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By Pete Moore On July 9th, 2018

Theresa May was already one of the worst Prime Ministers. She will end up hated as much as Ted Heath.

David Davis resigned as Brexit Secretary late last night. With ten months to go until we leave the EU, and with negotiations on a deal yet to start, the government’s chief negotiator felt had had no option but to step down. The final straw was the Prime Minister blind-siding him and his department with a proposed deal which effectively keeps us in the EU.

At Chequers on Friday, she humiliated and threatened Brexiteers in her Cabinet. She and her pro-EU advisers came up with a deal which keeps us in hock to the ECJ, under EU rules, without the ability to treat with others countries and does nothing to stop free movement of people. Brexiteers could accept the deal or get a taxi out of Chequers.

Davis had enough and has walked. For once the rhetoric about the government being in chaos is true. Theresa May has presided over two years of fudge. She finally ran out of time and had to commit to a policy in writing. The result is that her government is collapsing. For two years she put self and party above country. We’ll live with the consequences for generations. The blame is not just hers. It’s shared by a Parliamentary Tory Party which inflicted this bloody useless woman on the country. She needs to go and go now. Parliament is in recess in two week’s time. She must be gone by then.

Davis was joined in resignation by another Brexiteer, the minister Steve Baker MP. He’s just appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics to explain why he walked. The whole thing deserves a listen –

40 Responses to “DAVID DAVIS HAS ENOUGH”

  1. Well done Theresa May. Showing a bit of backbone at last. Putting the practical good of the UK’s best interests first instead of pandering to the fanatical ideological appetite for destruction demanded by the Brexit fanatics.

  2. Ditto Colm the voice of calm reason .. nice pair of swinger on display in contrast to many who have actually lost their swingers to the degree whereby I’m suprised they’re not coming out as Trans-sexuals ! Boom .

    its “has had”.. please amend , I know you have a Masters ( sniggers ) so you do know better ..lol

  3. OMG Boris has Resigned you heard it here 1st

  4. Boris Johnson has finally found his balls. The snake Gove defended May yesterday. He’s looking more and more isolated. The coming fortnight will be crazy time in British politics.

  5. Is HM government going to collapse? I didn’t know Boris was that principled. Must have been a hell of a meeting!

  6. Holy Jesus, crazy time will be right.

  7. The only move now that makes sense is for Boris Johnson to stake a leadership claim.
    He can then talk to the EU in the way the Brexiteer pasty-faced gammons want GB to .
    so “fuck business” , ” you can’t polish a turd” , he’s just like Trump with the swagger arrogance, that’s who they want a pratt at the helm who will tell EU to “narf off”
    that’s what you want isn’t it petem and that’s what you guys like , correct ?
    don’t be shy now – in your own words ofc i hate people putting words in my mouth like the auld absent Harriet .. Thoughts please ..

  8. Jude, yes, you’ve got it old man. If I was a Brit, I would want a PM that would stand at Nelson’s Column singing Rule Britannia.

  9. The UK government is divided and the EU is united.

    I hope that something fair can be worked out, but its hard to see that happening when there is such disagreement as to what ” fair ” even means.

  10. The Brexiteers are dropping like flies. Leaving Queen Bee May to rule the Tory web with a new found grip of “Iron Lady” 🙂

  11. Charles –

    Boris Johnson isn’t that principled. He weighs everything by what’s good for him. Clearly he thinks that May is toast and that he’ll come out of it better if he pretends to walk on principle.

  12. If I was a Brit, I would want a PM that would stand at Nelson’s Column singing Rule Britannia.

    Charles, that won’t be allowed.

    Look at 2:25 in the video in the post. Steve Baker, until this morning a senior government minister, firmly lays the difficulties of leaving the EU on “the establishment”, which is pro-EU.

    It’s that establishment which allows nothing of substance to change. It’s that establishment which would block the appointment of a Brexit PM, or at least make their tenure impossible.

  13. Pete, you are probably right. Perpetual office seekers like Johnson always live to see another day. May will now try to use Labour to do the dirty work.

