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By Pete Moore On July 13th, 2018

Because Friday night is Music Night

No rock n roll this evening. The Greatest President is providing plenty of that. He’s dining at Windsor Castle tonight. HM Queen has now met 12 presidents, going back to Truman. She’s met them all since except LBJ. With him in town we’ll have to keep to keep the quality up on the jukebox tonight.

It’s the World Cup Final on Sunday. Pele said that an African nation will one day win it. Let’s hope that Croatia beats France to delay that day. As always, feel free to share your fav sounds down below.


  1. Pete, if you really need to throw your knickers to some star performer, how about you pick a real man instead of that bloated pansy.

    Yesterday, one of the last RAF aces of the Battle of Britain, Ginger Neil, died aged 97.

    Could contrast ever be stronger?

    Neil flew right from the first day of the war, and during the height of the BoB would fly up to 5 missions a day. On one day alone his squadron lost 13 of its 18 aircraft. He saw seven of his friends killed within two minutes that day. They were just boys, the average age in the squadron was 19 or 20.

    He spoke of how prone the Hawker Hurricane was to catching fire: the flames would start behind the pilot’s seat and almost immediately fill the cockpit, and the unfortunate pilot would be trapped in this narrow hell and burn to death, alone, high above the earth and far from all help and the comfort of family and friends.

    On one occasion he bailed out and was caught on the engine cowling, with the propeller spinning beside him and just about to slice his head off when he was thrown off.

    His son’s remarks are interesting:

    “I like to bracket my father with his generation. I think that generation were heroes because of their instinctive notion of duty and their instinctive notion of others. They did things as it wasn’t just about you; it was there to be done and you did it.”

    Ah, yes, – “their instinctive notion of others”, “They did things as it wasn’t just about you.” I doubt if he spent most of his time repeating what a great guy he is.

    But Pete chooses instead to develop a crush on an ego-driven and bad-mannered lout, one whose entire love is reserved for himself and with about as much strendth of character and toughness as that blimp that floated over London today.


  2. Come on Noel, don’t let him upset you all the time. Maybe we’d talk about him less if the Left wasn’t in a permanent state of hysteria?

  3. That’s a great piece Noel. I hate to see the last of my father’s generation go.

  4. Boccherini castanets, some Spanish glamour:


  5. Ginger Neil

    Great man, one of many.

    Semper Fi.

  6. During the 1990 World Cup in Italy, there was the Three Tenors concert – Pavarotti, Domingo, Carreras. For me, the highlight was Placido Domingo singing No Pueda Ser:


    Oh – he also sang E Lucevan Le Stelle:


  7. For sheer drama and emotion, this will never be surpassed. From Wagner:


  8. Noel

    If you think mischievous Pete has a crush on The blond blowhard you don’t really know our Mr Moore. Every gushing comment he makes about the SuperDonald is “ fake news “ and is uttered purely to rile the ‘commies‘ of ATW .

  9. Pavarotti. Overplayed, overrated shite.

    I Enjoyed your Wagner Peter. Cheers.


  10. My mother loves opera, she especially loved the 3 Tenors cd’s

    now certainly not Opera…. I found this the other day. A different version of a song we all know. Quite powerful.


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