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The Lady is a Trump

By Mahons On January 31st, 2018

One of the takeaways i had last night was the absence of chivalry by the media and internet in regards to the First Lady. There was a lot of wink and a nod type chatter about her not riding to the speech with him and references by a few to her supposed shock at the allegation he paid off a porn star in 2016 regarding some encounter ( the stripper’s name is Stormy, but the encounter was apparently not a discussion of the weather).

Donald Trump’s failings are not his wife’s. She has maintained an obvious interest in a degree of privacy. She appears to be a decent mother. She has been a dignified ambassador and hostess for her nation, a role she probably didnt want but accepted. The fact that other First ladies came under unwarranted attack is no reason that she should be treated unkindly.

As the first immigrant First Lady, and only the second Roman Catholic, she has ably handled a lot of pressure (even that pressure generated by her husband). I hope, probably in vain, that the internet and mass media cut her some more slack.

14 Responses to “The Lady is a Trump”

  1. She seems sad at times. She didn’t ask for this. I don’t know if any normal person would want to live that zero privacy life.

    Yes, everyone should leave her and the young son alone.

  2. Beg to differ. I’m not encouraging you to engage in Left Wing insane personal vitriol but I would like to note that Melania rocks the First Lady role and seems to revel in it, as evidenced by her fashion choices/statements. Of course, you haven’t followed her fashion so you don’t know what I’m talking about. Get your heads out of the CNN depression quagmire.

    She’s a Happy Warrior, an immigrant and a proud wife and American.

  3. //She seems sad at times.//

    What woman wouldn’t be sad being married to that jerk, who enjoys grabbing third-party pussy as much as grabbing headlines.

    She doesn’t want the first-lady role, and certainly not beside the laughing stock of the world. She’s paying a much higher price for financial “security” than she’d bargained for when she married the mere rich businessman.

  4. Melania rocks the First Lady role and seems to revel in it, as evidenced by her fashion choices/statements.

    Whereas Michelle Obama was dressed from charity shops. Yeah, we geddit.

  5. no the Laughing Stock of the World is Merkal

  6. Patrick..



  7. She is in a tough position. She should file for divorce while the jerk is still president. He just might be embarrassed by a pre-nup that would make her a pauper and come to good settlement. She would be free of him, still in the public eye and perhaps admired for walloping him. I imagine she would receive very attractive book offer.

  8. WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In comments to reporters at the White House on Friday, Donald J. Trump stirred controversy by lavishing an alleged wife beater with praise that he historically has reserved for child molesters and Nazis.

    Reporters who heard the President’s comments were taken aback since, in the past, the President had given no indication that he held wife beaters in the same high esteem in which he holds supporters of child abuse and white supremacy.

    “We knew that President Trump considered child molesters and Nazis very fine people, but this was the first time he had put wife beaters up there, too,” Tracy Klugian, a member of the White House press corps, said. “We wanted clarification as to whether he considered wife beaters as fine as those other two groups, or finer.”

    John Kelly, the White House chief of staff, accused reporters of attempting to drive a wedge between three of the President’s most cherished constituencies.

    “Donald Trump has made it very clear that he can be the champion of wife beaters, child molesters, and Nazis at the same time,” Kelly said. “He doesn’t play favorites.”


  9. Trump is a psychopath here and pathological liar, he cannot empathise with a victim, because he doesn’t connect guilt with shame , he has to do that , or he’s be overwhelmed . That’s why he always feels sorry for the bad guy ( one of his own) , never feels sorry for the wronged party .. Its part of being a narcissist and fantasist too, its also deeply wicked in a catholic sense, as there’s no repentance or lent or anything that would remotely connect a conscience to a crime and so even begin to feel remorse.

  10. and that is what passes for humor…. or is put out as Humor when it really is the honest feelings of those at the NYr.

  11. Here is another example of Borowitz “Satire” that is really his true feelings


    In a televised event that many deemed unnecessarily cruel, millions of Americans were briefly reminded on Monday that they once had a President.
    Unsuspecting Americans who turned on cable news Monday morning were suddenly assaulted with the memory of a time when the country’s domestic affairs, international diplomacy, and nuclear codes were entrusted to an adult.

  12. The numbers for January are in and the difference between what the government collected and what it spent.

    There was a Surplus of $49 BILLION more collected than was Spent.

  13. As Stormy Daniels gets ready to “tell her story” about a night in July 2006 when she allegedly had sex with Donald Trump, she may have a way to back it up, The Blast reported.

    The porn star has a “Monica Lewinsky dress,” the site said, citing sources close to Daniels. Daniels’ dress is a gold mini dress she wore during the alleged tryst in a Lake Tahoe hotel with the man who would become president.

    She’s kept the dress “in pristine condition” and plans to have it forensically tested for samples of hair, skin or “anything else” that would contain DNA, reported The Blast, while also sharing a photo of it in its report.


    Oh my my.

  14. WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Shortly after he declared that he would have run into a Florida high school unarmed to thwart a mass shooting, Donald J. Trump announced that he was planning a parade in Washington, D.C., to celebrate his hypothetical act of heroism.

    “Anyone can act with bravery in the moment,” Trump told reporters in the White House. “But it takes a very special kind of hero to tell people about the incredibly brave thing he would have done weeks after the thing happened.”
    He added that it was one of his greatest regrets that bone spurs prevented him from serving in the Vietnam War, “because the really courageous things I would have done during that war would have been off the charts.”

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