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By Pete Moore On February 11th, 2018

This is so beautiful.


The rate of millennial women choosing to become stay-at-home-moms is on the rise. Bad work-life balance and lack of flexibility may be to blame:

“Blame”? What terrible degenerates they have at Forbes. There’s nothing better for a woman than to marry. stay at home and raise children. It’s part of the natural order. I salute brave young ladies who are resisting the pressure to conform.

10 Responses to “WHAT COMES NATURALLY”

  1. Blame Obama, thats what Pat and hannity would do

  2. Having children and building families is the new counter-culture.

  3. You didn’t read the article, Pete.

    These highly educated, upper middle class young women are fortunate enough to have a paid professional position they can do from home while taking care of their young children. They also have have highly educated husbands who earn above average income.

    These women aren’t abandoning the job market to raise children in a more traditional manner, they’re taking advantage of their upper education and relative wealth to do something women of means have been doing forever.

    This is nothing new. My upper income neighborhood has been dominated by mommy stay’s home until the last kid hits fifth grade for the last two decades that I’ve lived here. It’s rare for any woman in my zip code to work a nine to five (or more) office job with a child in diapers.

    It is the ideal in America and cuts across the liberal vs. conservative dynamic – mom at home while the children are young – but many people can’t afford it no matter what side of the aisle they vote on.

  4. Unfortunately, today’s women are being replaced….

    But not with women.



  5. I saw an excellent suggestion that would end the discrimination and bring full equality in sport and it is this: let men and women compete in Open Competition i.e. no repressive gender-segregation. As a consequence and as an example, Wimbledon would have one singles competition with one final and a greater purse to the competitors.

  6. This week Britain is seeing the first female “Black Rod” – the Queen’s representative in parliament – in 650 years.

  7. “Black” obviously racist. “Rod” phalocentric sexism. Methinks a campaign to dump this repressive title is on the cards….

  8. Emerald Pimpernel, on February 11th, 2018 at 9:52 PM Said:
    Blame Obama, thats what Pat and hannity would do

    I’ve never blamed Obama for anything he wasn’t responsible for.

    What you don’t like is the fact that he is being pointed out for massive wrong doing that he IS responsible for.

    But as for stay at home moms…. What’s there to blame or criticize?

    If a family can afford to live off of just the husbands salary and they are a nice normal couple trying to build a family she should be at home.

    When you put your children in the care of others it leads to problems.

  9. Pat you either are having some selective memory loss or you are being disingenuous

    In BTE(before the trump era) you regularly claimed Obama was keeping people out of the work force in order to improve his unemployment stats. I quite clearly remember you quoting hannity on this so I stand by my post

  10. https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTFkPhZ_C7g

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