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The Evil Jews……

By Patrick Van Roy On June 11th, 2018

43 Responses to “The Evil Jews……”

  1. Good message, good policy.

  2. I didn’t know Israel recycled 90% of its water. That’s very impressive.

  3. This is ” information war ” in an entirely positive sense.

    Good for the people of Iran, speaking over the heads of the tyrants to improve diplomatic relations in an informal way.


  4. Its not very tech savvy or smart to title a post Evil Jews, that was dumb
    as to the substance, yes its good and about time Israel made clear the distinction between the Regime and the people, a point I have made several times to the Troll, but he doesn’t seem able to distinguish the two, perhaps he can NOW as he says he’s a man of reason !

  5. Interesting the Israel is attempting to use water as a political tool in Iran while at the same time using water as a tool of subjugation in Gaza.

  6. The Mullahs really don’t give a shit about the Iranian punters. Matter of fact the more Iranians that die the better because the Iranian hierarchy believe they’ll be able to blame the crisis on the dirty Jews and the Euroweenie Palestinian ass-kissers will buy it hook line and sinker.

  7. eddie that that include Mullah Pat as he doesn’t give a crap about the iranian people
    worth a bomb anyday of the week, correct me if I’m wrong Mr. Royt ?

  8. I don’t love the headline

    I know what it’s getting at, but the only one here AFAIK who hates the Jews is Scotty

  9. yep, and its ultra conservative and hypocritical cos its not about the iranian people any fool knows that , so the attempt to be ironic backfires into an own gaol
    dya have that is us sports an own -goal .. don’t hear it much in US politics , i presume you have goals 🙂

  10. They offer the best in world water use technology for free and it’s meaningless.


  11. Why are Arabs relying on the Jews for water?.

    I thought Allah would have been benevolent enough to carry out that particular task.

    These God’s certainly work in mysterious ways.

  12. To be fair Harri, there’s nothing in the Quran about Allah supplying all of their water.

  13. I’m not so sure there Dave.

    References to water appear numerous times in the Qur’an. Islam ascribes the most sacred qualities to water as a
    life-giving, sustaining and purifying resource. The Arabic word for water, “ma’aa,” appears not less than sixty times
    throughout the Qur’an. In addition, water is frequently referenced through mention of rivers, seas, fountains,
    springs, rain, hail, clouds and winds, etc. as signs and evidence of Allah’s Benevolence and Mercy.

    I can’t link, it’s a PDF file.

  14. Allah appears to more benevolent towards the Jews.


  15. You’re right in the sense that Allah, being God created all things including water, and that he supplies at water as well as everything else.
    The point I was making, probably badly, it he is under no obligation to supply that water.

  16. Dave.

    He doesn’t appear to have any problems supplying the Jews with the stuff.

    I’m just so blessed I’m not caught up with all this religious mumbo jumbo stuff….uh oh, hold on a minute?.

    Maybe not blessed then..but lucky.


  17. Iranians that I know would call BS on much of Bibi’s agit-prop and none (I know about five Iranians, all engineers) question Israel’s existence.

    Anyway, on evil jews, one died recently and here’s why he was evil:


    As well as lauding the end of white people, Anthony Bourdain banned white people from his show in Houston


    Anthony Bourdain received plenty of love for the unconventional Houston episode of his popular CNN TV series Parts Unknown. The episode’s diversity was particularly praised. It turns out the bad boy chef turned travel savant achieved that with one simple edict.

    “No white people,” Bourdain told producers about his vision for highlighting Houston according to a recent New Yorker magazine profile.

    Let’s look more closely at this because it confirms exactly what I’ve stated:

    The episode’s diversity was particularly praised.

    No white people

    Diversity = no white people

    ‘Diversity’ is a jewish derivation. Were it not so, the jews who control media would have removed Bourdain for racism and hate speech. There were no penalties on Bourdain, no demands for retraction, no termination of his contract.

  18. Yep. The Jews definitely are his favourite if you believe the Bible.
    There’s even two sets of laws depending on whether you’re Jewish or not.

