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Feeling Sad?

By Patty On July 13th, 2018

These videos never fail to deliver tears of laughter and joy.  Watch PBS realize…slowly….that Donald Trump has won the Presidency.

23 Responses to “Feeling Sad?”

  1. Bwahhhhaaaaaaa!

  2. the Russians did it I tell it was the russians….. Bwahhhhaaaaaaa!

  3. Yes he won get over it already

  4. they can’t

  5. The Russians!! The Russians!!! Reeeeeee!!!!!!

  6. The death of conservative America.

  7. yup Noel, being childish and immature is all they have now as their currency
    once the USA respected their intel services and sought o protect their democracy from outside interference . They don’t care anymore .. just replaced with blow-hards and ugly self-desrucftive nationalism . we knew this would happen, its damage limitation now
    on the positive side a guy in scotland broke through air-cordon and para-glided into turnberry


    was he the man of violence on the left they desperately seek or does the search continue.?

  8. Interesting that this is the height of right wing ‘conservative’ American political discourse.

  9. Facebook is filled with stuff like this

    These guys spend their lives sending this stuff out

  10. So delicious

  11. Russians did it!! Haven’t you heard? Russians swung the election to Trump with several Facebook ads!! Reeeeeee!!!

  12. Without Russian Facebook ads, Hillary Clinton would have won!! lollolololololol!!!!

  13. The Schadenfreude from watching this video created an orgasm that would totally eclipse a week in Fiji with Stormy fields multiple orgasm experience. I love it when pompous “we’re better that the yuck, Deplorables” Liberal media idiots look like 5 year olds after their toys were taken away.

  14. These clips will forever be funny.

    Commies would chuckle too if they they knew humour.

  15. The Ann Coulter prediction where she was ridiculed – that is the clip that will live forever, or until it gets ‘removed’.

  16. Agree, Allan. That clip is hilarious.

    This one, however, is extra special because it’s the PBS – “Public” Broadcast Service – land of reason and dulcet tones…gravitas, if you will…and here they are, exposed for the propagandists they are – like naked babies on a picnic blanket

  17. Patty – and they’re ‘impartial’ 😊

  18. Scottish Protesters Greet ‘Tiny-Fingered, Cheeto-Faced, Ferret-Wearing Shitgibbon’ Trump with Even Better Signs Than Brits

  19. tell us what you really feel…. 🙂

  20. Its a link

  21. Or should be when I tried to link it it came in blank

  22. lol

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