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By Pete Moore On February 12th, 2018

One for the ladies

The Bolshevik press never tires of telling us how oppressive it is when women are “objectified” (nope, I’ve never understood what it means either) by men. With that in mind:


11 men’s luge bulges that all deserve gold medals

Oh right. And suddenly eyeing up the talent is so progressive. To save our commies the bother; nope I couldn’t give a stuff about chicks “objectifying” men. That kind of thing is how the human race continues. Really, we’re all here and our descendants will all follow us because “mmm boobies” and “cor he’s fit”. Men fancy chicks and chicks fancy men. It’s the natural order.

I just wish the weirdo Left would stop trying to control basic human instinct when men display it.

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