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By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006

15 Responses to “VLOGGING SADDAM!!”

  1. That was so interesting! Great to see you. I’m in California, and yet thanks to my little iBook and your vlogging I feel like I just dropped in for a chat. And what a stimulating chat it was! I was especially interested to hear that the your MSM is favors supra-national interventions – this hasn’t gained much currency here. Our MSM seems to be yawning over the verdict – probably they feel that it will help the Republicans if they notice it much…

  2. Notme,

    That’s exactly how I want it to be – Just a chat, nice and relaxed. I love the written word but sometimes being able to speak directly can convey more emotions and feeling. I want to VLOG regularly on topics that are worth listening to.

  3. Hi David.

    I have to say that you have got the new web site spot on. Its lookin great. The new banner is spot on. The video blog is an interesting and quite novel addition to the site.

    On the topic at hand. To be honest, ive no real problem with the execution on Saddam. The evidence is pretty damning against him. However, im not quite sure if execution itself in general acts as any sort of deterent.

    I wonder though, you state that you expect Saddam to face his real punishment in the next world. fair enough. Those are your perfectly valid personal views. As a non believer myself, I dont really believe in the sort of next world that is the basis of most world relegions. So, for me, this world is the one place that Saddam should get the real punishment for his crimes. Therefore, in a way, for me, executing saddam without some form of this world punishment, would be letting him off the hook in one way.

  4. Kloot

    OT I see on Slugger, that you have been identified as a threat to the Union ;o)

  5. 🙂 I saw that aileen. Funny eh.

  6. LOL

    You cunning swine! your vile plot to charm us into a UI must be resisted ;o)

  7. My cunning ploy has been discovered 🙂

  8. Nice to see you again David.

    On the subject of the blog and in particular when it goes to the topic of the death penalty in general, in this particular aspect, I hope that our politicians continue to be "cowardly gutless" politicians. I really don’t want to live in a country where my taxes go to killing people unecessarily. It is one of the reasons I wouldn’t want to live in the USA. No disrespect to our cousins accross the pond (including many of my actual cousins). When I see documentries about vigils outside prisons when executions were going on inside. I can imagine being of their number. I realise that for some of those being executed their victims will have suffered more horrible deaths and at the point of death unmourned (as their loved ones would not yet know) and that they had done nothing to deserve their fate, but I just don’t think that killing people when you don’t have to is healthy for society (or whatever entity does not grate on the right wing).

    If we ever do bring back the death penalty in the UK. I can imagine you doing a thread on it, so I will wear a burqa when I go to the vigil. ;o)

  9. I would like to see a proper nationwide referendum on this, so that the people could decide whether or not to bring back the death penalty. (I would support its reintroduction for serious crimes such as multiple murder and child sexual abusers, and where very strict conditions are met in court re evidence).

  10. So you would have supported the execution of the Guildford Four, Tom!

  11. <i>So you would have supported the execution of the Guildford Four, Tom!</i>

    and there in lies the problem. There isnt a single justice system in the world that is perfect.

    What purpose does the death penalty serve.

    Is its purpose vengence or deterence.

    Certain states in the US execute people regularily. Is there any evidence from these states that crime goes down as a result.

    Saddam, I believe, is a special case. I dont think anyone could argue with the evidence against him. I have to say that im torn between executing him ( and inflicting pain on other families due to the reaction to the death ) or incarcerating him for life. At the moment im leaning towards execution.

  12. That’s an interesting question, C. I think my answer would be, if I had been an adult at the time all that was going on, and if I’d known only what the public knew then about the trial, then probably, yes. The point being, I would have been under the false impression that the manhunt, arrests, trial and convictions were sound and properly carried out. Which of course, we now know was not the case.

  13. "Is its purpose vengence or deterence."

    Neither it’s justice. It is not a mater of if it will deter someone else or deliver vengence for the victim what it is is that if you are found guilty of certain crimes the penalty is death. It may not deter anyone but that person will certainly not commit another crime now will he….

    Death can be and is a Just punishment for certain crimes

  14. Aileen: There are many deserving of the death penalty Ted Bundy, Saddam, the guy who invented music in elevators. However, as a device in is imperfect and irrevocable. For that reason I am opposed to it because of the real chance that it will be applied in a discriminatory manner, or even in a mistaken manner.
    The vigils you speak of are often distasteful. Many folks are there to cheer (Welcome to Rome), many to just appear on camera (Welcome to Hollywood) and many with legitmate opposition/support for capital punishment.
    In any event, it is no reason for you not to live here, that is unless you are buying a house next to a prison and don’t want to experience temporary shortages in electricity.

  15. I just want to give yous a big hug