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God Bless England

By Mahons On March 10th, 2018

Centuries of misrule made up by slipping against the Frogs in rugby, resulting in Ireland be crowned Six Nations champs. Bygones. Sent us to Heaven in her own good time indeed. As in all sports the sweetness isn’t just in savoring the victory, but in the bitterness one knows being felt by one’s foes.

7 Responses to “God Bless England”

  1. Jesus Mahons, talk about kicking a man when he’s down…….. 🙂

  2. Paul – indeed.

  3. This is quite good:


  4. Nope, bring it on. T’is England’s burden to be ribbed by the minor nations when we don’t win.

    Congratulations to Ireland. Deserved champions and the best team in Europe by some distance. Until Twickers next week. Surely by then we’ll remember that rucking is allowed.

    On a personal note, and as someone who likes to see the game’s traditions preserved, it’s truly gratifying to see the madman Lionel Beauxis back in a French shirt.

  5. I remember the joke from 2015:

    This Englishman walks into a bar, there’s normally an Irishman and Scots man with him but those two are away to the Rugby World Cup.

  6. Congratulations to Ireland. Deserved champions

    Indeed Pete. The table does not lie:


  7. Bravo Ireland, ENG just not used to playing against good opposition who want to beat them

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