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Exit Tillerson

By Phantom On March 13th, 2018

In retrospect, Rex Tillerson was a bad choice for Secretary of State. He is a smart guy, a world class executive. But he was inexperienced in statecraft.

Tillerson was submarined from the beginning by the erratic Trump. The president submarined Tillerson left and right.

When Tillerson spoke of speaking to North Korea, Trump publicly said that Tillerson was wasting his time. Now Trump not only wants to speak to North Korea, he wants to do so in a peer-to-peer meeting, giving the hereditary communist monarch an equal status to the President.

It’s hard to work for a boss unworthy of respect.

Tillerson tried to make it work, out of a love of country. Godspeed to him in his future endeavors.

38 Responses to “Exit Tillerson”

  1. Can I just state on record that DV is a lovely guy, he hasn’t banned me perma
    and can friends here help me when they see I’m losing it and just say take a week off
    chillaxe. I seem to be ok for a few months then it gets ugly.

    phantom we’re hearing its the Iran Deal that’s at the heart of this.
    But we understand Iran is complying to the terms, surely this is what counts
    Trump and his private thoughts of deal good/bad are not what’s required here.
    is it working yes/no? ofc Bibi and the Jewish Lobby are pressing .
    Trump has an easy out and that is to say to everyone its an international agreement.
    solved .. his personal weakness seem to prevent him from taking a smart line .

  2. It takes an Act of Congress, as ratified by the Emperor of Japan to get permanently kicked off this place.

    David gives us the longest leash in the world, an admirable thing.

  3. no problem Jude.

    Hang in there.

  4. I bet the person that is happiest about this is Tillerson! If you don’t think you can quit because the asshole in charge is going to wreck the place then your next best hope is to get fired and walk away with clean hands

  5. One of the last bits of sanity departs.

  6. I heard a long time ago – never work for a boss who you don’t respect.

    I can’t possibly believe that Kelly or Mattis respect this twittering bag of nothing.

  7. I’ve had a lot of bosses over my lifetime, and I respected most of them on a personal level, but the ones I didn’t respect, it was hell. Trump is right in one respect. Tillerson will be much happier now.

  8. Trump’s unwavering tariff stance claims another. No not a victim. Victims are the sole property of the democrats. If you can’t back the president 100% you’re FIRED!

  9. WRONG EDDIE, a leader needs a mix , not all Yes-Men ,
    ppl who are prepared to take him aside and make an opposing case

  10. Trump doesn’t know what he himself wants half the time.

    He would be in danger of firing himself.

  11. jude, on March 13th, 2018 at 2:34 PM Said:
    Can I just state on record that DV is a lovely guy, he hasn’t banned me perma
    and can friends here help me when they see I’m losing it and just say take a week off
    chillaxe. I seem to be ok for a few months then it gets ugly.

    Sadly, that comes with being self-loathing liberal.

    You are beyond help.

  12. Yes Jude I can, if you can do the same for me. Glad to see you back!

  13. //I can’t possibly believe that Kelly or Mattis respect this twittering bag of nothing.//

    I don’t believe they do. I’d imagine that the reasoning (and I’m sure some of it’s sincere) is that it’s better to be inside and influencing policy or at least trying to stop the madman’s worst excesses than leaving him alone to ruin your country and possibly do permanent damage to US interests abroad.

    I’m sure that when the insanity is over and the autobiographies duly appear, a lot of them will make that claim and it’s a plausible one.

    I used to have hopes for Pence in that regard, but he seems to have relegated himself to an applauding apparatschik.

  14. Noel 420


    Perhaps the brain-deads will now say that Tillerson was a secret liberal, a member of the ” Deep State “

  15. Pence is in a good position in that he was elected with Trump, and can’t be fired by him. But as in any job, your boss can make you so miserable that you resign. I sense that Pence has a very strong inner core that would prevent that.

  16. thanks Charles, i will do the same , though I’ve not noticed you need it .
    good self-discipline sir, self conrtol hey the antidote to controlling others 🙂

  17. I like Pence.

    He seems stable, secure in his own skin, sincere, even if you don’t agree with him on all matters.

  18. Pence is a conventional nutcase, not an unconventional one like Trump.

  19. It is very hard to believe that Trump successfully led a business.

    This guy is a few tall boys short of a Budweiser six pack.

  20. Is Tillerson one of them Russian agents? I remember the Dems saying that he was cozy with Putin, was too close to Moscow, that he had had business interests in Russia, all that.

  21. jude –

    You never lose it. You’re just nuts.

    Hope that helps.

  22. I think that Tillerson was and is a solid guy, but this type of diplomacy was out of his area of expertise, a problem made worse by the fact that his boss was a chatty scatterbrain who constantly undermined him.


  23. Oh look, the commies have just flipped the Tillerson narrative.


    Rex Tillerson, a Candidate for Secretary of State, Has Ties to Vladimir Putin

    Exxon Mobil Corp. Chief Executive Rex Tillerson, who was meeting with Donald Trump on Tuesday to discuss becoming his secretary of state, is a seasoned deal-maker whose close ties to Vladimir Putin and other world leaders could redefine American interests abroad.

    Until today Tillerson was a Putin stooge. Then suddenly Trump sacked him “because he spoke out against Russia”.

    The media gets away with this crap because memories are so short. Most people can’t remember what was said yesterday, so the fake news is defined by what is most helpful today.

