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By Pete Moore On August 9th, 2018

Shootings, stabbings, robberies and acid attacks are at epidemic levels in London. Over to the Met Police Commissioner then:

Boris Johnson’s comments comparing women who wear the burka to “bank robbers” and “letter boxes” would not “reach the bar” for a criminal offence, the head of the Metropolitan Police has said.

Commissioner Cressida Dick said “some people have clearly found it offensive” but that officers that specialise in dealing with hate crime believed “he did not commit a criminal offence”.

She does nothing about crime, but this so-called copper, in reality a political commissar as useless as the Prime Minister, has all day to look into BoJo’s opinion, that the burka looks stupid but shouldn’t be banned. On top of that, the Conservative Party, once a political party but now a rabble of far-Left SJWs, is investigating his comments.

This country’s political establishment is completely insane.

4 Responses to “GIVE ME STRENGTH”

  1. Yes, the UK Conservative Party today isn’t conservative.


  2. Rod Liddle nails it:

    “The liberals believe this is another pitch from Boris to the right wing of the Conservative party and that the Islamophobia within the Conservative party is every bit as corrosive as the anti-Semitism within Labour. My own view is that there is not nearly enough Islamophobia within the Tory party. Having one or two misgivings about this arrogant, oppressive ideology is not racism, but an antipathy based upon our respect for secular democracy and equal rights, allied to our Judeo-Christian history. Phobia implies these misgivings are irrational, when they are anything but. As it happens we are lagging behind in the race to ban burkas. They are already against the law in Latvia, France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, a lot of Germany, Austria, Quebec and, uh, Morocco. Boris was against a ban. I used to be but I am no longer so sure, even if it would be an infraction of human rights. Maybe I need to watch a BBC film about how lovely the burka really is, just to get my mind straight.”

  3. Boris gets support from a Muslim woman:

    “As a Muslim woman observing Islam, I am fully supportive of Boris Johnson’s rejection of the niqab. And I wonder how many of the former Foreign Secretary’s critics understand my religion, what this form of dress represents and the subjugation it implies. To defend the niqab and to defend Muslim women are, I can assure you, two very different things indeed…

    Today the adoption of the full-face veil, particularly in the modern secular world is far worse than looking like a letterbox. It’s both a symbol of cultural misogyny and a political marker for Islamist sympathies. The detractors of Mr Johnson would do better to consider their own role in marginalizing true, civil, pluralist Islam in favor of its anti-secular anti-democratic variant, Islamism.

    The jihadis want to present their bizarre dress code as the face of Islam, and for that they need useful (non-Islamic) idiots in the West to help them do so. I will not be the only British Muslim woman who is thankful that Boris Johnson is not playing along.”


  4. Absolutely agree. As I mentioned on another post..

    The Burka is a degrading dehumanising garment. It is not voluntary , neither is it an Islamic requirement no matter what some fooolish defenders of it claim. If it was truly voluntary, some Muslim men would choose to wear it but they dont, it is only for women and it is only worn to hide the fact of being female, as if your sex is something to be ashamed by. It deserves rejection and mockery.A decent healthy society should urge Muslim women to reject such Instructions of inferiority. Boris is right on this matter. There is nothing respectable about this “choice”. Something that is wrong doesn’t magically become acceptable with the fake excuse that it is based on religious faith.