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By Pete Moore On July 13th, 2018

We were promised a mighty Zeppelin. Low-energy libs gave us a beach ball.

They conned 30K out of people for this. I reckon they trousered most of it and gave 50 quid to a bloke on Ali Baba for this. It’s left-liberalism all over – full of hot air and failing to deliver. No matter how close those snappers get, they’re not making it look like an airship. It’s a beach ball.

NBC is even live streaming it. These people are completely insane.

19 Responses to “SPIN VS REALITY”

  1. Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall ….

  2. . . . and Humpty Dumpty then became POTUS.

    There, I finished it for you 🙂

  3. Speaking of balloons:


  4. Replying to @ljgravesart

    Maybe they gave the measurements in inches instead of feet, like Spinal Tap.

    Cannot breathe.

  5. For some reason I thought that this blimp would have been much larger.

  6. Who cares?

    If Pete’s wails last night about it being covered by the media are true hundreds of millions of billions of people have seen it.

  7. Yes Phantom. These guys need to go to a Macy’s parade in NYC.

  8. The blimp is harmless and to be welcomed, after all it’s a sign of appreciation for the US president, is it not?, etc etc then – as the panicked strategy changes – the blimp becomes a farce and one gets his knickers in a twist just because NBC is showing it.

    Pete, you were much more interesting (to say nothing of consistent) when you were telling us that all politicians are crooks and should just keep away, before you became such a slavish devotee of the first REAL MAN that turned up. Why, you’re now more than ready to contort, distort and lie just to show your hero in a good light.


  9. There is talk of Trump Baby being taken on a tour of various cities.


  10. I’ve been told that everything is bigger in America Charles although I met a few friendly American girls when I was younger who told me that wasn’t the case 😉

  11. It is a healthy thing that politicians and the proud be mocked.

    And again, I think that this light-hearted touch helped keep the London protests orderly.

  12. I agree Phantom. I also think that parody is more efective with this charlatan’s ego.

  13. Paul, ah, to be young again!

  14. Barron Trump had a bigger balloon at his birthday party!! lololol

  15. I suspect Stormy Daniels would disagree!

  16. Apparently none of you do the metric system so let me break it down for you and Patty I will use small words

    10 meters x 3.3 feet equals 33 feet

    Is it clear now?

  17. Apparently none of you do the metric system

    EU Commie rubbish EP!!

  18. By the by dude who made this is definitely socialist

    Think of the market in pool toys, party balloons and piñatas he is passing up

  19. I think Trump looks quite cute as a baby balloon.
    You should buy that to fly over his Scottish golf course.

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