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What will Trump do next?

By Patrick Van Roy On August 12th, 2018


There’s an old rule in American Politics and it is once again proving true.

Whatever the Democrat accuses the Republican of doing, It is the EXACT act that they are engaging in.

The Charge against Donald Trump is that he “colluded” with the Russians to influence the Election.

The Investigation has been going on now for 2 years, so what have we learned? It’s a simple question. Every possible scenario of every possible crime has been speculated about. Every piece of derogatory “evidence” has been leaked to the Press. If they had found ANYTHING remotely criminal on Trump it would have been the club they bludgeoned him to political death with by now.

Despite all the calls of how corrupt and dirty Trump is constantly being accused of, this investigation proves that he’s clean. Other than a taste for the occasional high price hooker (which is morally despicable) not one bit of dirt has been uncovered, and you are not going to undo an election over two hookers from ten years ago. Sorry but that won’t happen.

What we have discovered as part of this investigation is that Mueller is so desperate to get anything he is proceeding to try and put a man away for 320yrs for Tax Evasion from ten years ago. Why? To get Manafort to either tell him something or make something up that they can try and nail on Trump.

Manafort from the looks of it committed these crimes, but he committed them with Tony Podesta and Democrat connections in the Ukraine. Podesta who could also get over 320 years was given immunity for testimony. The guy who testified this week against Manafort was given immunity for a 100 year sentence, and still there is a good chance Manafort will walk.

That is the only “Crime” Mueller has found. Nothing to do with Trump or the Election.

What we have discovered in the course of these past two years and in a large part due to this investigation is a web of deceit, corruption, and criminal behavior that the Clinton Campaign, the FBI, the DOJ, and high ranking members of the Obama Administration committed to protect Hillary Clinton from criminal charges in her multiple violations of the Espionage Act. While at the same time all of the above committed multiple felonies to interfere in a Presidential Election, followed up by acts of sedition against a sitting President.

The Clinton Campaign hired an Ex-British MI6 intelligence agent Christopher Steele laundering the payments through Fusion GPS to gather opposition research on Trump from the Russians. Steele paid the Russians for their “Data” and Steele compiled it into a dossier in the form of an intelligence brief.

This “Brief” was given to James Clapper and John Brennan who then leaked it to Democrat members of Congress, The Press, and finally the FBI/DOJ.  The DOJ gave the dossier to the same team that was in the process of protecting Hillary from criminal charges, but who immediately jumped on it to use the dossier to undermine the Trump campaign. Actually engaging in a Federal Investigation as a tool to stop a political candidate.

George Papadopoulos was the perfect dupe. A well placed person in the Trump Campaign who was not good at handling his liquor and who was riding the high point of his career working on a Presidential Campaign. In a bar in England a beautiful woman started drinking with him. Pumping up his ego while he got drunk in a bar that just happened to have Australia’s top diplomat in Britain: Alexander Downer… who also was a multi-million dollar contributor to the Clinton Foundation.

A drunk Papadopoulos told Downer “that Moscow had thousands of emails that would embarrass Mrs. Clinton, apparently stolen in an effort to try to damage her campaign”. Mr. Downer immediately phoned the FBI.

The FBI then used that bit of information combined with the “dossier” to a FISA Judge and presented this made up evidence as VERIFIED TRUTH that the Russians were working with the Trump Campaign getting permission to “wiretap”, and plant moles into the Trump Campaign.  They presented this falsified information 4 times to the FISA Court. 3 times before the Election and once after Trump had won.

The last time after the election the phoney evidence was presented by Rosenstein to the FISA Court once again testifying that the information was true and verified.

This same phoney info was then used by Rosenstein to appoint Mueller as a Special Counsel. Creating the first time in History that a Special Council was appointed without a pre-existing crime to investigate. Mueller was given the unprecedented mandate “to find a crime”. As we know so far after two years, a 10yr old tax evasion case against a man who was working for the Democrats at the time of his crimes is the only thing he’s found.

The Question what will Trump do?

Until the next election that takes place in less than 90 days – nothing. He can’t. After the election if the Republicans still hold the House and the Senate only then can he act.

The current GOP Leadership hate Trump as much as the Democrats and the Press. They also do not know how to lead or exercise the power they have in controlling those two bodies. This and this alone could cost them the Control of both Houses of Congress.

To counter the GOPs ineptness Trump will spend what is left of the 90 days campaigning for as many Republicans as possible. If they maintain control Trump will start dismantling this farce.  If the Republicans lose he’ll be fighting for his life against impeachment.

