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By ATWadmin On January 18th, 2007

shilpa.jpgI know I covered this yesterday, but since then the story has gained INTERNATIONAL dimensions, with globe trotting C02 emitting Gordon Brown condemning the alleged "racist remarks" made on the Channel 4 Big Brother programme about Bollywood star, and BB housemate, Shilpa Shetty. (Phew, glad I typed that surname correctly!) There have been reports of outrage in India, with a small-scale protest in the eastern Indian city of Patna which saw the burning of an effigy. (An effigy of WHAT?- Jade Goody, hopefully)

Now, a few points to be made on this.

1. It shows the raw POWER of the MSM, in so far as it can take a non-story, a real non-event in the greater scheme of things, twist it into self-loathing "Racism" and then turn it into an international crisis for the Blair government whilst simultaneously portraying Britain as a racist nation.

2. I bet Channel 4 are delighted at all this publicity. Their wretched low-brow trash programme will get record ratings, I forecast.

3. If Sheety is upset by the behaviour of her fellow TV guests, why not walk out? She’s an undeniably beautiful looking woman but her participation in this ugly programme does her no credit.


  1. >>>It shows the raw POWER of the MSM, in so far as it can take a non-story [and] turn it into an international crisis[.]<<<

    and the blogosphere apparently.

  2. Must admit I haven’t seen any Racism in clips I have seen – just some women squabbling.

    Is the Racism like sectarianism claims here ?
    Prod hits Prod = assault
    Prod hits RC automatically becomes a sectarian assault.

  3. Its odd to watch this all play out. She is milking it – thats why she hasnt walked out. She’s pretty but she is also no fool.Jade has sussed she has a hidden agenda and has repeatedly said so. I wonder what it is, lol.Shilpa is not incapable. She is perfectly able to take Jade on. The tears are akin to Diana-Mode. She knows exactly what she is doing. Its a game at the end of the day.Jade seems more concerned with Shilpas snobbery and has done right from the start.

    Its a class thing combined with cultural ignorance.

    Its interesting to watch the world defend old fashioned middle class values though!…right down to ‘having servants’ and ‘standing up when one enters the room’, what what!

    Politicians and do-gooders throw more heat onto this than light and stir the msm into a frenzy. Making them as absurd as the show itself. But then since racism is an industry you cant help but feel they are enjoying this as much as Channel 4.

  4. Yes David such racism does Britain no credit whatsoever.

    As an Irishman you must be proud that your nation, as a net exporter of people over the generations, is so generous in making others feel welcome now.

  5. What are you on about DaithiO?

  6. Madradin,

    It’s one of those non-comments that just waste space from Daithio. Let’s keep on topic.

  7. By the way David – I doubt if it was an effigy of Jade that was burned in Patna – Ms Goody is sacred there 😉

    I think Channel 4 was hoping for something like this.
    Why else bring in a "celebrity" who is virtually unknown here in the UK ?

  8. This is a clash between ‘celebrities’ who have chosen to participate in an artificial entertainment set up. Whatever behaviour is displayed in that house is a reflection only on the individual personalities concerned and not proof of any wider ‘British racism’ or ‘Indian snobbery’ – let’s get a grip on this ridiculously over hyped incident.

  9. Madradin,

    LOL! Wish I had thought of that line.


    Spot on.

  10. Shilpa’s an overhyped snob and Jades an overpaid chav. They deserve each other. Its a pity the powers that be want to use a weirdo cabin fever experiment as a social comment point but they have. Next time some do gooder suggests the programme makers have a responsibility perhaps we could remind them they should have stepped in with that commentary 5 years ago.

  11. Surely Teddy Sheringham will dump the dimwitted Scouse slapper. ‘I wish she’d F off home’ was her contribution to the argument with Miss Shetty.
    3 English female celebrities…what an damning indictment of Blair’s Britain.

  12. Mind you, its worth it to see Gordon Brown’s latest posing trip overshadowed.

  13. 3 female ‘celebrities’? Who said so – the media? Jermaine ‘i only marry blacks’ Jackson of white trash remark fame which old Shilpa indulged in (whilst telling us of her slaves back home) can take a hike aswell – as can Leo Sayer and his effing and blinding and insistance on revealing his d1ck to all. Really Iluvni if the best you can do is decide trash TV is representative then im to assume we can draw the same comclusion of Jerry Springers America. Get a grip.

  14. Shilpa has not walked out as she is rumoured to be getting paid a £450,000 fee.

    Also a bit of a fuss was made about Jo imitating Shipa’s accent but no issue was made of Shilpa laughing and imitating Jade’s

  15. "What a damning indictment of Blair’s Britain…

    A ridiculous and illogical statement.

  16. tell that to India.

  17. You’re the one who said it iluvni.

    If Channel 4 had put in 3 female celebrities who turned out to be well behaved polite and friendly towards Shipla would that have equally proved what a wonderful happy place Blair’s government had made Britain ?

  18. If India takes its cultural cue from trash tv then i assume we can take ours from Bollywood. Somehow i doubt its all that glam?

  19. It’s hilarious that Jade Goody has sparked a diplomatic incident isn’t it?

    Jade & Danielle were specifically chosen for CBB because they were renowned for being extremely stupid and ignorant so it isn’t a huge surprise that they have behaved in a stupid and ignorant manner. Although I doubt it’s racially motivated, if a British Asian from the same sort of chav background had been inside then I expect that they would have got on fine with the coven.

  20. It’s all good value. Shilpa’s a real star – old school elegant and we could do with a few more like her.

  21. This whole ‘race row’ has been deliberately inflated by the powers that be, in order to divert the general public’s attention away from recent events in the media. You all know what I’m talking about.

  22. ‘You all know what I’m talking about.’


  23. Hugh, Channel 4’s recent Dispatches programme for one, which consisted of senior, influential religious figures ordering that Jews and homosexuals should be killed, and that British society should be taken over by religious zealots. Is this not real racism/bigotry? Why was there no media storm about this? Check the news more often, Hugh.

  24. Do you have any evidence to suggest that this is a plot on the part of the ‘powers that be’, and not, for instance, a plot on the part of Endemol and Channel 4 to raise viewing figures?

    Maybe Jade Goody is a paid government agent, deliberately fuelling speculation about her dieting secrets on the cover of Now! magazine so as to distract from the growing threat from the enemy within.

  25. well HG, she is the 25th most "infullential" person in the world… so nothing is beyond her powers.

  26. Not forgetting in the words of Jade Goody herself "My programmes on TV have been the most succesfull ever since Princess Diana’s interview"