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By Pete Moore On August 11th, 2018

It started with a tweet, then Canadian-Saudi relations went rapidly downhill.

The spat appeared to have been sparked last week when Canada’s foreign ministry expressed its concern over the arrest of Saudi civil society and women’s rights activists, in a tweet that echoed concerns previously voiced by the United Nations.

Saudi Arabia swiftly shot back, expelling Canada’s ambassador and suspending new trade and investment with Ottawa, making plans to remove thousands of Saudi students and medical patients from Canada, and suspending the state airline’s flights to and from Canada, among other actions.

Speaking to reporters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister urged Canada to “fix its big mistake” and warned that the kingdom was considering additional measures against Canada.

Analysts and regional officials said the spat had little to do with Canada, instead characterising Riyadh’s actions as a broader signal to western governments that any criticism of its domestic policies is unacceptable.

Now Canadians are lamenting that “We do not have a single friend in the whole entire world”. This after the US and UK have stood by, watching a wild Saudi reaction which included a pro-Riyadh Twitter account threaten terror against Canada.  In truth the non-reaction of London and Washington has been shameful. I’m not surprised at London’s inaction. The Tory Party loves Saudi money and the Foreign Office has long been stuffed with Arabists. But it’s still shameful.

So Canada will have to start reaching out. But just when it needs a real man at the helm, it finds itself saddled with a divisive, ineffective and effete liberal. How ironic. Just when Trump is bring the EU to heel, the Norks in from the cold and reducing Turkey’s economy with a single tweet, Trudeau is so useless he can’t find a friend to back him against a regime as vile as Riyadh.


  1. Great first paragraph Pete, shame about the second.

  2. And the pussy-grabber’s spat with Turkey is because of pressure from his Evangelical supporters as one of theirs is in prison in Turkey charged with terrorism”

    “Donald Trump has announced a doubling of tariffs against Turkey, as relations between the two nations continue to sour following Ankara’s detention of an American pastor.

    The US president announced on Twitter the additional sanctions for Turkish steel and aluminium, two days after talks between US and Turkish officials in Washington trying to resolve the crisis over detained pastor Andrew Brunson concluded without any obvious progress.”


  3. Trudeau has angered both the bum in Riyadh, as well as the other bum in Washington

    What a great stand up man

  4. amazing Peter I read the piece and was thinking to write exact same words

    Great first paragraph Pete, shame about the second.

    and so I have as cannot improve on yours 🙂

  5. Young Trudeau might not strut around puff out his chest like some apricot avenger but like his old man there is real iron in his blood.

  6. From the article that Pete linked to

    Not only does the Trump administration refuse to discuss human rights with its friends or foes, the issue seems of very little interest to him.

    Canada has a leader. The cutthroats in Saudi Arabia aren’t happy with him. Doesn’t make him the worst guy in the world

  7. Young Trudeau might not strut around puff out his chest like some apricot avenger but like his old man there is real iron in his blood.

    Fidel Castro?

    Doesn’t make him the worst guy in the world

    Yet while everyone wants to talk with your president, Trudeau has no friends. So much for being part of the international Left-Lib club.

  8. Trump has no friends, Trudeau has many

    If you think that world leaders talk to Trump because they are his friends, you want to change your meds

  9. It is better to be feared than to be loved.

  10. So Stalin was better than FDR, Putin better than Trudeau

    We’ve gone down a long way if that’s the standard

  11. Trump is suffering badly from Putin Derangement Syndrome, and it seems to be getting worse. But he’s in good compamy. There are several fellow-victims hereabouts, and they know who they are, but the big question is this: What has Putin got on Trump?

    “Donald Trump has brazenly tweeted his private thoughts on a wide range of subjects in recent days, from the incorrigible wickedness of the Iranian regime to the mental acuity of the basketball superstar, LeBron James. But when the US state department unveiled sweeping new sanctions against Russia over the Skripal affair, the president’s Twitter account fell eerily silent.

    What possible explanation could there be for this initial onset of bashfulness? Maybe Trump, enjoying a working vacation at his golf club in New Jersey, was busy swinging iron. Perhaps he ignores anything the state department says on principle. Or perhaps the president is experiencing a fresh bout of Putin derangement syndrome – the flip side of the better-known, anxiety-inducing condition, Trump derangement syndrome.

    Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary, has defined Trump derangement syndrome as a pathologically negative, knee-jerk reaction among Democrats and “liberals” to anything the president does or says. TDS was a “major epidemic”, she said last week. Putin derangement syndrome (PDS) is rarer. In sum, the victim believes Russia’s president is a great guy and won’t hear a word said against him…

    The president appears isolated within his own administration and across Washington. John Bolton, his hawkish national security adviser, Jim Mattis at the Pentagon, a majority in Congress, and the justice department, which recently indicted 12 Russians on hacking charges, all view Putin’s Russia as a hostile predator that should not be appeased.

    Trump’s unexplained, initial silence over sanctions, coupled with 19 months of playing patsy, have intensified what may be the biggest question in US politics – what has Putin got on Trump? James Clapper, a former intelligence chief who believes Russia “turned” the 2016 election, put into words what many Americans must be thinking. “I have been trying to give the president the benefit of the doubt,” Clapper said last month. “But more and more … I really do wonder if the Russians have something on him.”


  12. Trump is suffering badly from Putin Derangement Syndrome, and it seems to be getting worse.

    He’s suffering so much that he’s only at 50 per cent approvals, a far higher level than for The Kenyan.

  13. No It’s not

  14. He’s suffering so much that he’s only at 50 per cent approvals,

    No he’s not Pete, it’s 41%, please stop copying your hero with the lies:


  15. Even Rasmussen, a notoriously pro-Republican polling company, has him at 46% Approval. Nate Silver has him, based on an aggregation of all opinion polls, accounting for pro and anti Republican bias, at 42%.

    At this point in his Presidency Obama was at 46%.

  16. Pete Moore

    Where do you get the approval ratings for Obama and trump from Pete.
    Because Gallup says differently.


  17. Obama was generally respected throughout the world, Trump is generally despised and or is a figure of ridicule ( details on request )

  18. I found it sad that Rand Paul decided to become Trump’s postman this week, carrying “a letter” to Putin without having sight of its contents.

    Sad in the sense that the son of Ron Paul has become an enabler of a Putin groupie in the White House.

  19. Pete I won’t dignify the castro thing with too much of a response except to say its a proven falsehood used by fake conservatives as fake news to try and discredit him and his old man

  20. Oh and the whole 50% approval rating is from a post by apricot jr. that is a proven photo shop, but since pete has obviously drank the cool aid he only sees what he wants to see

  21. My God you all fall for Pete’s wind ups don’t you. His second paragraph and his comments about Trumps “massive popularity” and having more friends than Trudeau are just designed to “rile the commies “ and they clearly have 😉

  22. Trump is on about 50%. These polls need to be adjusted, to account for shy Trump voters. It’s a valid concern, given the epidemic of violence against them.

    Add a few per cent onto the poll numbers.

  23. That would be true Pete if the online polls showed him much higher. But they don’t.

  24. Friday, August 10, 2018

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 46% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance.

    Adjust for shy Trumpeteers and the entire press propagandising against him daily, and Trump is knocking on 50 per cent, no probs.

  25. And adjust it down a couple of percent because Rasmussen always inflates Republican support.

  26. Pete, you’ve got to quit being right so much. You’re driving the commies crazy! 🙂

  27. Crazy through laughing so much 😂

  28. The only thing more entertaining than Pete’s impish humour is the whoring of his credibility on the alter of fake news twitteratti.

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