60 Responses to “What will Trump do next?”

  1. Funny you don’t hear the phrase “DRAIN THE SWAMP” any more. Why’s that?

  2. what Trump will do is continue to shit himself over the implications of the Muller probe
    and we know he privately agonises over impeachment.
    If Muller releases his report before the mid-terms he’ll be accused like Comey was of political interference.
    What will Trump do ? continue whining over the Muller investigation and keep Rudy busy , whoring out his mouth to spread lies and disinformation. so no change really ..

  3. There is another old rule in American politics.

    Whenever Republicans are accused of wrongdoing, Patrick will spin it around to blame the Democrats.

  4. I like the Trump Worship image

    You beat Pete to it

    He’s just the most magnicent leader, better than a billion Washingtons, Lincoln’s, FD Roosevelts.

  5. That is the only “Crime” Mueller has found. Nothing to do with Trump or the Election.

    Pure speculation on your part

    You have no idea what Mr Mueller knows.

    You guys are flailing

  6. If Robert Mueller has nothing, and Trump has clearly committed no crime, why is the The Donald so afraid of the Mueller investigation? Why did he attempt to get the Attorney General to end the investigation? What does he have to hide?

  7. Noel, jude, Colm, Phantom, Seamus – is there anything factually incorrect in Patrick’s narrative?

  8. You have no idea what Mr Mueller knows.

    sure we do everything he’s found has been leaked.

  9. FD Roosevelts was an idiot

  10. No Allan everything is accurate

  11. Allan,


    //Other than a taste for the occasional high price hooker (which is morally despicable) not one bit of dirt has been uncovered,//

    is factually incorrect.

    //The Charge against Donald Trump is that he “colluded” with the Russians to influence the Election.//

    isn’t correct either.

  12. Allan
    It’s an opinion piece. It offers no factual evidence at all. It cannot. Its a piece that Patrick has posted purely because it promotes a viewpoint that all corruption and criminality comes from the Democrats and Republicans are all innocent and purely victims of smears. You have no greater knowledge of the truth than I or indeed even Patrick does. None of us are at the heart of the Washington political machine. All of us here can only speculate and oil our own prejudices. I haven’t got a clue who did what with whom regarding US Russian political shenanigans and neither do you.

  13. These boys love them some Trump

    Expect many more Trump worship posts with more Trump worship images on them

    Perhaps the next one will show trump in a suit of armor riding on a white horse

  14. Ok Noel what other Dirt has been found on Trump and why was the special counsel convened?

  15. Allan,

    It is based on a lot of assertion, with accusations thrown around that are far from proven.

    There is no evidence to prove that Robert Mueller has nothing else. Patrick’s assertion that he has leaked everything is impossible to prove. Stuff has been leaked but there is no way of knowing that everything the Special Counsel’s investigation has been leaked.

    There is also simply no evidence that Rod Rosenstein misled a FISA court. The documents are clear. They inform the judge that a source (most likely Christopher Steele) had been hired by a US person (most likely the Clinton campaign) to conduct research regarding Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. It states that Steele had been paid to do so by that person (again most likely the Clinton campaign). It at no point in time says that Steele’s findings had been verified. It states that “Source #1’s [Christopher Steele] reporting has been corroborated and used in criminal proceedings and the FBI assesses Source #1 to be reliable”. This does not mean that the FBI had verified his dossier. It means that in the past Christopher Steele had worked with the FBI in criminal proceedings before and that they found him to be a credible source.

  16. No one knows what has been found

    How many times do you have to be told this?

    Mueller is a cop’s cop. He is very methodical, very careful.

    Let’s see what comes out

  17. Patrick has posted purely because it promotes a viewpoint that all corruption and criminality comes from the Democrats and Republicans are all innocent and purely victims of smears.

    If I had feelings Colm I would be hurt…..

    I have said repeatidly if he is guilty of something I will hand out the pitchforks and torches to the villagers, and ANY republican ever found guilty of anything I have demanded prosecution of.

    I support the LAW above everything.

  18. Mueller is a political Hack going all the way back to the Whitey Bulger case.

  19. Go on Sean Hannity … sorry Patrick, you all sound the same. What links does Robert Mueller have with Whitey Bulger?

  20. Patrick

    Hillary has been found guilty of no crimes yet you repeatedly call her a criminal who should be locked up. If you support the LAW above all else, then until she has been convicted by a court of law following due process you should respectfully regard her as an innocent person.

  21. There is also simply no evidence that Rod Rosenstein misled a FISA court.

    Rod Rosenstein signed off on the 4th RENEWAL of the FISA warrant presented to the FISA court.

    It has been PROVEN under oath that the bulk of that warrant was based on the Phoney Dossier. By signing the information and presenting it to the Judge his signature verifies that ALL the evidence he is presenting is accurate and has been verified…. we know from under oath testimony that the dossier was never verified…

    Rod Rosenstein committed PERJURY

  22. Colm the FBI and the DOJ fixed the Hillary case and they will go to jail for it. Mrs Clinton committed multiple Felonies.

