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Charity certainly begins at home, Penny!

By Mike Cunningham On February 12th, 2018

I wrote some time ago of my dislike and distaste at the shenanigans of one Penny Lawrence, and her stance, attitude and just plain bad manners after the sad death of Olive Cook, who committed suicide after coming under enormous pressure from charities. Our (bad) Penny refused to resign after the news leaked out that Olive had received over 3,000 requests for donations in a single year.

But now, after the unzipped trouser brigade, and the Kiddy-Fiddlers from Chad and Haiti have been outed, she has gone.


Better late than never!

One Response to “Charity certainly begins at home, Penny!”

  1. £100,000. Obviously not a woman who could claim she was paid less than someone in a similar position. But knowing what I know of these types she will undoubtedly popup somewhere else, probably earning even more, and continuing to justify their positions and salaries.

    I think a review in what constitutes a charity is long overdue.

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