    “All that stuff we told you? Forget it. This is the new line …”

  24. WSJ is pro Republican media, Pete.

    And that was then and this is now

  25. Patrick claimed that Trump has created more new jobs in his first year in office than any previous president. I think that is true. Given the relentless turnover of staff in this Administration, by the end of his term in office most Americans will have probably had a job in the White House 😉

  26. “There is never a justification for this type of attack—the attempted murder of a private citizen on the soil of a sovereign nation—and we are outraged that Russia appears to have again engaged in such behavior,” Tillerson’s statement said. “From Ukraine to Syria—and now the UK—Russia continues to be an irresponsible force of instability in the world, acting with open disregard for the sovereignty of other states and the life of their citizens. We agree that those responsible—both those who committed the crime and those who ordered it—must face appropriately serious consequences. We stand in solidarity with our Allies in the United Kingdom and will continue to coordinate closely our responses.”

    Tillerson said this on Monday


    Tuesday, he was fired.

    This continues to be an exceptionally strange administration, one in which we see an exceptionally strange attitude towards Russia by the president

  27. A very strange president. He’s nominated a woman to head up the CIA. What a rubbish misogynist.

  28. any Fruit with those Nuts Pete?

  29. You have to admit it’s fun to watch. The Trump “administration” is 14 months old and there have been 20 departures already. Word is that Kelly is next, to be followed by Jarvanka.

    And of course the jerk in the oval office showed his usual class, as Tillerson learnt his fate by a Trumpo tweet. He obviously takes pleasure in this guttersnipe behaviour, but he should remember that what goes around comes around.

  30. http://www.breakingburgh.com/porn-industry-worried-association-with-white-house-may-tarnish-image/

  31. no one knows what is going on the Trump WH. Anyone who says they do is lying. Tillerson wasn’t getting what Trump wanted done.

    You can spin his changes in personnel anyway you want, but what you can’t spin are the very real and measurable successes he has had….

    oh wait in spite of a booming economy, growing employment, the opening of new factories nation wide and dozens of other successes you refuse to see it…. TDS.

  32. I’m sure that getting rid of standard doors in the WH would save a lot of time and energy :


  33. As some will not know

    Trump didn’t have the decency to tell Tillerson that he was being replaced. The revelation came via a ” tweet “. While Tillerson was far away in Africa. Trying to fix the diplomatic mess that Trump had created with black Africa.

    Which comes after the announcement of negotiations with the North Korean dictator, which the Secretary of State was not even consulted on.

    Which came after Tillerson suggested some negotiations with North Korea earlier this year, only to have that suggestion publicly shot down by Trump.

    This is leadership by the first thing that comes into your mind at the moment.

    And one wonders why top people don’t want to work for such a figure.

  34. TOKYO/SEOUL — Japan’s foreign minister said Wednesday he personally regretted the departure of “frank, trustworthy” US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ahead of a proposed summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.


    “He (Tillerson) was a frank, trustworthy counterpart and I thought we would deal with the North Korea issue together, but personally, I feel that this situation that has developed is unfortunate,” Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono told reporters in Tokyo.

    The Japanese are very careful in what they say. For them to say anything at all here is noteworthy


  35. Rex Tillerson was the former chief executive of energy giant Exxon Mobil Corp. before he was the former secretary of state. Big jobs, both, and Tillerson looked and sounded every bit the corporate titan, with a leonine head framed by thinning white hair, chevron eyebrows, a soothing, basso Texas drawl, dark suits, and an easy self-assurance.

    By the time Tillerson stood at a podium in the State Department briefing room on Tuesday after being fired by the president, he was a man so diminished and humiliated that he occasionally appeared to be out of breath, his voice shaky, his delivery dutiful and subdued.

    After checking off a list of his accomplishments as secretary of state, Tillerson thanked everyone but the president. “I’ll now return to private life as a private citizen,” he said. “As a proud American. Proud of the opportunity I’ve had to serve my country.” Then he left without taking any questions.

    Tillerson is a reminder of the price some people pay for existing in Donald Trump’s orbit. Trump, of course, is an unpredictable, self-absorbed and ill-informed manager who thrives on playing people against one another while making sure that he occupies center stage. If you don’t get with that program — not a policy program so much as a cult of personality — you’re shown the door.


  36. he was a man so diminished and humiliated that he occasionally appeared to be out of breath, his voice shaky, his delivery dutiful and subdued.

    It was sad to watch on the news. The man looked like he was going to cry. He did say that Trump called him from Air Force One and didn’t find out through a tweet. All in all, however, it’s shocking.

  37. There is no good reason to treat someone like this in that way.

  38. Trump is so obviously a sociopath. He doesn’t do empathy and cannot feel sympathy. I doubt if he has shed a tear since the age of eight.

    Here is the definition and it seems to fit pretty well:

    “A person who has Antisocial Personality Disorder doesn’t care about what is right and what is wrong. This is also true of a sociopath. They do not have regard for other people’s feelings and consistently ignore them or are outright disrespectful to them. Someone with an antisocial personality disorder is highly skilled at manipulation in order to get what they want. They antagonize others and can be cold and calculating in order to achieve what they want. There is a strong element of narcissism in this disorder. One key component of antisocial personality disorder is that the person doesn’t feel any guilt or shame for what they have done to others. They don’t find the need to apologize for their wrongs…”


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