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By ATWadmin On November 21st, 2007

Wonder what you make of the attached? Beware – the images aren’t very wholesome…. savages.

53 Responses to “SAVAGES….”

  1. You know I can’t decide if the video is something I’d broadcast, although the film obviously demonstrates the horror of the incident (whether or not it is authenticated). I have to admit I was a little put off not only by the graphic violence but by the graphics themselves(seems almost a pornographic violence like a snuff film).

  2. I think this was actually exposed last year as a complete and total hoax.

  3. FMC,

    Not sure that it was – though I know that some would claim it was a hoax. It’s not as if Iranians – who HANG people for being gay, for instance – would act barbarically, is it?

  4. i’d do the same to the little spyde who stole my hubcaps

    blaming another religion is bollocks

    bottom line: he’ll not

  5. sorry

    bottom line: he’ll not steal again now will he?

  6. Hang your head, hand ’em high.

  7. Reminds me of how Israeli soldiers used to break the hands of children to stop them throwing stones.

    As the video says, we must stop people committing such "heneous" crimes and then justifying them in the name of religion.

  8. David: It appears that this video is of a street performer (note the dude with the microphone drumming up the crowd and the blanket under the kid’s arm). It’s authenticity was apparently clarified over on Little Green Footballs some time ago. Thankfully, despite the grimacing it appears there was no real injury.

  9. sometimes I think your mind is a veritable horror movie DV

  10. Insider,

    Sometimes I wonder if you have a mind?

  11. well reading your blog, I’d say on the evolutionary scale you’re about 1, where 100 is fully evolved and 0 is microbe level ( just out of the primordial soup )

    But hey whatever turns you on Davy!

    Knock yerself out geezer

  12. "Reminds me of how Israeli soldiers used to break the hands of children to stop them throwing stones."

    Reminds me of what a raging anti-Semite you are.

    This is street theatre. It keeps coming back like a bad penny – it has been thoroughly debunked as nothing *but* street theatre. Sure, its barbaric, but it is nothing at all to do with Islam or whatever.

  13. Mahons, yes that’s what it was. Couldn’t remember where I’d seen it before.

  14. I think the best way to turn off the horror movie is to go within yourself; and find your own beauty and truth; and then live that to the full.
    Your consciousness expansion will touch all you meet and make for a better world.

  15. Insider: Since my conscious expansion is my beer belly I have my doubts anyone touched by it would remark that their world has been improved.

  16. David obviously knew this was a hoax and still posted it for its propaganda value. if genuine, he would certainly have a lot more to say.

  17. mahons if you’re a happy drunk, that rubs off well.on others as entertainment value. Everyone loves funny stories and laughter.

  18. Insider: Actually I find my drinking improves other people.

  19. well then mahons, let’s toast to the theme

    "I drink to make other people interesting"

  20. >>Actually I find my drinking improves other people.<<

    No, it doesn’t. It just makes them look better.

  21. Hey Insider,

    Are you a philosophy professor by chance? Have a lie down pal and get back to me when you’ve reached puberty.


    Shall I post the video’s of the hangings of gays in Iran or is your infatutation with the Mullahs so strong it blinds all reasn?

  22. Noel: In that case there are going to be a lot of beautiful people out there tonight.

  23. feckin barbarians.

  24. Come on David, be honest enough to admit this is a dud. There are plenty of things out there to use to criticise intolerant and backwards Islamic fundamentalist practises, but this bit of nonsense has more holes than a colander that’s been used for target practise.

  25. >>feckin barbarians.<<

    Aw, come on, Typhoo, it’s just a few Yanks having a bit of fun this one night in the year!

  26. lol thats a cracker Noel.

  27. >>In that case there are going to be a lot of beautiful people out there tonight.<<


    Let’s hope this lady isn’t behind the bar where you go tonight!


  28. OK, guys – let me make my point another way, watch the video.

  29. I like the bit where they say the money being earned from this stunt will be spent on a football strip!

  30. David: As Nixon said if I’ve lost Cronkite I’ve lost the nation: you’ve lost Colm, ATW’s closest thing to a reasonable voice.