  23. What links does Robert Mueller have with Whitey Bulger?

    Look it up

  24. Did you see where Hannity took the day off last week and let trumps lawyers do the show themselves

    Talk about your partisan fake news

  25. President Trump doesn’t need: 1) Money 2) Notoriety 3) A Hot wife 4) power trip. He’s had or has all those things. He simply just want’s to make his current company (America) as successful as possible and run it smoothly despite all the political headwind. That means he’s the CEO of the greatest Republic Nation in the world and in the history of the world and is striving to keep it on a solid footing. He certainly does not want to merge with or d a hostile take over of other countries. He knows currently they’re a cultural and economic drag on his company and he wants them kept at arms length. I’ve been buying stock in President trump’s current company for 7 decades. It’s had it little hiccups but the returns have been overall a solid as anything. MAGA!

  26. No he didn’t. The application is clear. The FBI “believes Page has been the subject of targeted recruitment by the Russian government”. If it had been able to verify the information it wouldn’t need a FISA warrant. They would have evidence they could present to a grand jury and a criminal court.

    They had suspicion, based on a dossier compiled by a known source, a source they found credible, based on his previous work. That is what they state in the application. That is the information that they had verified. That a credible source had given them allegations.

  27. “What links does Robert Mueller have with Whitey Bulger?”

    I have. You’ve got nothing.

  28. Phantom, on August 12th, 2018 at 2:44 PM Said: Edit Comment
    Did you see where Hannity took the day off last week and let trumps lawyers do the show themselves

    Talk about your partisan fake news

    I don’t watch Hannity, but it’s a Political Commentary show not a news show.

  29. The Whitey Bulger Is 100% fabricated garbage from junk alt right websites As directed by the Trump lie machine

    These rats have something to be frightened about, Hence the organized disinformation machine

  30. On the rare occasions that Melania has sex with Donald, she always finds she has to push Eddie out of the way first 😋

  31. Hannity is the number one prime time star of Fox “ News “

  32. Seamus, on August 12th, 2018 at 2:47 PM Said: Edit Comment
    “What links does Robert Mueller have with Whitey Bulger?”

    I have. You’ve got nothing.

    Then you haven’t looked deep enough, and Bulger wasn’t the only organized crime case Mueller screwed up on.

  33. So argue your case Patrick. What links does Robert Mueller have with Whitey Bulger?

  34. Muellers botching of the anthrax investigation by ignoring leads and fingering an innocent man (government legal settlement: $5.8 million), and how badly he screwed up the case against the Hells Angels. The man is anything but a shining star.

  35. What links does Robert Mueller have with Whitey Bulger?

  36. Seamus Mueller didn’t have links to Bulger as “involved” in any of the corruption… he screwed up and then was part of the cover up.

  37. How? How did he screw up? And what cover up did he play a part in?

  38. If you want to do a post on the Bulger case I’ll gladly accommodate you. This post is NOT about Bulger.

    Mueller has a history of incompetence, the whole Boston office was incompetent in the Bulger case and I’ve provided you with two other examples of Mueller’s incompetence.

  39. You made an allegation. I challenged you on it to provide evidence. You failed to do so. Back up your allegation or withdraw it.

  40. No I won’t withdraw it, he was incompetent as both a prosecutor and the AG in Boston the Bulger mess took place under his watch. He totally screwed up the Hells Angels case and he put an innocent man in jail in the anthrax case.

    If you want to praise the man go right ahead he’s incompetent and a political hack.

  41. Well let’s start with your later examples. a) he didn’t balls up the Hell’s Angels case. He came in late in the day to the case. The US Attorney’s Office had bitten off more than it could chew, trying 25 defendants over a 9 month period of time. It ended in a mistrial. He then pared down the scope of the retrial, trying only 7 defendents, and got a conviction. Hardly a screw up.

    Secondly the Anthrax investigation was bungled. Absolutely. However, as a point of accuracy, Steven Hatfill was never jailed. He was actually never even arrested. That doesn’t forgive the FBI for their mishandling of the case but your characterisation of it is inaccurate.

    Thirdly, what mistakes did Robert Mueller, or his team, make in the Bulger case?

  42. The list of mistakes would take two posts and it wasn’t just Mueller, but he was part of it. Mueller is not a shining example of a prosecutor he’s incompetent and he has very bad judgement in assembling his teams in a majority of his cases, just as he has in this one.

    I am the first one to defend Law Enforcement, and I don’t believe Mueller is corrupt in the sense that he would intentionally break the Law. He is however incompetent. Which his record shows on multiple occasions.