  14. Charles, hi good to see you around dude
    Well we have a pic of Boris Johnson hanging from a wire stuck in London
    Not quite singing “Rule Brittania” but i guess close enough for his supports
    stuck on a wire

  15. Great picture! Boris always was crazy enough for the likes of me.

  16. Interesting tis news as i like the psychological approach to politics which notes that Boris represents the old 1950’s mindset of der Englandeers, when it was ok to refer to the French as Frogs, the Germans as Krauts, and Rule Brittania. There is like in the USA a sizeable=le number of Englishmen who want the old days back, and hate the language of diversity and equality. They want the right to call Italians wops and arabs pakis . Boris and his rude swaggery stupidity is the kinda guy they love, who comes out swinging at the Bosch and the Frogs ..

  17. Where stands the Tory back bench in all of this. It seems that May has thrown them under a bus. In the interview, Steve Baker MP says that there should be no challenge to leadership so close to the withdrawal date (even though he resigned from government). If I were a Brexiteer, I would be really angry at this point.

  18. careful charles blood pressure is up, veins are bursting amongst the Gammons, the only people who will benefit from this purple explosions are pharmacists .. oh wait 😉

  19. Its official we are Bonkers Britain or as the French say “Les Grande-Bretagne Bonkeurs”
    ( goes for long walk and swim ) What a day !

  20. Charles –

    There are 316 Tory MPs. About 65 are solid Brexiteers. Some are wishy-washy. Most are pro-EU. A few dozen are pro-EU to the point of being deranged.

    Steve Baker is being tactical there. He’s a solid Brexiteer and fears a Labour win if May’s downfall leads to a general election. He’d rather she stay on and be persuaded back toward a Brexit position. That won’t happen.

    You have to bear in mind that the Tories are completely treacherous. At least we know that the opposition parties are full of wrong’uns. So are the Tories, but they wrap themselves in the flag and pretend to be patriots. It’s fooled countless millions into voting Tory.

    Someone in this here parish keeps reminding us to never trust the Tories. He’s right.

  21. //Boris Johnson isn’t that principled. He weighs everything by what’s good for him.//

    Logical self-interest in action. A joy to behold.

    But, Pete, you aren’t up to date. If May was so eager to “humiliate and threaten Brexiteers in her Cabinet” she would hardly have appointed immediately a committed (and consistent) Brexiter in Dominic Raab to take over from Davis.

    This isn’t the sell-out you think it is. It looks like she’s trying to be all things to all men, a cabinet that reflects the divide in her party and in the country* to avoid being outflanked on either side.
    A hopeless task, but she’s trying.

    (* BTW I get the feeling that a strong majority of England fans in Russia are pro Leave. The team on the other hand are inevitably internationalists and – if they have an opinion at all – will probably be for Remain. That Harry Kane looks like a sensible chap.)

  22. Noel –

    Think about this.

    The Cabinet met at Chequers, the PM’s country pile, to discuss (rubber stamp) a proposal that they had not previously seen but which the PM had shown to Merkel, a foreigner across the negotiating table.

    They had their phones taken off them.

    A taxi firm’s business cards were left by the door.

    They were told that if they did not agree to the proposal then they would be out, their ministerial car taken away, and that they’d have to get a taxi.

    Just think about what a high-handed and insulting woman May is. This was the final straw for David Davis. He’s been sidelined over the last year. The policy he had drawn up was binned at the last minute in favour of May’s one, which she was holding back and which does not deliver Brexit.

    Dominic Raab might think he can deliver Brexit. He’ll soon discover he’s been made captain of the Titanic after it’s hit the iceberg.

  23. That sounds not only high handed, but incompetent.

    How could it not have led to a blowup?

  24. Yeah a big tizz was had over the bus fare home
    the spaniels did the cover in 1950 which is about right
    Mah send our bus fare home
    the spaniels

  25. // May’s one, which she was holding back and which does not deliver Brexit.//

    It delivers Brexit in practically everything except trade, and Britain definitely does not want a trade Brexit. I have no doubt that a significant majority wants to stay in the single market (so even did you, and Harri. Norway and the EEA and all that, remember?).
    This was a good compromise. If the UK at some time in the future were to feel confident enough to go it alone in all matters, which it obviously does not today, it would have been able to slide out of May’s Chequers deal easily (if it had ultimately been negotiated with the EU).

