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By Pete Moore On August 9th, 2018

The Left’s stupidity reaches escape velocity. They’re going to have to go some to top this. Oh, they’ll go some.


  1. It was obvious all the time – in view of Sweden’s very liberal immigration laws and tendency to err always on the side of the immigrant – that this guy most likely had a criminal conviction if he was being deported.
    This was just moral exhibitionism on the part of the woman; she should have been taken off the plane and arrested. The image of her – at 1:40 – actually weeping from moral vanity in front of the cheering crowd is pathetic. The deportee was taken off the plane and then flown out on a private plane afterwards, at taxpayers’ expense.

    In Germany recently there was a case of an Afghani who had originally arrived via Bulgaria and claimed asylum, saying he had worked for the military and was under threat from the Taliban. His application was rejected as being not credible, and in any case he had travelled via Bulgaria and that country was responsible for him. So he was deported to Bulgaria, where the authorities again examined his case and duly sent him back to Afghanistan.
    But no sooner had he arrived home than his attorney in Germany discovered that he had filed an injunction suit against his deportation shortly before his departure, and this action was still pending in law. So the German embassy in Kabul issued him a visa to travel back to Germany to continue his asylum proceedings. All taxpayer funded. His attorney is boasting that the proceedings will continue for another year at least and, because of the blatant injustice done to him, he now has good chances of getting residence.

    Another man from the Zimbabwe was deported home via Ethiopia. When in Addis Ababa en route he discovered certain papers supporting his application that he had not presented before. He showed these to the deportatation officials accompanying him, but they ignored them and continued the journey to Zimbabwe.
    His lawyer in Germany filed appeal; the authoriites should have considered these late documents. No problem – the man was simply flown back to Germany from Zimbabwe, this time with an official travel visa and at the state’s expense.

  2. What propels this lunacy? Here’s a good article by David Cole on those who push the destruction:


    This Jewish delusion of being among the “99 percent” is what compels Jews in the West to promote suicidal policies. Some of us really believe that once the “white Christian power structure” is toppled, we’ll lead what replaces it. Which is nonsense. In truth, we’ll be the first ones tossed into the sea. Just ask the Jews of France how welcome they feel now that “people of color” own the streets. This is a Jewish community that largely survived the Nazis, but it’s not surviving the immigrant invasion.

  3. OK, Here’s a one-finger (2 in the UK) salute to the Swedish babe dope. Remember this biblical truism, honey: “As ye sow so shall ye reap” Of course the Modern European version adds a new twist: “As ye sow so shall ye be raped”.

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