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Not so bonnie Scotland.

By David Vance On May 26th, 2018

Question. What do you do when the elecorate are starting to show disinterest in your Party and this could imperil your place in power?

Answer. Change the electorate.

The Scottish government has confirmed that asylum seekers and refugees will be handed the vote under plans to expand the franchise.

Say what? You are inviting the third world to determine the fate of your country? I see.

Parliamentary business minister Joe Fitzpatrick told MSPs on Wednesday: “it is right that people who make their lives here and contribute to society should have the right to vote, wherever they are from,” stating the government’s position on a consultation to expand the vote which was launched in December.

Scotland has already made use of powers devolved in 2016 which allow politicians to make big changes to the country’s electorate, with its parliament voting unanimously to lower the age of franchise to 16 in the same year.

So deploy the young and gullible who can be relied on to vote Left and add in the third world and hey presto, power continues – even if the country doesn’t.

3 Responses to “Not so bonnie Scotland.”

  1. Will they be able to vote if there were another vote for Scottish Independence?.

    That would be interesting.

  2. DV

    And who was it that granted Scotland these powers ?

    The SNP maybe bonkers but they are not as stupid as the faux Tories.

  3. Too bad such a beautiful landscape is wasted on such assholes!

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