    Now the consequences of this revolt are anyone’s guess. It could mean an end to any Tory govt and Brexit up for renogiation. Any Brexiteer who doesn’t support the deal is playing a very dangerous game and will probably live to regret it.

    (Scroll down to the 4th video in this link: Corbyn in the HoC today. It’s brilliant.


  26. //They were told that if they did not agree to the proposal then they would be out, their ministerial car taken away, and that they’d have to get a taxi. //

    Is that true? Where did you read that?

  27. = up for renegoiation

  28. renegotiation!!

  29. Ultimately there is a cabal of hard Brexiteers in the Tory backbench and a few in the Cabinet who have been undermining May since the whole thing started. Pretty much up until now May has done the whole better to have them inside pissing out than outside pissing in. Surprised she has finally found her backbone.

  30. Noel –

    The proposal keeps free movement. It accepts the acquis communautaire without the possibly of influencing it. It keeps us under the ECJ. It prevents treaties on our terms with others countries. It means that imports to the UK from non-EU countries must abide by EU standards.

    It is no Brexit. It is such a no Brexit that the PM has just lost two senior secretaries of state over it.

    Is that true? Where did you read that?

    In the press.




  31. http://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2018/07/09/mr-bean-appointed-as-new-uk-brexit-secretary/

  32. Pete Moore,

    Boris Johnson isn’t that principled. He weighs everything by what’s good for him. Clearly he thinks that May is toast and that he’ll come out of it better if he pretends to walk on principle.

    Well said Pete. I couldn’t agree more.
    Boris Johnson is slimy, deceitful little scumbag.

  33. “But then Johnson only ever cared about one thing: himself. He is a self-serving charlatan with nothing but ambition coursing through his veins. Bear in mind this man, who claims such passion for his nation, has quit as foreign secretary in the wake of a nerve agent attack that killed a British citizen and days before a summit on Nato that could threaten the security of our continent. But, in truth, ever since his appointment it has been a national embarrassment that this blustering buffoon was presented as our face to the planet, especially in such turbulent times…

    The idea of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson as party leader and prime minister is a bad joke. Yet again, he has exposed himself as a man lacking principles who will sacrifice anything from his party to his country on the altar of his ambition. Far worse, his latest betrayal highlights the torture of the Tories, riven with division and devoid of a workable exit strategy from Europe. But as Johnson once said: “There are no disasters, only opportunities,” before adding: “And, indeed, opportunities for fresh disasters.””


  34. The idea of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson as party leader and prime minister is a bad joke

    I can think of a worse one.

  35. “David Davis resigned overnight because he disagreed with May’s policy on customs and trade links with Europe. Johnson has now followed him because he wants to become prime minister. Davis resigned on an issue of principle; Johnson resigned on an issue of self-interest.

    That does not mean it will happen. Johnson is damaged goods in large parts of the Conservative party. Many will be delighted to see him go. He has been a second-rate foreign secretary. He bottled the issue on Heathrow, preferring to spend the day in Kabul rather than to vote the way he had said he would on the third runway. He has praised Donald Trump, even as the US president set about destroying global rules and alliances. He has lost some of the allure that he once had as the Heineken Tory who could reach parts of the electorate that other Tories couldn’t. In some parts of the party he is now an embarrassment. In a recent poll of Tory members on May’s successor, Johnson polled fourth, behind Sajid Javid, Michael Gove and Jacob Rees-Mogg.”


  36. The idea of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson as party leader and prime minister is a bad joke.

    To be fair, that’s written by someone who would have voted for Barack Hussein Obama II.

  37. No, it was written by Ian Birrell, David Cameron’s former speech writer.

  38. A den of radical Leftists.

  39. Jeremy Hunt advances towards the top job, now appointed Foreign Secretary.

  40. Its True Noel if the ministers didn’t sign up for BFG or “Brexit for Good”
    They were offered their BFH or Bus Fare Home
    That gag is from Jim Bowens “Bulleye” where losing constants were given their BFH

    Well May has seen off the rebels and that is that. Good for her, found a spine at last .

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