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My Lords, Ladies and Terrorists

By ATWadmin On January 17th, 2007

Aren’t republicans amazing?  I don’t mean amazing in the positive sense of the word, more like the amazement one has when seeing an outsized piece of unflushed faeces in a public toilet.  For at the same time as they seek to blacken the name of the RUC and our Armed Forces, they busily scurry behind the scenes attempting to exonerate those who committed such crimes as the Northern Bank robbery.

Take the relatives of two IRA terrorists who were joyfully shot dead by the security forces in the early 1990s.  The families of these two, who would have been responsible for the loss of many innocent lives had they been allowed to live, are petitioning the House of Lords to challenge the manner in which their deaths occurred.  They are calling on the services of Madden and Finucane (Peter Madden will be handling the big stuff as poor old Pat Finucane is otherwise engaged) to ensure a verdict of ‘unlawful force’ is given when considered against the background of…….try not to wet your trousers laughing…..Article 2 of the European Convention – the right to life!!

I sincerely wish the HoL treats this gross attempt at hypocrisy in the manner it deserves.  The victims of Bloody Friday, La Mon and Darkley had a right to life.  Terrorists don’t.

4 Responses to “My Lords, Ladies and Terrorists”

  1. Andrew, why do you find it necessary to make a joke out of a man’s death? I find it repulsive.

  2. that’s only because you take him seriously. you should just enjoy his rants.

  3. Because he was a terrorist masquerading as a legal representative. The fewer of those there are in the world – the better!


    I ask all readers here to take my opinions VERY seriously.

  4. It seems strange that if Mr Finucane was a convicted terrorist anti-agreement Paul Berry had no problem calling in his company when he was facing allegations of a rather personal nature.
    You cannot libel the dead but accusing a dead man of something he has not been convicted of is pretty low.