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By Pete Moore On June 13th, 2018

Tamara Pletnyova told a Moscow radio station that local women should avoid having sex with foreign men during the 2018 World Cup. She later added that if a woman truly feels the need to do so, she should find a partner of the same race.

I’d swap Theresa May for this Russkie right away, toot de sweet.

7 Responses to “SOUND ADVICE”

  1. oh stop petem you’re making allan all weepy for an Honour Act post Brexit

    “Protection of German Blood and German Honor Act), enacted on 15 September 1935, forbade marriage and extramarital sexual relations between persons racially regarded as non-Aryans and Aryans (persons of “German or related blood”); this included all marriages, where at least one partner was a German citizen

    to be consistent with your views, you must like that dr.moore?
    have you the gonads to actually say it ?

    does the very thought have you so overwhelmed with patriotic nostalgia you’d be hard pressed to find a dry corner in your hanky.

    we do understand 🙂

  2. It gets my vote. That and Dad’s Army on TV every night.

  3. The poor woman must have been dumped by a foreign lover. I bet Tamara isn’t getting Plentyovanything 😋

  4. It’ll probably only be Europeans able to afford them anyhow. (I know, I’m such a sexist).

  5. pete ardent followers of your brand of national-socialism must soon realise all you got is Mein Kampf tweaked replacing Jews with Muslims. a copy of anders brevik manifesto and a copy of germany’s racial laws 1933-1945, and you think you can palm and pass that off as a serious vision of the future , a utopia , don’t you see how absurd and laughable that is.
    see how that ended ? hey ho popcorn time – I do like a laugh though

  6. Pete Moore,

    It gets my vote. That and Dad’s Army on TV every night.

    I must be the only Brit of my age to have never seen an episode of Dad’s Army.

  7. David
    Dad’s army is great fun . Off there is a danger in thinking old red faced Gammons bitter with the changing world can replicate that for real with having men’s training camps in the UK to guard the borders from the Muslim hordes. Most photos of these groups show boozy middlers with pot bellies looking quite lost in an open field having pitched their tents. I guess they return home and think best be a keyboard warrior. Selah.

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