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By Pete Moore On July 21st, 2018


A £9.3m pro-EU publicity blitz by David Cameron’s government in the run-up to the Brexit referendum gave the Remain side an unfair advantage, the like of which should be outlawed in future votes, an independent commission has suggested.

Yes, Leavers have been saying that since Cameron tried to rig the referendum. And now a cross-party group has come to the same conclusion. The Remain campaign outspent the Leave campaigns by nearly 5 million quid. With the government propaganda, Remain had a 14 million quid advantage. But the establishment pushes the line that a Leave “overspend” of a couple of hundred thousand quid was cheating.


  1. Deep State or something lies.

  2. The Remain campaign outspent the Leave campaigns by nearly 5 million quid.

    So what? The Tories outspend Labour by at least that amount in every general election, but I can’t recall you ever whingeing about that.

    The point is that that Leave (my side) broke the spending rules and Remain didn’t.

  3. That’s not the point, and it’s an unproven, biased allegation that Leave broke the rules.

    The point is that Remain effectively had no spending limits.

  4. They didn’t have the same electoral spending restrictions that Leave had?

  5. All of Remain’s funding complied with the rules and its funders can be identified. The same cannot be said of Leave.

    Off topic, is there any reason why we cannot preview what we type?

  6. No Paul. Prior to the short purdah, the government and BBC propaganda machines could spend what they liked.

  7. I’d like to be able to read the full article before definitively comenting on it.

    I can view what I type Peter.

  8. Thanks Paul, it seems my latest Firefox upgrade is responsible. As the expression goes, upgrade and lose.

  9. I use Firefox. Overall it’s great, but the upgrades can knock out a few things.

  10. Yes Pete, I am going to reinstall it. That usually fixes things.

  11. Sorted

  12. The cities in western Europe are collapsing under the weight of their rulers’ treason, as exemplified by the EU – and whether their contradictions are revealed is of no matter: just get the 3rd-world into Europe…..


    Illegal immigrants, now estimated to make up a fifth of the population of Seine-Saint-Denis, north-east of Paris, are severely straining public services and creating social tensions, according to a parliamentary report.

    Seine-Saint-Denis has long been the French department with the highest proportion of immigrants, but the report warns that the number of illegal migrants may have risen as high as 400,000.

    Last year France’s child welfare system took more than 25,000 underage migrants into care, but Human Rights Watch argues that under-18s are often wrongly classified as adults.

    OK – but what happens when adults are deliberately classed as ‘children’?


    A Swedish dentist who was ruined after being fired and fined for revealing that over 80 percent of his refugee ‘children’ patients were actually adults, told RT that people coming to his country should not lie about their age.