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We’re all saved, or doomed, or whatever!

By ATWadmin On January 17th, 2007

I’ve just found this delightful little piece of rubbish, and thought I’d share the warmth!

Yes, the mighty (if slightly-tinny) voice of the (Fourth) Great Leader has spoken, and we should rejoice, for the Great Ken has laboured mightily, and brought forth ‘The Mayor’s Food Strategy’.

After a sum total of over two thousand years, during which time London managed to not only look after itself, from a Roman trading post to a thriving myriad-souled city of over eight million, but also provide the guiding influence which gave us, amongst other things, jellied eels, democracy, Shakespeare’s plays, the Palace of Westminster and all that that majestic series of buildings has produced, through architectural wonders such as St. Paul’s to the grotesque dead rubbish built these days to house the latter-day money-changers of the temples; where people have looked after themselves and their families for long generations without listening to a weirdy nut-case whose sole need is for self-advertisement, we have finally seen the end result of ‘Red Ken’s’ great labours!

With such gems as “In many parts of London, people struggle to access affordable, nutritious food. Many of those involved in the food system are barely benefiting from it economically and the environmental impact of the food system is considerable” and “It celebrates our vibrant and successful food culture, seeks to maximise new opportunities and tackle and overcome areas of weakness. “ we can rest assured that ‘Our Ken’ has seen the future, and it is good!

So, at a cost of a measly £3.87 million pounds over the next three years we can sit back as Ken and his colleagues

●    improve Londoners’ health through food
●    reduce the negative environmental impacts of food
●    support a vibrant food economy
●    celebrate and promote London’s food
●    develop London’s food security.

Don’t you feel comforted?


13 Responses to “We’re all saved, or doomed, or whatever!”

  1. Livingstone is SUCH a disgrace. Lucky the MSM love him soooo much, and why do so many Londoners vote for such a class clown..?

  2. You shall eat what you are told to eat and you will think what you are told to think.
    ..as in so much of Labour’s doings the underlying philosphy is state interference and social control

  3. ‘democracy’

    Oh puuuulease!

    ‘Shakespeare’s plays’

    I wouldn’t let David hear you peddaling that malarky.

  4. I say he who is happy with the Greasy Spoon let him mess up his body and die young. Only a shame that he’ll most likely mess up his kids as well.

  5. Well I’ll take a Barbaque Pork Sandwich with cheese fries and a double thick strawberry milkshake Please.

    And I’ll sit in front of the Mosque and eat it….

  6. Troll: haha

    I’ll take a double cheese bacon burger and join you in front of the mosque.

  7. "Develop London’s Food Security"

    I hope Red Ken doesn’t enlist the help of the Home Office on that one. We’ll have meals escaping from restaurants and running loose on the streets.

  8. The food will also complain that any attempt to keep it in a secure envinronment is a breach of it’s ‘Human Rights’.

  9. Crap food kills more people every year than cocaine. I notice that nobody jokes about coke in the same way 😉

  10. I trust the sandwhiches will be made from good healthy brown bread and not the horrible white crap.

  11. ‘not the horrible white crap.’

    A racist remark if ever I heard one.

  12. Yeah maybe Bono but it will never make headlines.

  13. The government preaches about healthy eating and exercise for children on one hand and then issues them with free bus passes on the other which they then use to ride one stop on the bus tormenting us (taxpaying, BUS FARE paying, oh we have to stand as all the kids are on the seats FOR FREE) workers with their foul manners and language in the process!