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By David Vance On April 15th, 2018

This is the sort of stuff that you simply could not make up!

A Jewish employee at Anne Frank House could not believe his ears when his bosses banned him from wearing a skullcap at work. Barry Vingerling turned up for work on his first day at the museum in Amsterdam and was told to take off his ‘yarmulke’. Anne Frank House is a writer’s house and museum dedicated to a famous Jewish teenager who wrote a diary as she hid from the Nazis in World War II.

And WHY was Barry told to take off his yarmulke?

The 25-year-old was told wearing the skullcap might endanger the neutrality of the foundation which runs the museum and ‘influence its work combating antisemitism’. Mr Vingerling did not don a skullcap for his interview but hoped to wear it at work to meet his requirement as an Orthodox Jew to keep his head covered. The Dutchman was told the brimless cap, also known as a kippah, was banned by the Anne Frank House as employees were not allowed to wear Jewish symbols.

Staggering. I visited the Anne Franks House a few years ago now and left it with a lump in my throat. That House is a memorial to a brave JEWISH girl. Nothing could be more natural that having Jewish people working there and wearing emblems of the faith the Nazis would have exterminated.


  1. You’ll be pleased to know that it has been allowed after the initial issue.

  2. You’ll be pleased to know that it has been allowed after the initial issue.

    Which is actually mentioned in the story that David linked to but he chose not to mention that in his post.

  3. Marine Le Pen wants to ban the yarmulke in public spaces


  4. There is nevertheless a certain tendency to conceal Jews and Jewishness in Europe lest they/it lead to trouble from certain quarters.

  5. Noel, I’ve been in Jewish ares in Venice, Rome, London, Barcelona, Girona, Zaragoza and Cordoba.

    I don’t know how indicitive that is to other countries and cities but these places definitely didn’t conceal their Jewishness.

  6. Indeed they don’t Paul, and all those cities likely have an extensive Jewish museum while having relatively small Jewish communities.

  7. The nazis weren’t wrong to want jews out of Europe, and the latter will not be dissuaded from doing what they do


  8. And yes, they did say those things cited at 9.47pm:


    ‘Islamization of Europe a good thing’
    Rabbi Baruch Efrati believes Jews should ‘rejoice at the fact that Europe is paying for what it did to us for hundreds of years by losing its identity.’ He praises Islam for promoting modesty, respect for God

    Efrati ruled, therefore, that “even if we are in a major war with the region’s Arabs over the Land of Israel, Islam is still much better as a gentile culture than Christianity.”

    He added, however, that Jews must pray that the Islamization of most of Europe will not harm the people of Israel.

    There aren’t enough jews in Europe to wreck Europe by themselves, but there are enough to hold open the gates for the muslim and black hordes.

  9. Fews

    My POINT was that it was banned in the first place.
    Give me strength…

  10. allan quoting a few whacko rabbis doesn’t cut the mustard , not even close

  11. Even if subsequently corrected, the stupidity of the ban, in such a place, at a time when Jews must keep their heads low in Europe, merits comment

    There are crazy rabbis, including those who oppose the existence of Israel, who are
    coddled by Iran, where they visit every so often.

  12. That is of course supposing all the quotes are true Jude.

  13. //He added, however, that Jews must pray that the Islamization of most of Europe will not harm the people of Israel.//

    I doubt if praying will help them. If Europe were to become Islamic, Israel’s goose would be well and truly cooked.

  14. From what I read the ban was in accordance with Danish law regarding wearing of religous insignia in public places. The museum was probably trying to conform with the law while trying to reach a sensible resolution. I think castigating them is unfair.

  15. Dutch, not Danish?

  16. Dutch.

  17. Dutch, not Danish?

    looks like a porn search phantom
    ( gets coat – exits building )

  18. jude, on April 17th, 2018 at 11:12 AM Said:

    allan quoting a few whacko rabbis doesn’t cut the mustard , not even close

    They’re much more than wacko rabbis – these wackos represent jewish opinion and jewish action. Anyway, you agree with their demographic destruction of Europe so what’s teh problem?

    Paul McMahon, on April 17th, 2018 at 12:29 PM Said:

    That is of course supposing all the quotes are true Jude.


    Daniel Cohn-Bendit: see section 8.0

    Now Barbar Lerner-Specter is one of the alt-right’s founders. Without her, woken patriots would still be more interested in football or darts and I’m surprised that Paul still challenges that quotation even though I’ve linked many times to what she, herself, in her own hate-filled words says by herself……. what a snake


    And Rabbi Rav Touitou…..


    Here’s the text of what Rabbi Touitou said in the above meme, and the Google Translation from English into French:

    “The Messiah will come only when Edom, Europe, Christianity has totally fallen. So I ask you, is it good news that Muslims are invading Europe? It’s excellent news! It means the coming of the Messiah! Excellent news!”

    “Le Messie ne viendra que lorsque Edom, l’Europe, le christianisme est totalement tombé. Je vous demande donc, est-ce une bonne nouvelle que les musulmans envahissent l’Europe? C’est une excellente nouvelle! Cela signifie l’arrivée du Messie! D’excellentes nouvelles!”

    I don’t like secondary sources, and always strive to find the primary source for something.

    So I went searching and found this video of Rabbi Touitou saying those words

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