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By Pete Moore On July 13th, 2018


  1. http://untappedcities.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/tokens-640.jpg

  2. That’ll be those intolerant lefties again then.

    No pictures of the fire bombed ‘Trump Arms’ pub in west London?

  3. I’ve just realised – that’s the first black face I’ve seen at a Trump protest! So far it’s been a total white-out.

  4. Pete, you were much more interesting (to say nothing of consistent) when you were telling us that all politicians are crooks and should just keep away, before you became of such a slavish devotee of the first REAL MAN that turned up. Why, you’re now more than ready to contort, distort and lie just to show your hero in a good light.

    Are all “libertarians” like that, I wonder.

  5. No, no fire bombed pubs then.

  6. the first REAL MAN that turned up

    They have a schoolgirl crush on him.

  7. someone firebombed a pub?

  8. No Pat, as usual Pete’s perfidy was exaggerated.

  9. It was a joke! FFS, calm down and stop making it about me all the time.

    Look, Phantom’s up there with his Uncle Tom slurs. I know, it’s a shocker. You commies are anti-racist only while blacks stay on the plantation.


  10. Very few black people support Trump or Republicans.

    Focusing the camera on the one or two black people in the pro Trump audience doesn’t change that.

  11. I know it was a joke Pete, just as my gentle ribbing above is.

    Speaking of gentle ribbing and irreverence:


  12. Phantom –

    According to the results of a Reuters weekly tracking poll released this week, support for the president among black men doubled from 11 percent, for the week ending April 22, to 22 percent, for the week ending April 29.

    Around 1-in-5 is more than “very few”, and way more than the press pretends.

  13. Lets see what a number of polls say.

    And we have the election results of the last 50 years to reflect upon also.

  14. I wonder if that weekly tracking poll from May 3rd has the same results more than two months later?

  15. Trump’s just called out CCN as “fake news” again, live at the Chequers press conference!

    Cannot breathe

  16. He is the most undignified bag of turds to ever demean public office

  17. @_MissAnthropic
    3m3 minutes ago

    Trump at Chequers: “I dont take questions from CNN News, I’ll take a question from Fox News, that’s a real network”


    He is so great.

  18. I believe that the Sage of the Rio Grande predicted on these pages that blacks would start to line up behind Trump. The Democrats have tried to keep them picking their cotton for far too long, with nothing but lip service in return.

  19. Charles

    There is little evidence that blacks are lining up behind Trump.

    One weekly poll does not make a summer.

  20. Pete Moore,


    He is so great.

    So the leader of one of the most powerful Nations on earth act like a 5 year old and you think it’s great? Hang on, you act like a five-year-old as well, sorry Pete, carry on.

  21. We are seeing a seriously dumbed down political discussion in the US, and now in the UK.

    Like Jerry Springer or professional wrestling, only less dignified.


    Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and the Rise of Radical Incompetence

  22. After he absolutely humiliates her in the Sun interview:

    Trump: US-UK relationship indispensable

    The president speaks warmly about Theresa May and insists relations between the countries are “the highest level of special” – hours after his comments attacking her Brexit plans emerged.


    Seriously, is this bloke:

    – Suffering from short term memory loss?

    – Bi – polar?

    – Unconcerned about facts, truth and contradictions?

    – Unable to understand the meaning of words and phonetics?

  23. He is delusional, and he lies all the time.

    Those are only two of his flaws, but they’re high on the list.

  24. “We are seeing a seriously dumbed down political discussion in the US, and now in the UK.”

    Actually, no. What we are seeing is movement.

    We are living through a tectonic shift in political assumptions that lie below the surface.

    What a great time to be alive!!!

  25. This is exactly what is going on. It’s a big joke to you guys


  26. Actually, no. What we are seeing is movement.

    I’ll agree with you there. It’s a movement that has no regard for facts, truth, basic integrity and general linguistic etymology though.

  27. I understand that you don’t like change, Phantom. It’s going to be OK, though.

    After 70 years, our post WWII assumptions and organizations were in tatters and dysfunctional.

    And the New World Order created by Bush I after the fall of the Soviet Empire (ie. Globalism) had become a corrupt power grab representing only an elite few.

  28. “and general linguistic etymology though.”

    lol. yes, I struggled with that metaphor.

  29. And the New World Order created by Bush I after the fall of the Soviet Empire (ie. Globalism)


  30. The US economy is being harmed by the tariffs ( rise in costs for US manufacturers, as they face new tariffs when they export ) and it will be harmed by things like the retreat from TPP.

    Don’t ask me, ask the business community.

    The damage won’t be seen right away, but it is a certainty.

    And the general presidential buffoonery doesn’t help the prestige of the US either.

  31. “OMFG!!!!”


    deal with it.

  32. e US economy is being harmed by the tariffs ( rise in domestic production costs for US manufacturers, as they face new tariff barriers when they export ) So the cost of US exported manufactures will be made more expensive in two ways not one.

  33. “doesn’t help the prestige of the US”

    this is so vapid, Phantom.

    grow some testicular fortitude.

    you just have to get over your need to be “liked” by the self-appointed in-crowd.

  34. Paul

    I’ve said many times that Trump and Trumpism is deeply influenced by Alex Jones

    And Jones is a chief proponent of this NWO stuff.

    They all deny Alex Jones, but increasingly they use the same arguments, the same words, the same tone of voice.

  35. Phantom, I read your 3:35 link. The author opines that Trump and Boris don’t understand how complicated government is, and try to dumb it down. The author further states that government is so complicated that you need the establishment to run the show.

    Populists such as Trump, along with the Holy Founding Fathers, understood that government is not the stuff of Kings and Court, but of the common sense of We the People.

