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By Phantom On January 12th, 2018

CNN had it right. Yesterday’s comment by Trump represented ” rock bottom “ . He used a word, not to be repeated here, which is about as vulgar as it gets to describe a huge part of the rest of the world. Because of his utter lack of discipline, that word is now on the front page of world newspapers.

It’s one thing if you and I use such words here, or at the pub. It is another matter when the word comes out of the mouth of the president.

I won’t talk about the issues that were discussed in yesterday’s meeting. They’re not the story.

What I don’t agree with is unnecessarily insulting the people in other lands.

Good leaders don’t do that.

Good leaders have dignity. This man has none.

America, and the world, has been lucky over the past year. I hope that we remain lucky, and that this ” time without a leader “ passes in three years, or before.

90 Responses to “Hole”

  1. I say it again: after a year of this clown you still have to keep asking yourself if we’re dealing here with the United States or some place like Uganda under Idi Amin.

    The principled loyalty to the US is being eroded by the day, just as the President insults some new country or people practically by the day: loyalty to the US is now purely a question of expediency, what you can get out of it. See the votes of Honduras or Guatamala at the UN.

    Or are those places now also “shitholes”?

  2. The lies are so many you can’t keep up with them.

    The volume of other gaffes is so immense that you can’t keep up with them either. I think yesterday, he knowingly made reference about the sale of US made jets to Norway, of a model that exists in video games, but not in the real world.

    All leaders are prone to make such errors, but with him, it’s a torrent, unprecedented.


  3. Good post.

    Once again trump embarrasses himself, with this latest tweet about not visiting the UK for the opening of the new US Embassy, because Obama sold the old one to cheaply. It’s just utter nonsense.

  4. Dave


    He doesn’t want to admit the real reason why he’s staying away from the UK –the British public loathes him, and any visit would be the scene of massive anti Trump ( not anti US ) demonstrations.

  5. Agreed Phantom.

  6. Here’s how he announced his decision

    Reason I canceled my trip to London is that I am not a big fan of the Obama Administration having sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London for “peanuts,” only to build a new one in an off location for 1.2 billion dollars. Bad deal. Wanted me to cut ribbon-NO!
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 12, 2018

  7. He’s boycotting the opening of the new US embassy in a major ally’s capital city, because of an imaginary bad deal done by his predecessor.

    All righty then.

    Can we get him to boycott the White House now?

    Trump gets this one wrong. Obama did not make the decision to sell the old London embassy, that ( correct ) decision was made under GW Bush.

    The decision to move out of the Grosvenor Square building was taken under the Bush administration in 2008, principally because the building was proving harder to secure in an age of terrorist threats — and also, in small part at least, because the US government did not wholly own it.
    British property law historically allows the ground underneath buildings to be held by people and entities other than the owners of the bricks and mortar above. In this case, the land is owned by the Duke of Westminster, whose property empire controls much of the land in central London, and is leased back to the US at a nominal — or “peppercorn” — rent.

    “In the end, we realized that the goal of a modern, secure and environmentally sustainable embassy could best be met by constructing a new facility,” former US ambassador Robert Tuttle said of the decision to move.

    The failing CNN

    to be more precise

    The US Embassy and Consulates in the UK said in October 2008 the embassy would be relocated for security reasons.

    The failing Irish Times

  8. Remember the days when the slightest slip of the tongue by Obama was enough to send his detractors here into raptures of celebration and endless repetition for weeks afterwards.

    Now their hero makes infinitely worse gaffes several times a day and they remain quiet.

  9. This well written article in the Independent, outlines everything wrong with Trumps tweet.


  10. A very stable genius.

  11. Is there not a week goes by that this dancing monkey doesn’t bring the office of POTUS into international disrepute?

    An Ill disciplined, uncouth, bad mannered, boorish dolt of a man.

    He doesn’t want to admit the real reason why he’s staying away from the UK –the British public loathes him, and any visit would be the scene of massive anti Trump ( not anti US ) demonstrations.

