRC. What’s you expert opinion on the claim basis?

  29. Being accused of something by Pete is like being battered by a candy floss !

  30. It’s not just one book that gives the Jews rights to the land, it is the history of multiple nations none that exist anymore, at least not as they did over 2000 yrs ago.

    Palestine, Judea, and Sumaria are the historic home of the jews at least according to Egyptian, Roman and Babylonian text.

  31. Patrick Van Roy, on November 13th, 2017 at 10:56 PM Said:

    It’s not just one book that gives the Jews rights to the land, it is the history of multiple nations none that exist anymore, at least not as they did over 2000 yrs ago.

    Is it only jews who have the right to land that may have been in their possession two thousand years ago?

    The creation of Israel was a dreadful act but now that it exists, exactly what would be done with the inhabitants if it were dissolved by whatever means?

  32. we sterilize the ground Alan. If the Jewish State ceases to exist we salt the Earth where it was with Nuclear Fire so that it can never sustain anyone for all time 😉

  33. Links to the basis for the claims Pat?

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