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By ATWadmin On January 17th, 2007

Is the UK population being distracted from matters of real substance by a daily media agenda of insubstantial waffle?

Two nights ago, a TV programme exposed the naked hatred being taught across the UK in allegedly "moderate" mosques. We heard exhortations to beat men, to throw  homosexuals off the cliff, to treat Jews and Christians as dogs, and to overthrow the UK Government. The next day, the MSM reacted with monumental INDIFFERENCE. Only here on the blogosphere did this story gain wings.

Last night, on a trash "reality" TV programme called Big Brother, a few of the housemates made bitchy remarks about a fellow housemate, and "Bollywood" star, Shilpa Shetty. Cue banner headlines screaming "RACIST" in our daily papers today. This appears to be escalating into a virtual international incident and has been run on the hour in the daily news cycle.

Now, we need to keep things in context. The stupid witterings of a few idiots in a contrived TV show are one thing, the widespread preaching of Jihad against this State is quite another. And yet, remarkably, the MSM goes with the former and all but ignores the latter!

Are we going to end up as a sedated mass who sit at home watching the likes of Jade Goody on TV whilst our Nation is undermined by Islamic insurrectionists, even as we are amusing ourselves to death?


  1. The program falls between two media stools. The tabloids as you note are hopeless but the so-called quality papers are paralysed by their pcness that they are afraid to mention it.

  2. H94, I agree.

    BBC Newsnight ran a similar story about islamic fanatics in Britain a few months ago and it sank without trace.

  3. I thought Germaine Greer and Hari Kunzru had a sensible article in today’s Grauniad.


    And I had a Chuckle at our Chancellor.


  4. Good reads, Madradin. I agree.

  5. I sent an e-mail to my own M.P. to see if I could stir anything other than a slow torpor, but I honestly am not holding my breath!

  6. Read this quote recently, – it struck me as being rather entirely right.

    Sorry, but I can’t remember exactly where I saw it, but it does echo my own feelings on the matter.

    <<"Britain is in many ways an "occupied country" in that all its main insitutions (the broadcast media, much of the print media, the schools and universities, the central and local government service and all "public bodies") are in the hands of its enemies.">>

  7. wow – what crappy grammar! …

  8. I’m reminded of The Jam’s song "News Of The World":

    Every morning our ‘piece of the world’ comes through the door
    More than often it’s just a comic, not much more
    Don’t take it too serious, not many do
    Read between the lines and you’ll find the truth

  9. Mike – i sent an email too. Be interesting to blog the responses?

    Yes its absurd, infuriating but expected.

    Shilpa is the consumate actress playing them all for fools. Ive never seen anyone orchestrate something quite so sublimely on live tv before, it actually makes interesting viewing. She should get an oscar for the doe eyed Diana milking number. Re pure ‘racism’ lol. Classism, certainly. And both ways. She’s a haughty put-upon princess at the end of the day. the pig ignorant likes of Jade, her mum and Danielle and that other one just reveal themselves as exactly that – pig ignorant white trash playing school yard bullies who cant quite understand what they are doing in the limelight and with nothing better to do direct it all at Shilpa – they havent a clue its racist to joke about someones accent. Why should they? When Shilpa took the p1ss out of their cockney accents that was just a p1ss take!

    Shilpa blubbing sells more snoozepapers than that muppet imam with the orange beard. But the resulting hysteria is sooo typical. perhaps the trick is to out these imams on Big Bro?? Someone suggested dropping Saddam into the house would have been a far worse punishment!!

  10. When the media is untrustworthy, the lack of information goes both ways. That is, we don’t know how much information is getting out to people, but we also don’t know how people feel about the information they do get. I keep hoping Britons are angry people on a grass roots level. I don’t see a whole lot of evidence outside political blogs, but I live in hope.

  11. Shilpa blubbing sells more snoozepapers than that muppet imam with the orange beard.

    GREAT line, Alison, love it.

