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Are these the ‘friends’ you really need?

By Mike Cunningham On January 11th, 2018

So, you are a drug addict. You are a true loser. You are used to being called a ‘junkie’ because that is what you are. In hock up to your eyeballs to feed the wretched urge to experience another ‘high’. You have probably thieved or hocked everything you can lay your trembling hands on, from relatives, friends; just to stay abreast of the heroin squeeze, or the cocaine ‘hit’, or even the Fentanyl slug-in-the-guts. You just don’t care, as long as you get enough together for another fix, or bag, or whatever term you use to explain the slow suicide route you are travelling.

But, all is not lost. A group of really rich do-gooders are thinking about you, and have decided that, from now on, you ain’t a ‘junkie’ any more: you are instead ‘‘ a person who uses drugs’ or ‘a person with substance use disorder’. In truth, you have just discovered you have been ‘discriminated against’ for all these years!


I bet you feel really relieved about that!!!!!!

7 Responses to “Are these the ‘friends’ you really need?”

  1. Looks like the Mail lie are trying to stick the knife in Branson for pulling it out of Virgin.

  2. Decriminalisation of drugs is now the only way to really control this downward spiral.

    The war on drugs was lost quite some time ago.

  3. There are plenty of ‘Conservatives’ on this site who yearn for the good old days. Victorian values were pretty conservative weren’t they?


    Perhaps the good old days weren’t really that good?

    The only way to eradicate the drugs problem is to eradicate the massive demand for drugs. I normally don’t agree with anything Harri says but in terms of damage limitation and containment his above comments are 100%

  4. I don’t know what I find more offensive,,,, the story that this post links too, or this post itself.

    As someone who has worked with addicts for 30yrs I find both to be wrong.

  5. agree with all comments made on thread
    back to the drawing board mike. think what you’re saying
    for humour i thought the addiction was referring to ATW 😉

  6. Also concur with all comments

    What the addicted need is tough love, not mockery.

    The toughness and the love are both essential.

  7. ATW’s Grumpy Old Man to receive politically correct rebranding as Displeased Elder.

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