  19. Allah appears to more benevolent towards the Jews.

    Actually, Allah sucks, the worthless blowhard hasn’t done anything.

    Israel is a fairly dry place, the engineers put their heads together to create means of efficiently using something that will always be scarce there.

  20. Remember kids, the god of the Koran and the god of the Bible are the same God!

  21. Phantom.

    Ah, but who put those engineers there?.


  22. Rather unhelpful stunt (drinking the water during the video a particularly psychotic touch. Imagine some leader sitting down to a big meal to announce aid for a famine).

    His jabs at the Iranian government were unnecessary if a humanitarian gesture was truly intended. This seems staged more for domestic purposes, as well as Israeli Occupied territory such as Washington DC.

  23. Remember kids, the god of the Koran and the god of the Bible are the same God!

    Clearly not.

  24. Allah appears to more benevolent towards the Jews.

    Dunno. The Golan Heights, stolen annexed from Syria, supplies around one third of Israel’s water.

  25. Allah gave the Jews a portion of Syria too?.

    How very generous.


  26. Nope, Israel stole it in 1967.

  27. And Allan the all powerful, almighty, let them?.

    Chocolate fireguard springs to mind.

  28. Iran does have a big big problem with water.

    About two years ago I was in Iran and visited Esfahan. The city’s ornate bridges are a wonderful sight to behold. The only thing missing from the broad Zayanderud river the cuts right through the city is the water. I have never seen such an enormous dry riverbed. The cause is mostly man made; corruption, bad planning etc. More here.

    This propaganda from NetanYAHOO, a murderous tyrant in the Milosevic mold, is the most bad faith thing anyone in the world has ever seen. This is a man who orders hits on Iranian scientists; entirely innocent people working to do just the kind of thing NetanYAHOO claims he wants to ‘help’ with.

  29. Allan the all powerful?.

    No offence Allan@

    I meant ‘Allah’


  30. Harri

    I know you are a supporter of our Aberdonian regular , but your 7:41 comment really takes hero worship to a new level 😉

  31. Colm.

    Actually, Allan really could have done a better job than Allah.


    These God’s really do have a wicked sense of humour.

  32. As all those Middle East religions spring from the same well he probably had an identity crisis.

  33. As all those Middle East religions spring from the same well

    They don’t.

  34. Yeah, okay Pete.



  35. Paul –

    You talked of the well. The Islamic well was Arabic realpolitik, which was rather isolated from the Holy Land in the 7th-Century. The chief Arabic deity (Allah) was raised up to become the sole deity, with some Christian tradition appended. This is not the same God. This is not the same wellspring.

  36. As all those Middle East religions spring from the same well

    I didn’t say it was the same God I used the metaphor of springing from the the same well – which they clearly do hence the Abrahamic Religions.

  37. If there is a God then clearly all followers of monotheistic religions worship the same deity, they just differ in how they believe God expects his followers to live.

  38. But if man invented God(s) then the God(s) could be really different, even if the inventor invented an inclusive origin fable.

  39. If man invented God ( as I believe to be the case ) then there is a God for every man , and every man believes God is on his side 😉

  40. God is beyond anyone here’s understanding…. which is why he is a matter of Faith.

  41. Some of the people here are beyond God’s understanding.

  42. Pete Moore,

    [Dave Alton]Remember kids, the god of the Koran and the god of the Bible are the same God!

    Clearly not.

    How did you work that out Pete? Leaders of all three of the major monotheistic religions, state that they all worship the same God.

    Pope John Paul II has said the fact that Christians and Muslims worship “the One and same God” is a factor that draws the two communities together and lays the basis for love and cooperation between the two communities of believers.

    They may disagree on this god’s message, (do they always, even within their own religion), but they agree with they’re talking about the same God.


  43. Patrick Van Roy,

    God is beyond anyone here’s understanding…. which is why he is a matter of Faith.

    I thought God was a matter of faith because there’s no proof for his existence.
    Therefore his existence must be taken on Faith.

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