  12. S. Weasel,

    Well, I used to be disgusted, but now I try to be amused…..

  13. Janet Street Porter has had her collar felt for racism, and she was in non-entitiy big brother as well.

    You really couldn’t make this stuff up.

  14. On the immigration issue – is there anyone who wouldn’t exchange Jade for Shilpa in a heartbeat?

  15. The placid nature of Mr. Average, – the ‘Man on the Clapham omnibus’, has always been a puzzle.

    The only anger they feel is when they are ‘cut-up’ on the M25, or if their pride and joy gets a scratch. – queue jumping guarantees a diatribe. Just gotta have your prioirties right, aint yer!

    Beyond that, it is hard to see just why they are all so placid, with regard to government.

    Are they so cynical that they just don’t care? – are they just too stupid to care? – or just maybe they are so busy having ‘a good time’ to be bothered to do anything other than moan, has the ‘beer and circusess’ ploy really worked? Or has ‘the Anger’ just been ‘educated’ out of them?

    Perhaps it even something in the water? or maybe there is a subliminal message in all those moronic tv shows.

    More likely, it is an overwhelming contempt for those who would even think of telling them ‘what to do’, not out of any sense of being awkward, but just sheer contempt for ‘the system’, and all who work in it, and for all their works.

    When you have so-called, proactive politicians, democracy has a way of disappearing between elections.

    We know that the Government is not our friend.

  16. NRG

    Yes Bollywood diva in exchange for chav, sure. That would be funny to watch aswell. I sense a new reality show in the making.

    A Bollywood diva, who talks down a lot to people, very patronising in tone to the working classes (is that racist btw? im never too sure nowadays), she could come here and become a Labour minister! When the ‘Goodys’ (Baddys as the Sun are calling them) arrived at the house Shilpa’s face was priceless & so the class war aka ‘racism’ commenced.

    That term "white trash" i used above was adopted by our Shilpa when they arrived and noone batted an eyelid.

    Oh and Shilpa asked Jermaine if his wife was black one night. Jermaine’s response was, "Of course". Why of course?! Isnt that equally racist? Imagine if Jade had asked that would have been the final nail in her coffin. (That would be Jade the racist who’s dad is black)

    You are right – you couldnt make it up

  17. Alison, absolutel;y there is a double value thing going on, but it is all so silly and mixed up with low rent chav vulgarity (the faux celeb culture is so nu labour) that it is hard to take any of it seriously.

  18. Although I did enjoy that story about Britney Spears puking over Isaac Cohen, her new boyfriend, last weekend!

  19. The thing is it has now got way out of control. Really – noone in their right mind would go onto national tv and call someone a paki bitch such is his intellect. This is being extended to represent a whole nation and is beyond pathetic. It is deliberate of course. Racism certainly is an industry.

  20. I had kind of hoped that the MSM was right, that jihad was a joke and would eventually go away if ignored. But this hasn’t happened.

    I think it was Tolkien who wrote that we don’t pick the time or place we are born but we do the best with what we have.

    So I think that it’s important to keep blogging and informing. Eventually, people did read Milton Freidman and realize that his economic theories were vital and sound. And eventually, people will realize that there is a totalitarian movement wishing power over them.

  21. They are burning ‘effigies’ of C4 producers in India apparently. No. im not joking.

  22. What have we come to when this many people who don’t know this woman from Sheeva phone in to complain about some things they heard said about her on the TV? One person even phoned the police. In no way is any form of bullying acceptable or to be condoned, but that’s ALL it is: bullying, at the very most. The idea of racism in this case is absurd. What these people don’t realise is that bullies take whatever attributes they can to pick on, and in this case it just HAPPENED to be Shilpa’s race. It’s not right, but there are no sinister undertones to it. No one showed any hatred or violent intent. Get over it.

    And while we’re on the subject of controversy, we may want to check out Shetty’s family’s connections with the Indian Mafia.