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By ATWadmin On November 30th, 2007

I’m sure he is pushing on an open door. I refer to Osama bin Laden who has apparently  released a recorded message warning European countries to stop following America and withdraw their forces from Afghanistan.

The Al Qqueda leader also stated once again that he was responsible for presiding over the September 11 attacks. He said the US had "insisted on invading" Afghanistan even though it knew that the Afghans were not behind the attacks, and that "Europe walked behind it".

"The American tide is ebbing," he said in a message addressed to the European public. "It is better for you to restrain your politicians who are thronging the steps of the White House." He said that by following the US into Afghanistan, Europe could only be a "subordinate" to Washington.

What does he MEAN by the expression "the American tide is ebbing"? It seems to me that this is reference to Bush abandoning his own Bush doctrine  – pressurised into doing so by a vicious biased media and Democrat opponents lining up to make sure that Al Queda are treated as if they are criminals – rather than Jihad-crazy terrorists. Only a sustained military and political onslaught on All Queda will reduce the threat they pose. That requires Europe working WITH the US. But whilst the likes of Sarkozy seems up for this – Britain under Brown isn’t, and we know how dhimmi the likes of Spain, Germany and many other EU nations already are, so OBL is appealing to their worst dhimmi instincts. Europe walking a separate path from the US is what Bin Laden wants, and so does the msm.  Maybe they will get what they wish for – but the consequences will be bad.


  1. Isn’t this the same thing that the Archbishop of Canterbury was saying last week? The two messaages are pretty interchangable.

    Hang on – has anyone ever seen Osama bin Laden in the same room as Rowan Williams?

  2. I wish somebody would put a high caliber round through Osama’s head. I’m sick and tired of his murderous BS.

  3. ”I wish somebody would put a high caliber round through Osama’s head. I’m sick and tired of his murderous BS.”

    Pot and kettle?

  4. Does Daphne lead an lead an organisation that has murdered thousands of civilians in New York, Cassablanca, Bali, Madrid and London?

  5. Afghanistan is the real test. The Taliban have made a comeback, aided by the cowardly French, Germans and Dutch who refuse to let their soldiers get involved in combat. So the heavy-lifting is left to the US, Britain and Canada who are seriously over-stretched. Sarkozy does not appear to be up for it any more than Chirac was.

    If / when the Euros go the whole hog and withdraw their forces, which is quite likely to happen next year, I think NATO should be formally disbanded on the grounds that several of its members have clearly lost the will to fight.

  6. Half of the U.S. is so torn up with their hatred of Bush that they only hope for failure in both Iraq and Afghanistan. But of course they still claim to "support the troops". Give me a break!!
    Also, I remember the MSM going on about what a failure the Bush admin. was for not getting Zarqawi. When he was finally sent to his eternal sand nap, the MSM proceeded to crap all over that, saying oh well who cares it’s one terrorist, someone will just come along and take his place anyway. They would say the same if bin Laden is killed. You can’t win with the MSM.

  7. Peter,

    Yip I would agree with you on Nato. Disband it now.