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By ATWadmin On January 17th, 2007

What a scandalous waste of taxpayers money.

The Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman is investigating IRA claims that the RUC failed to prevent a murder attempt on Sinn Fein/IRA leader Gerry Adams more than 20 years ago. Mr Adams has made a complaint following reports that the police had prior knowledge of a UDA plan to ambush him in Belfast city centre in March 1984 while he was travelling from the High Court. Mr Adams was shot five times when his car was sprayed with bullets, while his bodyguards were also seriously injured. UDA leader John Gregg was jailed for his part in the shooting. But naturally all opportunities to blacken the RUC’s name are to be taken by republican insurrectionists.  

Now I am sorry that Mr Adams was shot, as I DO NOT believe the revolting UDA had any right to act as judge, jury and would be executioner. And of course in a way the RUC is to blame – as Adams should have been in jail for his role as Terror Godfather. But the person who also carries responsibility is Adams himself. After all – he who lives by the sword…. 

12 Responses to “WASTING POLICE TIME……”

  1. Usual double standards from Adams and SF* – he demands the truth be made public in this instance yet it’s a different matter when it comes to cases from Jean McConville via La Mon to the Murder of Robert McCartney.

    * "The truth about wrongdoing by British military, intelligence and policing agencies needs to be uncovered and acknowledged. Sinn Féin supports the demands for this from the families of victims."

  2. the role of the forces of law and order should be fully investigated both by government, those appointed by those who feel themselves affected and an objective party.

    It is important that the concerns of British citizens are satisfied, it is of equal importance that events of controversy for the ‘opposite’ side are dealt with on the same terms, guaranteeing legal access and representation equality for all, rather than exclusively those with the luxury of a government soft spot on funding.

    The names and positions of the IRA staff at all times throughout the conflict and the names and current status of those who committed crimes should be made public knowledge via such a process. This will help sinn fein attain to the standards they seek to call other parties to account on, and give some sense of understanding to the bereaved.

    The interactions of the Irish government, the British government, the CIA and those in the international communities and their respective roles in fraternisation with and the facilitation of the IRA, should also be probed and questions of conduct and criminality satisfied.

    The role of Catholic institutions in the facilitating the IRA should be investigated and appraised

    – to name the bare minimum of controversies that should be made the subject of investigation on equal terms with those of Sinn Fein orientated concern, anything less is injustice, inequality and oppression, and what sort of a republican would want that ?

  3. Juan, considering even the British Govt wont relent and allow open scrutiny of state actions in an inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane, as recommended by Judge Cory, despite considerable pressure from the US, RoI and even Europe, you have no chance of getting any of the parties to own up to all details of their dark deeds of the past.

  4. We need a full public enquiry into alleged collusion between Provisonal Sinn Fein the Provisonal IRA’s terrorist and criminal activities.

    I don’t see why Republicans seeking a role in government can’t be held to the level of account as they want everyone else (British Govt. Police, Army) to the held to.

    Only when we have justice for the many thousands of members of the Unionist community who lost loved ones or had lives ruined and not had the closure of knowing the truth will it be possible for Unionists to accept SF in government.

    If the police aren’t acceptable to Republicans, how on earth can even SF double think stretch to believing that Republicans can be acceptable to Unionists, including the many thousands of families who have have members in the police.

    Cunnigham – love to hear you answer the question and not try and initiate some sort of Mope’s Atrocity Top Trumps game

    (actually I think I’ll copyright that "Mope’s Atrocity Top Trumps" : entire African genocides will Trumped by a Irish nationalist who feels a bit disgruntled because it is they themselves that matter and the views and lives of anybody else aren’t worth anything)

  5. So, NRG, you expect a terrorist organisation to be more honest than your government?

  6. He’s got a lot of nerve making such a complaint.

  7. I agree that it shows little taste.
    But mahons, do you think the police should not try to prevent the murder of an MP if they think he’s a criminal?

    In any case, nice to see that members of the Reavey family have got some sort of apology for their treatment by the "security forces" after the murder of three of their brothers all those years ago.


