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By Pete Moore On July 11th, 2018

It’s coming home

31 Responses to “PIPE DOWN EVERYONE”

  1. 1 nothing, England doing what they have to do so far.

  2. It’s trying to come home but it’s drunk and stopped for a kebab.

    1 : 1

    Extra time.

    I’m too old to keep going through this.

  3. It’s trying to come home but it’s drunk and stopped for a kebab.

    That did make me chuckle 🙂

  4. fifteen minutes away from penalties!

  5. it’s over

  6. Jumped the gun somewhat there old chap.

    Commiserations. Southgate done well to get so far

  7. England ran outta legs, Well done though boys!

  8. I have some great pals there who are not happy tonight

    I imagine that the Russkie crowd was rooting for their Slav buddies

  9. Who knew Zagreb was home.

  10. I wouldn’t fancy being a central / eastern Euro in England tonight.

  11. “I imagine that the Russkie crowd was rooting for their Slav buddies”

    Not sure about that. The Serbs are their buddies so doubt the Croats are overly popular. Also a couple of the Croat squad were caught videoing their support for Ukraine. (one was sent home for it).

    Croatia deserved it. The better side. England did themselves proud though – a likeable group (for once) who gave their all.

  12. One day. This is a very young England team. The future looks good.

    Well done to Croatia. A very smart team. Lots of experience and nous.

  13. And the World Cup will be in the EU for the next four years.

  14. Must England play Belgium or just call it a day and take it back to the club?

  15. I was trying to reach some of my London guys with zero success today, and I was not happy about it.

    Then I remembered – the big game was on.

    There again is no sporting event as all encompassing here as games like that are there. Super Bowls and World Series don’t come close.

    As we say in Brooklyn, following a sports team will break your heart, constantly. I’ve been there and it really sucks. Cheers

  16. A young friend watched the game in a Dublin pub. Apparently the result was somewhat popular.

  17. Charles –

    England will play Belgium in a 3rd place play off, but that’s meaningless and no-one cares about it. The point was to get into the final.

    Phantom –

    As only sports fans know, it’s the hope that kills you. Real fans know it’s easier to be crap and lose early. But for the first time in 22 years England is proud of its team. They’re young, they’ve played alright and the country’s been behind them because of it.

  18. Now we must turn our attention to hoping the Frogs have their legs chopped off on Sunday !


  19. Was this a great upset?

    Was Croatia supposed to have a chance to go this far?

  20. Phantom, I don’t know. Croatia dominated the stats.

  21. Pete, bad luck, I sincerely mean that.

    The most promising English team in decades.

  22. Upside for England, they got to the World Cup semi-finals with a young team.

    Downside is the best team they beat was Sweden.

  23. FO –

    Sweden are alright. They put out Holland, Italy and Germany. Then we comfortably beat them.

    Phantom –

    This wasn’t an upset. It was a 50/50 game. Croatia has very good players. One of them (Modric) is the best in the world in what he does. They have other excellent players.

    England bossed the first half. We had enough chances to secure the game but only scored one. Croatia is a very experienced team. They made that tell later in the game. That’s the difference in the small, marginal things.

    The England team is so young that it’s callow. Before the tournament, if we were offered extra-time in the semi-final we’d have taken it. Hardly anyone thought that we’d get that far.

  24. The English team fought the good fight.

  25. Much as i respect the result, i feel the Referee didnt know what he was deciding. So another match needs to be organised so that the true result can be known.

  26. Assuming England qualify for Euro 2020 they will be in a gorup based in England and Scotland which should help them qualify for the knockout stages


  27. And England get to meet Croatia again in the Nations League thing


  28. It’s a funny old night here in Belfast: half the city are burning things to celebrate a Dutch-led English victory, while the other half are getting drunk to celebrate a Croatian-led English defeat…

  29. //I imagine that the Russkie crowd was rooting for their Slav buddies//

    No way, there’s about as much love between Slavic Orthodox and Catholic Christians as between Muslim Sunni and Shia.
    Besides, Russia was knocked out by Croatia, and Russians don’t forget easily.

    I still think England was overall the better team last night. Croatia looked really jaded in parts, and even Modric at times couldn’t kick snow off a rope.

    I thought that England’s problem was that each time they came under pressure, they made some serious mistakes. They were dynamic and full of energy and ideas, but a bit of a stiff upper lip in the times when Croatia became dominant could have changed history.

    But, as Pete says, they’re young and will grow. I felt sorry especially for Pickford at the end, who has been playing brilliantly all the time in Russia, but I’m sure he’s got a great future ahead of him.

  30. HAH! Football? Like alcohol, drugs and prostitutes (all approved for use of the minions by the ruling class) are just a expensive clown circus to keep the instant gratification addicted peasants distracted from the elite politico butt-humping they’re getting every day.

  31. Even though I’m not a football fan, let me add my disappointment to the fact that England didn’t make the finals. Better luck next time lads.

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