    Brexiteers want what another set of Englishmen got in 1776, which is the right to “go” and “to dissolve the political bands which connect them to another, and to assume among the powers of the earth a separate and equal station.”

    The establishment says no, but the people say go!

  36. Human dignity is not a vapid thing.

    I’ve seen Reagan and I’ve seen Trump, and believe me, the difference in personal dignity could not be greater.

  37. And Jones is a chief proponent of this NWO stuff.

    Any doubts I had about Patty’s political nous have been put to bed Phantom.


    Born into wealth, private schooling, strings pulled and family connections to get them into their professional positions before their forays into the upper echelons of politics?

    Charles, if you think that Trump and Johnson aren’t the very epitome of establishment elitism and are ‘government that is not the stuff of Kings and Court, but of the common sense of We the People’ then you’ve bought the guff and I’d like to talk to you about a great deal on this bridge I have for sale.

  38. Paul,
    Trump is no rags to riches story, but he is our 1st president who is not a professional politician or a general. That says something about upward mobility of the American political system. He beat 16 other Republicans challengers and then Clinton, the consummate politician. He is the choice of the people, within the bounds of our Federal system, if not the popular count.

    But being rich didn’t hurt!

  39. I’m saying that both Trump and Johnson are very much in the elite / establshment mold Charles and all this man / government of the people sham is PR nonsense.

    To deny this is a fiction.

  40. Charles – not accurate. We had another President who had not been previously elected to office or served as a general….Herbert Hoover.

  41. The election of Trump was a shriek of despair by the uneducated white working class. That’s not a slap at the working class, it’s a stone cold fact.

    The working class has been sold out by every president since Nixon went to China, they have a lot to be unhappy about.

    And it is they who will be the primary victims of most everything that Trump is doing.

  42. Globalism turns out to be a form of colonialism whereby international elites purchase cheap (almost slave) labor from the poorest countries of the world and then sells the goods to the richest countries of the world.

    This makes the rich elites very rich and it hollows out the middle class.

    Virtue signal all you like about minimum wage in San Francisco and gender parity wages in Hollywood, but the cell phone you use was very likely assembled by small children working for next to nothing.

  43. btw, “New World Order” is not my invented term. Nor is it Rush Limbaugh nor Alex Jones.

    It’s the foreign policy of DC establishment, post Soviet Empire. It has definite, stated tenets – I’ll let you research this for yourselves.

    hint: prior to Trump, our destabilization of ME was on purpose….why?

  44. Patty – you have just described the Trump Business model.

  45. Patty

    This is the movement that you are part of. Along with the president, and David Icke.


  46. Please. Educate yourself.

  47. its sad to see uneducated people get all pumped up on steroids with the Trump Burger
    there’s nothing divine about this man, he rude he’s arrogant he’s a freak
    you’re lost all sense of proportion drinking the poison of his kool-aid
    but we’re wasting our time debating, you’re high as a kite on his BULL
    to you its smells like roses to us its just Shit and shit stinks

  48. “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters,”

    There is no depravity that they will not accept, and endorse

  49. Trump says recent poll shows he’s more popular than Lincoln
    © Greg Nash

    President Trump boasted about a poll on Thursday that he claims shows he’s more popular than former President Lincoln.

    “You know, a poll just came out that I am the most popular person in the history of the Republican Party,” Trump said in an interview with The Sun published on Thursday.

    “Beating Lincoln,” Trump said. “I beat our Honest Abe.”

    It is unclear what poll the president was referring to in the interview, as presidential approval polling did not exist during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.


  50. Phantom –

    You missed this one.


    I know you don’t read links. So in short, it’s predicated on the world doing what it’s told and falling into line with the West.

  51. I do read concise links, unless they’re Turkish medical journals and the like

    Things like NATO, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund are fine by me.

    They’ve played a huge role in keeping the relative peace and helping a big chunk of the world escape poverty.

    Even the much demonized TPP was a very good idea, very good for the US. It’s still a good idea, which is why it is going forward without the US to act as an influence from inside it.

  52. We had another President who had not been previously elected to office or served as a general….Herbert Hoover.

    Mahons, I said politician or general. While Hoover served in many administrations in a number of posts, it is true that he never held elected office. Good eye counselor!

  53. Hoover.

    The first Trump, with his tariffs.

    How did that work out.

  54. Phantom, on July 13th, 2018 at 5:27 PM Said:

    Excellent link Phantom, and it’s pretty much all true. But I had to take a second look at this……

    Larry McDonald, the second president of the John Birch Society and a conservative Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives who represented the 7th congressional district of Georgia, wrote a foreword for Allen’s 1976 book The Rockefeller File, wherein he claimed that the Rockefellers and their allies were driven by a desire to create a one-world government that combined “super-capitalism” with communism and would be fully under their control. He saw a conspiracy plot that was “international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.”[49]

    Larry McDonald was invited to South Korea in 1983 for commemorations of the 30th anniversary of the ceasefire. On his flight, several politicians had their bookings cancelled, but McDonald’s was not.



    United States Congressman Larry McDonald from Georgia, who at the time was also the second president of the conservative John Birch Society, was on the flight. Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina, Senator Steve Symms of Idaho, and Representative Carroll Hubbard of Kentucky were aboard sister flight KAL 015, which flew 15 minutes behind KAL 007;

    They were booked together and it was changed

    The Soviets challenged many of the facts presented by the U.S., and revealed the previously unknown presence of a USAF RC-135 surveillance aircraft whose path had crossed that of KAL 007.

    “path had crossed” – it did a lot more than that. The US spy plane flew above KAL007 (yes – that is 007) for at least 30 minutes then veered off leaving the Russians to believe that there was a spy plane heading over Sakhalin

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