  8. C. You are so delightfully predictable.

    I take it you want the casue celbres of the Republican movement enquired on and raked over regardless of cost while the brutal slaughter committed by the Provos, some of whom may want to be Ministers, is just conviently forgotten about.

    So much for equality, truth and justice when the answers are inconvient for Republicans.

    You dodge the question and ask another which drips in self pity. Your attitude is more than ample demonstration why Republicans are not fit for government.

    By the way your next response is to accuse me of undermining the peace process.

  9. Cunningham: I believe the police should use their resources to prevent the murder of anyone (with the possible exception of the man who invented elevator music), including MPs they suspect or even know to be criminals. I just can’t imagine after a career like Adams that even he would have the nerve to file a complaint. However, like the criminal who injures himself breaking into a house and tries to sue the homeowner for damages, he appears to be beyond shame.

  10. NRG,
    >>I take it you want the casue celbres of the Republican movement enquired on and raked over regardless of cost while the brutal slaughter committed by the Provos, some of whom may want to be Ministers, is just conviently forgotten about.<<

    There’s no reason why you should take that, apart from your prejudices.

    >>If the police aren’t acceptable to Republicans, how on earth can .. Republicans can be acceptable to Unionists..<<

    (actually I had looked briefly for a question, but as there was no ? I didn’t find one)

    Well for a start, Republicans are elected by NI’s Nationalist population and the police aren’t elected by anybody, and the police were for a time primarily the police force of the Union and of Unionists (which your above quote neatly confirms) and had a big issue with anti-Catholicism within their ranks. But in any case, Republicans are now poised to accept the PSNI. So will Unionists then accept Republicans?

    The problem is, NRG, that you seem to have higher moral expectations from the IRA than I do, and also hold your democratically elected governments (plu.) on a lower moral plane than I do.
    You think the IRA should tell the truth about crimes it committed, but don’t think HM forces in NI should (correct me if I’m wrong)

    I believe that if you want to know the truth there must first be a general amnesty (otherwise the exercise is completely a waste of time) and then that the IRA, UVF, British Army, RUC should give a full account of all their past misdeeds.
    But you seem to think the British government should not go ahead with the inquiry into Pat Finucane’s murder, as recommended by Cory.
    (and the reason can only be that you know the so-called security forces were involved in the killing, which is what the inquiry is supposed to investigate)
    You want the IRA to be forced to name names, but would baulk at the forces of the law being forced to do the same, i.e. name the names of those involved in collusion, all the way to the top.

    A mindset like yours is, and always was, a major part of the problem in NI.

  11. im glad Cunningham concedes PSF are a terrorist group, for them to be held to their self professed standards should be an obligatory part of normalisation. in their current state, as you have wisely noted Cunningham, they are not fit for democratic responsibilities,

    It’s simply a difference in standards of treatment, one rule for the favourites and another for the less popular, discrimination, in other words. for the recent painful and shameful chapter of Irish history to be brought to a conclusion, we will need the answers to a much wider spectrum of concerns and suspicions than just loyalist collusion, others reconciliation will be a mere media illusion.

    republicans do enjoy wringing their wounds, in sharp contrast to the behaviour of peoples in sierra Leon, Rwanda et al, whose abandonment of struggle is dignified and sincere, not simply opportunistic, the African attitude of burying the past compared to the sinn fien attitude of digging up ‘unresolved’ issue (matters with propagandile potential), skinning it and parading the entrails around in order to instil a sense of hatred and suspicion in their children (or is that little comrades?) is a dramatic and obvious example of the smarmy insincerity of republican whinging.
    again I would seek to draw attention to the grave imbalance between the treatment they expect and what they are prepared to inflict.

    give all historical concerns acess to equal legal representation and diliberation, as the equality rhetoric of the republican movement demands.

  12. >>for them to be held to their self professed standards should be an obligatory part of normalisation. in their current state, as you have wisely noted Cunningham, they are not fit for democratic responsibilities,<<

    Indeed, Juan, but my point is that even HM Govt !! (and all of its predecessors) isn’t prepared to be "held to their self professed standards".

    According to your argument they are therefore not "not fit for democratic responsibilities"!

    And you expect the IRA to have a higher moral standard than the UK govt. This IS big news!