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By Pete Moore On April 14th, 2018

Help me out here geeks.

Weeks after my paean to radio, I have suffered a grievous blow. One of my DAB radios has bitten the dust. And not just any old one. It’s the workhorse, my Pure DMX 50 system. It’s been a champ for a good 15 years or so, sitting there on the Laura Ashley console in the living room. Every day in all of those years it’s been on for hours, sometimes all day. It’s just kept going, no problem. But like a faithful old dog it’s now packing up. So I need a new one.

But there’s a problem. If you want just a kitchen radio to sit on the side, well there are loads to choose from. DAB manufacturers have loads out there. But I want a micro system. You can’t just have a dinky little radio in the main room. You need a feature look and decent sound, for when I treat the village to my great taste in music. I’m properly tempted by the Denon DM41. I’ve sniffed at it, poked and prodded, and it looks like a decent set up.

But we have internet radio now. I just know nothing about it.

However there are some in these here parts who have internet radio. How do they stack up? Is reception good or patchy? And what would I do – turn it on and connect via my wireless thingy? (Excuse the techie jargon).

Anyone have any opinions?

12 Responses to “DAB VS INTERNET RADIO”

  1. Pete, I absolutely recommend internet radios. They are magnificent creatures.

    This is the boyo I have:


    Two and a half thousand channels listed by country or genre with listen again facility.

    Buy one. You’ll thank me.

  2. Paul

    I listen to internet radio through my laptop (I-tunes). What are the advantages of spending £100 for an internet radio? I think Phantom has one as well?

  3. It has much the same function Peter but has a more amplified speaker, (at least compared to my laptop), and, as said above, has station classification by country and genre. Classical, 60s 70s 80s music, talk radio, comedy channels etc.

  4. Thanks Paul, my laptop has all that and I listen through a bluetooth speaker.

    At work I usually listen to Radio 3 but when they go all weird I switch to Classical Minnesota Public Radio. It’s interesting listening to a station six hours behind BST and the weather forecasts (eight months of snow and four months of bad skiing) are always interesting.


  5. I’m much more than a radio than a tv person and if you’re a radio lover they’re definitely worth a punt.

  6. Try an Echo through Amazon. Bought ours this Christmas and LOVE it – plays any station you can dream up and the sound is fabulous even when turned way up. It picks up your wifi, nothing for you to fiddle with.

    We have this model – only $99.00 – and if you don’t like it, returns are simple.

    Plus, ask it questions such as, “Alexa, what’s the weather forecast?” And she spits out an answer in a pretty voice. It’s funny when you ask her something completely stupid, she’ll pause and say I don’t know.

  7. https://www.richersounds.com/onkyo-txnr676-blk.html

    Get one of these. I have the 636 earlier model. You can play your Internet radio through your hi fi speakers. Awesome. I’m loving 650WSM it’s the Grand Old Opry and I have two evenings booked there next month. It’s how I keep up with modern country music.

    I also play all my AV through it TV skyQ Bluray etc Got some Dali labs seven speaker and subwoofer set up…bliss!

  8. Pete

    However there are some in these here parts who have internet radio. How do they stack up? Is reception good or patchy?

    There is no such thing as reception with internet radio Pete. This is not being broadcast it is being streamed over the internet. It depends on the speed of your internet connection. And to be honest, when you’re streaming audio even the shittiest internet connection is usually up to the job.

    Personally, it’s a no-brainer for me. I’d go with the internet radio. I stream all my radio programmes these days.

  9. A few years ago, paul said that his purchase of an Internet radio was one of the best purchases that he ever made, and I would completely agree that it was one of the best purchases that I ever made

    There is no real equivalent to DAB in the US I don’t believe. Terrestrial radio is limping along in decline, There is a pay satellite service call Sirius. I am the only one in this country that loves Internet radio as much as I do

  10. DAB is digital over the air radio; there is digital over the air radio in the US but it has been a total flop here for reasons that I don’t really understand

  11. Thanks for the interestin ideas. I’ll check them out.

    In fact I’ve pulled the trigger on the Denon system. It’s a beauty. I’ll get an internet radio soon too. A home simply cannot have too many radios.

    Phantom –

    I did read that AM and FM are much cheaper than DAB for local radio stations. The US is less densely populated then the UK, so maybe it has relatively fewer densely populated areas to make it pay nationally.

  12. DaB has been a failure in the uk. The dead hand of politics being mostly responsible.

    The form we use isn’t used in the restvof Europe. The quality is not up to CD bitrate or even decent FM. Little choice especially compared to FM. Patchy reception…https://www.techradar.com/news/car-tech/why-dab-radio-in-the-uk-is-broken-and-how-to-fix-it-1217586

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