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Just tell it like it is!

By ATWadmin On January 18th, 2007

You may remember that I have posted before on the subject of South Africa, and in specifics to the FIFA World Cup due to take place in 2010 within that sadly beautiful country! So when I link to a very senior Zulu politician who warns his fellow-countrymen that they are in danger of losing the battle for credibility, I believe that people should take notice!

This is a man who has, through his Zulu nation’s own bloodthirsty efforts, gained some notoriety in the political life of South Africa. His long-time leadership of Inkatha, the very conservative Zulu National Party, which fought long and bloody conflicts for political domination in Natal with the communist-leaning African National Congress has been dominated by his desire to lead his country, never mind his own nation, and, frustrated by the superior numbers of A.N.C. followers in South Africa as a whole; seems intent on causing as much political mayhem as possible.

The Zulu mentality, which produced such battle honours as ‘Isandlwana’ is probably the only one which could produce a statement advising of imminent failure and be taken seriously by world opinion; because as a nation, they normally never admit defeat, preferring to fight until beaten or dead!

I still recall sitting alongside a very old, wizened Zulu nightwatchman on board a British freighter docked in Durban harbour swapping beers and stories, and I remember the words he used when he spoke of his grandfather’s war with ‘the white man’. He said “The younger men were positioned at the front of the battle, and the older, more experienced, at the rear. If the young ones moved forward, they might die; if they retreated, they would die!”

If a Zulu politician such as Mangosuthu Buthelezi says that the World Cup is in doubt, FIFA should look elsewhere!


2 Responses to “Just tell it like it is!”

  1. South Africa is now joining the rest of sub-Saharan Africa in a cesspit entirely of its own making. Here was a country with a first-world infrastructure, judiciary, industry, civil service – and it’s all gone down the Limpopo!
    Now, how to blame the white man?

  2. Give the World Cup to Australia. They’ll host it properly.