    Absolutely Phantom. As to his pathetic excuse:

    Local media reported the old building was sold for 500 million pounds. Reuters has not been able to independently verify the valuation


    Surely Trump, the alleged billionaire that he is, wouldn’t consider five hundred million quid ‘peanuts’?

  12. As Dave’s link tells us

    The US didn’t own the [ old ] embassy but leased it from the Duke of Westminster – a strange arrangement that made it unique among US embassies and led to protracted and often fractious negotiations as the Americans looked to sort it out.

    Sounds like the former administration did a good job of selling that property, one that they did not even fully own.

  13. Donald Trump grew up in a wealthy white enclave in Queens, and he first came to public attention in 1973, when the Justice Department sued his father’s real-estate company for refusing to rent apartments to people “because of race and color.” (Trump strongly denied the charges, which eventually led to a consent decree.)

    In the nineteen-eighties, when Trump owned casinos in Atlantic City, some of his managers got the strong impression that he didn’t like black employees. In a 2015 story about the faded resort town, my colleague Nick Paumgarten quoted a former busboy at the Trump Castle, who said, “When Donald and Ivana came to the casino, the bosses would order all the black people off the floor.”

    [ below, Trump quoted speaking about a black employee ]

    “Yeah, I never liked the guy. I don’t think he knows what the fuck he’s doing. My accountants in New York are always complaining about him. He’s not responsive. And it isn’t funny. I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and at Trump Plaza. Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. Those are the kind of people I want counting my money. Nobody else.”

    I couldn’t believe I was hearing this. But Donald went on, “Besides that, I’ve got to tell you something else. I think that the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is. I believe that. It’s not anything they can control . . . Don’t you agree?” He looked at me straight in the eye and waited for my reply.

    “Donald, you really shouldn’t say things like that to me or anybody else,” I said. “That is not the kind of image you want to project. We shouldn’t even be having this conversation, even if it’s the way you feel.”

    “Yeah, you’re right,” he said. “If anybody ever heard me say that . . . holy shit . . . I’d be in a lot of trouble. But I have to tell you, that’s the way I feel.”

    John Cassidy, the New Yorker

    This is the MAGA guy

  14. The more my president shouts out what he believes the more I love him. Screw the hypocrites who probably think the same way but are too gutless to verbalize their feeling because that want to toe the Political Correctness Liberal agenda. President Trump doesn’t need to be president, but Americans need him to be the uninhibited voice echoing their feelings. Like it or not many, many countries are nothing more than fetid cultural faeces pits.

  15. Like it or not many, many countries are nothing more than fetid cultural faeces pits.

    Harsh, but fair.

  16. Dear God, make it go away…

    Remainer Eddie Izzard said this could be the end of humanity because of Brexit and 2016 election of Donald Trump.


  17. I actually could care less that CNN reported that Trump called Haiti a “shithole” but now CNN is walking it back – reporting that in fact Trump didnt say this.

    So, I guess Phantom, you too should issue a correction if you care about facts.

  18. President Trump’s claim that the US Embassy in London was ‘sold for peanuts’ appear to have been vindicated after documents reveal that it went for just £315m ($431m).

    When it was sold five years ago property experts said that the market value of the deal was £500m ($680m) and it was thought that this was the sum achieved.

    However official Land Registry records reveal that the 999-year lease of the land was actually sold for almost £200m less than expected.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5261823/Is-Trump-right-call-bad-deal.html#ixzz53zPCxlMU

  19. “What I don’t agree with is unnecessarily insulting the people in other lands.”

    Unnecessarily? why, how disingenuous of you, Phantom.

    Surely you know that recent machete attacks in Minnesota are carried out by Somalian immigrants.
    Surely you know that MS-13 beheadings and torture in Long Island are carried out by el salvador immigrants?

    no one is gratuitously insulting people/and nations. Our responsible President is providing responsible leadership by stating the obvious in a national discussion on immigration.

  20. Here is the obvious: more immigration from shithole countries will bring us more crime and bad behavior.

  21. Here is the obvious: more immigration from shithole countries will bring us more crime and bad behavior.

    As Melbourne Australia are now finding out..you import third world, you get third world.

