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By Pete Moore On June 11th, 2018

Your wives and daughters will need it.

The communist Prime Minister of Spain tweets in English. Quite right too, but that’s where sense, decency and morality ends.

The fugitive people smuggling ship “Aquarius” was turned away from Italy. It had sailed across the Med, picked up hundreds of people about three feet from Libya, who have no business being in Europe, and the crew presumed that they could dump the cargo on Italy. The great Salvini didn’t like that idea and refused entry. I would have allowed the ship to dock, arrested the crew, scuttled the ship and sent the invaders back again on a naval vessel. That’s the only way this will end, but Salvini has sent the message that it’s not business as usual. Well done and congratulations.

But the Marxist degenerates in Madrid have stepped in. The slavers and people smugglers have a new market. Spanish women are now in greater danger than they were yesterday. Madrid has zero obligation to the cargo. Its obligation is to act in the best interests of the Spanish people, but European Leftists never do that. They always act against their people. The result, as in Germany, will be a catastrophe for women and girls.

17 Responses to “GOOD LUCK SPAIN”

  1. Bravo.

  2. Thanks Petr.

    Sometimes you have to stand up for values and go against the establishment, globalist consensus.

  3. Pete, the ‘socialists’ in Spain are only in power because Franco’s heirs the conservative party stole so much public money.

  4. I take it George Soros funds “The Aquarius”?.

  5. This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius 😄

  6. The Italian taking the plaudits must surely realise that these savages must be kept out of Europe and not just Italy

  7. spain is merciful, and blessed are those
    allan and petem honour Christianity with their lips not their hearts

    Expect No Mercy – as that you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me .

    Have fun arguing with the Lord of the Universe

  8. There is no need to portray the folks as savages. They are just humans. But Italy which has had hundreds of thousands of migrants landed upon them should not be required to accept them merely because they arrived. And Spain is courting disaster if it allows them in and to remain.

  9. I don’t think it is merciful to encourage unchecked migration that is not sustainable and often reckless.

  10. Have fun arguing with the Lord of the Universe

    More chance of meeting Lord of the flies.


  11. Ali B. reportedly confessed to murdering the 14-year-old German girl after being arrested in the town Zakho in Dohuk province of the Iraqi Kurdish region near the border with Turkey.

    Germany is so merciful. Blessed is Merkel for honouring her Christianity with her heart.

    But 14 year old girls just have to take their chances.

  12. Mahons it is merciful to take them outa the boats and give them some soup and a blanket stop them shivering at night.

  13. Jude – have you ever looked at the map of the area of seawater where the ‘refugees’ are plucked from the sea a few miles off Libya? Clearly, the nearest safe port is in Tunisia so they should be sent there – if not returned to Libya.

    But the point of these so-called NGOs is to get these breeding-age African males into Europe, so that’s why Tunisia isn’t used as law requires.

  14. Jude – but people constantly tell me they love going on cruises.

  15. I think they should all be sent to the Basque Region where I am sure they will more than welcomed.


  16. Shady jew organisation involved in trafficking of fast-breeding wildlife, worse than Japanese Knotweed:


    Doctors without Borders (MSF) is under investigation over allegations it facilitates illegal immigration as debate rages in Italy following accusations, backed by the government, that NGOs are colluding with Libyan people smugglers.

    Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported that Italian prosecutors have begun investigating MSF for rescuing migrants stranded at sea allegedly without notifying Italy’s coast guard.

    And Medecins Sans Frontieres is founded by………


    Bernard Kouchner (born 1 November 1939) is a French politician and physician. He is the co-founder of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and Médecins du Monde. From 2007 until 2010, he was the French Minister of Foreign and European Affairs in the center-right Fillon government under president Nicolas Sarkozy, although he had been in the past a minister in socialist governments. In 2010, the Jerusalem Post considered Bernard Kouchner the 15th most influential Jew in the world

    and funded by………


    Yes – that’s Soros, and just look at where the pick up the flotsam: just a few yards off Libya

  17. Location, location, location……..


    and what’s wrong with Tunisia?


    Tunisia is not in Europe, and Tunisians are not the target of ‘diversity’.

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