  31. Mahons,

    Unlike Nixon, I know how to respond. Check out the new video – same savages, and no possibility of a dud.

  32. David hasn’t lost me Mahons, He has just temporarily mislaid me, a bit like a couple of computer discs.

  33. Hey Colm,

    You wouldn’t perchance have come across a couple of computer discs recently? 😉

  34. David

    Might ‘ave. How much d’ya want for em. I would post em to ya but you never know what thievin’ scum would get their hands on em. This bloke called Gordon keeps pestering me for ’em. Keeps saying sumfing about "His Darling is desperate for em….

  35. David
    I’m not a professor, but I do make intercession for other people’s transgressions
    e.g I’d have you flogged for your constant attacks on Islam; but then I’d hear your confession afterwards.
    See I’m that kind of a guy.
    Firm but fair.

    Now how many lashes I leave that to your regulars to decide 🙂

  36. Colm: I retract my words having seen with my own eyes your deranged comment on Jimmy Carter.

    David: No sound here on the computer at work so I hummed The Long Black Veil as a soundtrack to the video. I am not sure without sound as to the impact it was supposed to have on me but (1) yes Iranians can be bad and (2) you got fooled on that kid stealing bread video worse than the time when the Irish told the Scots that the bagpipes was a musical instrument.

  37. Mahons

    Sssh, that Jimmy Carter comment was planted to fire up the Righties.

  38. Great. That is like asking Felix to contribute to the Arab League.

  39. Mahons,

    Is your volume turned up? 😉 I can hear it all – can everyone else?


    Do I attack Islam constantly? Really? Good.

  40. Mahons.

    You could say some of his comments were a contribution to the Arab cause.

  41. David

    You can hear Mahons volume from this side of the pond. He must have it on really loud 🙂

  42. David: Sorry I was unclear, I am sure it is working fine, I just keep the volume off at work (I’ll listen at home).

    Colm: He did disappear around the same time as Arafat. I wonder.

  43. well Dave, unrepentant eh!
    I expect you think you’re doing gods work: funnily enough I don’t remember our saviour preaching hatred do you?
    By aping the mullahs, you become like them:
    but you’re going so fast you can’t see that !

    Be careful in pursuing the monster, you don’t become the monster

  44. God: Nietzche is dead.

  45. Insider,

    It’s David, not Dave.

    Those who remain blinded to Islamofascism play their traditional role of useful fools.

  46. Islamofascism exists, Islam as a religion needs major reform to become more humane, but the vast majority of the worlds Muslims are not evil people.

  47. colm
    precisely.. they actually need our help to reform, not our constant criticism. Now that would be doing God’s work

  48. Insider, regardless of whether or not the first video was a hoax Islam deserves all the opprobrium it receives. It’s radically different from all other religions in the world. It’s beyond reform. It’s either the final word of God or it’s not. Muhammed is either the perfect man or he isn’t. A read through the Koran, Hadith and Sira can only lead to the conclusion that he is actually ‘a narcissist, a misogynist, a rapist, a pedophile, a lecher, a torturer, a mass murderer, a cult leader, an assassin, a terrorist, a mad man and a looter’. If you disagree with any of this you’re about to become quite wealthy.


  49. ‘a narcissist, a misogynist, a rapist, a pedophile, a lecher, a torturer, a mass murderer, a cult leader, an assassin, a terrorist, a mad man and a looter’

    OK but apart from all that ,what was actually wrong with him ?

  50. He wasn’t the Prophet Muhammed, he was a very naughty boy.

  51. >>’a narcissist, a misogynist, a rapist, a pedophile, a lecher, a torturer, a mass murderer, a cult leader, an assassin, a terrorist, a mad man and a looter'<<

    Colm, well, at least he wasn’t a Leftie or – Inshalla – GAY!

  52. Conclusion: Islamic fanatics are dangerous enough without having to repeat incorrect stories about them.

  53. Speaking of Disturbing Images, And I must warn the following link does contain graphic images, We in the west have our own Barbaric Practices too.
    200,000 Per Year !, 6 MILLION to date, This surely has to stop.