  22. Patty

    Senator Durbin and presumably others personally heard Trump’s comments.

    The ones spoken of, and worse.

  23. I thought one of National Review’s writers said it best, we know Trump doesn’t judge people by the content of their character. And we know he could have made the comments by the content of his character.
    CNN has not “walked back” the reporting. And Senator Durbin confirmed the story.

  24. Here we have the typical Trump defense. He didn’t say it, and what he didn’t say was right.

  25. Trump is lying his ass off, and creating distraction and sideshow and Fake News to try to get out of the ahem ” hole ” he has placed himself in.

  26. Senator Durbin? Mr Opportunist, himself? He also just said that “chain migration” term can’t now be used because it reminds blacks of slavery….what a load of crap.

    I wouldn’t trust Dick Durbin to pour me water.

    That said, imo, it’s all the better if POTUS Trump did in fact call Haiti a shithole. You know why? Because it is a shithole.

  27. Here’s the immigration debate in a nutshell:

    1. Democratic pols and their propaganda media complex want unlimited immigration because they need a permanent underclass for votes.

    2. National Chamber of Commerce and its members want unlimited immigration from underclass countries because they want cheap labor which gives more profit for shareholders and they don’t care that that cheap labor depresses wages for middle class Americans.

    3. Much of the republican congress get money from the National Chamber of Commerce and therefore support amnesty.

    4. Many of the Republican congress have been elected to stop amnesty.

    5. Trump = MAGA = no amnesty

  28. “CNN has not “walked back” the reporting”

    well, Jake Tapper = CNN and he walked it back so I think you could say that CNN walked it back

  29. Do you think that such comments help the prestige of the US overseas?

    In the Caribbean, in Africa, and worldwide?

    Would there ever be a situation when we’d want those nations / regions to cooperate with us on anything?

  30. CNN’s Tapper on Twitter:

    “The president did not refer to Haiti as a “shithole” country according to the source familiar with the meeting”

  31. this ass clown makes me wistful for the days of mere incompetence that charecterised the Bush administration.

    I honestly didn’t think there was anything that could rehab Bush’s actions, I was wrong

  32. Durbin also said Graham rebuked President for it. I don’t think he’d include that fact unless it were true. Trump’s denial was pretty vague.
    In your opinion Patty, you think it is better if Trump did say it and is lying now?

  33. “Do you think that such comments help the prestige of the US overseas?”

    My God, Phantom, do you really think like this? You sound like a weepy woman at a garden party.

    Whether or not “Hello” magazine writes a glowing story on Melania and Trump at some gala is of absolutely no importance.

    Propaganda is effective but it is – at the end of the day – just propaganda. Yes, appearances matter. But, reality matters also. and in the end, reality trumps propaganda.

  34. There are multiple confirmations that he said it.

    And I see no link from Patty on what Tapper supposedly said

  35. It may be that Trump only referred to African nations that way?

  36. Mahons: I think it’s great that Trump tells it as it is. Thank you, jesus!

    It’s been way too long that we have let the Left parade naked down the street while exclaiming that they are wearing golden robes. Enough.

    If we have unassimilated Somalians in Minn. we will have machete attacks.
    If we have unassimilated El Salvadoreans in New Jersey, we will have MS-13 torture and beheading.
    etc. etc.

    Why do the Democrats and the MSM propaganda class advocate for importing more people of this ilk?

    do you hate America that much??

  37. Even Trump giggle-buddies Drudge and Breitbart are not saying what Patty said about Tapper.

    CNN is not saying it

    And Paul Ryan is critical of the statements that Patty denies

  38. Why don’t you look at Jake Tapper twitter, Phantom. That’s what I was quoting.

  39. We seem to have multiple witnesses.

  40. “I have some clarifying reporting from a source familiar the meeting. I want to start by saying that this does not make what he said any more acceptable, but it might shed some light on it all. 1/”

    That’s Jake Tapper on twitter, Phantom. Jake Tapper of CNN. if I can find it, you can find it?

