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Blair, ” It will leave a legacy ….in the UK !”

By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006

rings alight.jpegIn six years’ time, the name of Jack Lemley will be spoken with bated breath. They will be saying "We should really have listened to Jack!"

Jack who?

That’s right, Jack Lemley! He is the head of Lemley International, an engineering and consulting company based in Boise, Idaho. He is seventy-seven years old, and is the first senior person to have resigned from the Olympic Delivery Agency.

As can be seen from a brief survey of the Wikipedia page, he is massively qualified and extremely-well respected, by ENGINEERS! (my capitals). He ran, amongst other projects, the Channel Tunnel project. If one discounts the financial catastrophe which is EuroTunnel: the engineering bit; the trains, the links, the infrastructure, the initial tunnelling with boring machines, everything works! So the man knows of that which he talks about!

In a little-noticed item, his resignation from the 2012 Olympic Delivery Agency brought no comment from insiders, but a fortnight later, the comments from this forthright individual, which included such gems as " A huge amount of local politics had made the job intolerable." and "I went there to build things, not to sit and talk about it, so I felt it best to leave the post and come home," have brought fevered responses from Sports Minister Caborn and Labour MP Derek Wyatt, who was quoted as stating; "Original costs spell ‘x’ and come out as a ‘y’. I think Mr Lemley was out of his depth.". This last from an M.P. whose previous jobs include ‘history teacher’, ‘journalist’ and ‘publisher’, which record of course gives him a supreme advantage in commenting upon the life and knowledge of a really good Engineer!

The chickens are starting to come home to roost, and the truly ludicrous estimates for cleaning the site, apart from construction, are leaping ever higher, as are the timescales for that same construction. Remember how the Greeks scraped home before the start of their Games? That’s ‘gonna be chickenfeed compared with the boondoggle we have been landed with in Stratford!

5 Responses to “Blair, ” It will leave a legacy ….in the UK !””

  1. I was against the games coming to London cos I knew what would happen i.e. a load of bickering and then contractors starting the price gouging. All my friends got on my back about being so bloody negative. What is it about this country that we can deliver things on time and/or on budget? This whole affair is gonna cost the taxpayer billions and billions and sod all will be recouped. Mark my words we’d have been better of if Paris/Madrid/Moscow got it. Also of we don’t find some REAL talents very soon they’ll be begging Steve Redgrave to come out of retirement!

  2. woops, that should be "can’t deliver things on time and/or budget?"

  3. Lemley’s been banging on for ages to get things going on the site. Arent they going on about it being the end of 2007 before they start clearing the area and only then can they work out how to cope if they come across any old Nazi bombs, contaminants and god knows what else.

    A balls-up is in the offing for 2012,

    but by that time if David Hanson gets his way, we’ll have our very own white elephant stadium at the arsehole of nowhere, sorry, Maze Prison, to destroy sport here in NI.

  4. We can’t bring in anything to time and to budget partly because we are encourage to totally underestimate how much and how long things are going to take in order to deliver.

  5. Cannot understand why any city wants the Olympics. The ultimate waste of money that does not bring the world together.