  41. I’m not going to cut and paste everything for you, Phantom. I would like to train you to do some of your own research.

  42. Go back to your tea pouring, Phantom. I’ve got to go.

  43. Yes you do.

  44. lol. garden parties don’t like interlopers!

  45. U.S. Sen. Tim Scott said he talked to fellow South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham about hearing President Donald Trump’s “shithole countries” comment and Graham confirmed to him the president said it.

    Graham, Scott said, told him the reported comments are “basically accurate.”


  46. OMG – I can’t not post this – here’s the Dick Durbin quote:

    When it came to the issue of, quote, “chain migration,” I said to the president, do you realize how painful that term is to so many people? African-Americans believe they migrated to America in chains and when you talk about chain migration, it hurts them personally.

    this is so, so ridiculous. rofl. we now can’t say chains!!! can’t use the word “chain” !!!! because why?

    because African Americans think of slavery? this is so absurd. too painful.

    time out from songs about “bitches” and “ho’s” and Hollywood’s casting couch antics to gasp in pain about a word, the word “chain”

  47. I don’t know anyone who wants to import terrorists or gang members. Proper vetting of any immigrant is necessary. What we are talking about here though is the President’s apparently racist comments, unnecessarily provoking anti American reaction around the World.

  48. Why can’t the immigrants from Haiti just go back to Haiti? or back to El Salvador? or back to Somali?

    Why not just return them to their own countries? Too dangerous, you say?

    Because their countries are shitholes, perhaps?

  49. Mahons: calling Haiti, Somali, El Salvado “shitholes” is only racist if you’re Don Lemon or a craven Democrat Progressive looking for a way to stop Trump and others from honestly discussing the issue of immigration and amnesty.

  50. I’m all for insulting anyone, if it serves a purpose.

    What purpose was served by Trump using that language? In a large group? How stupid and clumsy and undisciplined is that?

  51. Patty

    You are simultaneously justifying the comments, and trying to say that he didn’t make them. As mahons said.

    Can you please make up your mind.

  52. Do you think that such comments help the prestige of the US overseas

    Unless there’s been a miracle in the last six months:


  53. awww…..the old “image is suffering” manipulation…….awww…..we care……..like…..NOT! lol

  54. Awww…..we care……..like…..NOT! lol

    Who is ‘we’ Patty?

  55. Patty how does this MAGA I don’t understand what you mean by “greatness”
    could you give us an insight into your thinking in a short paragraph please ?

  56. “I have some clarifying reporting from a source familiar the meeting. I want to start by saying that this does not make what he said any more acceptable, but it might shed some light on it all. 1/”

    That’s Jake Tapper on twitter, Phantom. Jake Tapper of CNN. if I can find it, you can find it?

    Here you are:


    Selective quotation by some on ATW?

  57. Patty – I don’t think shitholes is the way someone, especially the President, should discuss other nations. You seem to say he didn’t but if so he would be in agrrement with you. If it is proper, then why would he deny saying it?

  58. blah, blah, blah…this is just more outrage from the always outraged progressives

  59. Thousands of American Citizens live and work in El Salvador. It has rotated troops into Iraq to support our forces. As for Haiti and Somalia, both did in fact have natural disasters for which temporary stays were allowed under the law.

  60. Patty – The outrage has been expressed by many conservatives and Republicans.

  61. I have said this about President Obama and I shall say the same about President Trump.

    The POTUS, like many heads of State and governments is not a private person, they are a public person and, when they speak, they do not speak for themselves but for the nation and the people they represent. If indeed President Trump spoke those words then I believe he should apologies. It does not matter if they are true or not, one does not use such language when in public office – PERIOD !

    If as been said here that in fact the POTUS did not say what has been aledged, then those that have made and reported this greivious slur against both the POTUS and the USA need to fall on their sword.

    I support Prseident Trump because, despite everything, he isn’t as bad as the alternative.

  62. I hope the Hollywood outraged set show up in vagina costumes and pussy hats to express their dismay at labeling Haiti a shithole.

  63. No one should apologize.

    We should all repeat this childhood mantra: sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never hurt me.

  64. If as been said here that in fact the POTUS did not say what has been aledged, then those that have made and reported this greivious slur against both the POTUS and the USA need to fall on their sword.

    Despite what some here have attempted to suggest Mark there has been no ‘walking back’


  65. While Trump’s terminology may find favor with the usual suspects here, there is some consolation in the fact that it will further reduce his base to the core simpletons.

  66. And they used to pretend to care about dignity and decorum in the White House.

  67. Phantom: You used to pretend to be a Conservative.

  68. I am one of the few conservatives on this site.

    Militarists are not conservatives, Israel First guys are not conservatives, those who don’t believe in intellectual property rights are not conservative, and all over the place hero worshiping people ( hi Patty ) are not conservatives.

  69. What makes you conservative?

  70. Liars gotta lie

    GOP lawmakers ‘do not recall’ Trump’s ‘shithole’ slur


  71. I hope President Trump says another bad word really soon just to watch the Left lose their cookies over it.

  72. “all over the place hero worshiping people ( hi Patty )” really, your only substance here is name calling with a pretension edge

  73. Is Trump a conservative Patty?

  74. Patty – you told us he didn’t say it. So you want him to not say something else?

  75. “So you want him to not say something else?”

    The actual truth about what he said is not important.

    I’m not outraged. You are!! I hope he says another bad word – or someone dreams up another bad word to attribute to him – and you and the rest of the permanently outraged class go off in a tantrum about decency
    and reputation in foreign countries etc.

    I find this all very amusing.

  76. “Is Trump a conservative Patty?”

    be more specific and maybe I can answer.

  77. I’m asking you if you think that Trump is a conservative. How do you wish me to be more specific?

  78. The actual truth about what he said is not important.

    A Trump disciple if ever I heard one.

  79. Policies, be specific

  80. He insulted his way to the nomination and he was mean to Hillary.

    That makes you an RNC conservative these days.

  81. In other words, are you looking for a sincere thoughtful answer?

    is this a rhetoric game?

    Phantom says he’s “conservative” but you’ll notice that he won’t elaborate. He’s playing a game. That’s OK.
    No problem. He can call himself a “conservative” if he wants. We recognize 67 genders so why not call Phantom a “conservative” if it pleases him.

  82. pssst……want to know why Trump won? not Russian hacking (lol) and not insulting nick names….although Hillary’s lack of charisma did hurt her

    Trump won because he stole the blue collar worker vote from the Democrats. end of story.

  83. “The actual truth about what he said doesn’t matter.”

    I think Patty has summed up the core belief of Trump supporters quite simply.

  84. Patty

    You worship a Manhattan Democrat who gave money to the Clintons and to their foundation, to Charles Schumer

    I believe that you are a liberal

  85. You identify as a conservative Patty I’d like your opinion as to if you thin that Trump is a conservative in economic and social terms and if so, in your opinion, what makes him such.

  86. In the photograph below is an aerial shot of the border of Haiti (on the left) and the Dominican Republic (on the right)


  87. i did’nt realise quite the depth of your self-loathing pat , interesting you have come out at last, and you like ugly , that’s what you’re really saying gal – you’ve taken a spirit of offense over this whole thing and its a deceit, the very opposite of the prophetic.

  88. WSJ interview with Trump is well worth a read.

    He wants amnesty for Dreamers.

    Says you’re not getting a wall – just a fence, in some parts.

    Trumpers are dumb rubes.

  89. When determining whether or not the president is a racist, I’ll defer to the professional racists, who very much seem to think he is.

    David Duke

    Just as the most ardent Trump supporters were about to give up on him in despair — he restores a lot of love in us by saying blunt but truthful things that no other President in our lifetime would dare say! NO DACA! NO COMPROMISE – NO Sh**thole America! Hail Trump!

    Storefront seems quite pleased as well, venture with care.

  90. the thread starts with one person saying Trump was the same as Idi Amin and it manages somehow to descend from there…..

    The next 7 years are going to be a blast…. 😉

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