  43. pat, i’m afraid you’re hopelessly compromised on this thread . YOU have decided Clinto is guilty and a) she not been convicted or b: even facing a grand jury.
    the rest of what you say has to seen through this prism of hypocrisy.
    First stop lying to yourself, great place to start .
    yet you say you support the LAW, but clearly you have no idea what innocence/guilt is under the eyes of the LAW. Time wasting is all you got pal ..

  44. I Believe that you have said that Robert Mueller is a dirty cop. Which is a completely disgusting things to say about a straight arrow cop’s cop

    And I believe that you parroted it from junk sites like the below

    The one and only complaint that you guys have against Mueller is that he is doing his job, Investigating your buddy, doing the Task that he was assigned to do


  45. that’s right phantom, pat is already breaking one law
    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour in the 10 commandments
    ofc that doesn’t bother him in the slightest, yet he will judged on that when he faces his maker. Won’t be pretty going against the Almighty impugning one of his earthly cops .
    Christian in name only, satanist by nature springs to mind.

  46. Remember when Deep State (CIA/FBI + Globalist think tanks and the like + MSM and a million other “experts”)
    convinced the Public that the USA had to bomb Iraq? because of WMD?

    I do.

  47. dya recall how pat used to brag about him coming from a line of cops in his close family.
    They’d be turning in their grave hearing him bad-mouth a policeman. Generational shame.
    There’s no bottom with these guys, not place low enough they won’t got to . Hell awaits for sure.

  48. Remember when Deep State (CIA/FBI + Globalist think tanks and the like + MSM and a million other “experts”) convinced the Public that the USA had to bomb Iraq? because of WMD?

    ….and babies being thrown out of incubators.

    I believed all of those lies and now, because I won’t be fooled again, I’m a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or whatever. Those who continue to believe the lies are eternal dupes

  49. Patty

    Yes and you’re a false prophet Donald Trump supported the Iraq war also

    And Patrick here Still thinks that it was the best decision in the history of the world

  50. Patty

    What’s your position on blowing up the Iran deal or on possibly attacking Iran?

    Be a specific as you like

  51. “The list of mistakes would take two posts and it wasn’t just Mueller, but he was part of it.”

    What specifically went wrong in the Bulger case under Mueller’s time in the Attorney General’s office? You can’t just throw around generalised accusations without providing for specifics.

    “Remember when Deep State (CIA/FBI + Globalist think tanks and the like + MSM and a million other “experts”)
    convinced the Public that the USA had to bomb Iraq? because of WMD?

    I do.”

    I also remember when you were massively in favour of the invasion of Iraq.

  52. The question remains, if Trump is innocent why is he acting so guilty. He could clear up the matter by fully cooperating with the special counsel but does everything to frustrate the investigation. He is not a shy guy, why not put all the cards on the table? Guilty people often act like guilty people. By not coming clean Trump is doing the country harm and it is time the Republicans ask him hard questions.

  53. Yes, and he is getting all his flunkies To engage in character assassination against Mueller and Comey

    That didn’t just happen out of nowhere either

    And innocent people sure as hell don’t do that

  54. New Yorker ,
    mid-terms would be a good time to get the vote out for DEMS and true REPS
    Let the Country show this tramp POTUS enough is enough, what chances of their being a grassroots campaign, we don’t hear anything at all in UK, only the almost daily crazy thing Trump is saying or tweeting. Good plan he keeps himself in the news, give him that.
    same as alt-right in UK , get the headlines, few on the Left are even asked on the News to counter the narrative, quite depressing.

  55. Trump’s white nationalist “fine people” are demonstrating at the White House today:

    “Thousands of anti-fascist protesters will confront the white nationalists and neo-Nazis planning an August rally in Washington, D.C. on the anniversary of the “Unite the Right” march in Charlottesville, protest organizers told the Forward.

    Jason Kessler, who planned last year’s Charlottesville rally, has been given initial approval to hold an Aug. 12 “Unite the Right 2” rally at Lafayette Square across from the White House. A white nationalist at the rally has been charged with murder for fatally mowing down counter-protester Heather Heyer with a car at last year’s march.

    Read more: https://forward.com/news/405198/antifa-groups-plan-large-counter-protest-at-charlottesville-anniversary/

  56. Russia Investigation: It’s beginning to look as if claims of monstrous collusion between Russian officials and U.S. political operatives were true. But it wasn’t Donald Trump who was guilty of Russian collusion. It was Hillary Clinton and U.S. intelligence officials who worked with Russians and others to entrap Trump.


  57. WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—The Pentagon has turned down Donald J. Trump’s request for a grand military parade in Washington, D.C., citing a sudden outbreak of bone spurs that would prevent men and women in uniform from participating.

    Harland Dorrinson, a Pentagon spokesman, said that, within an hour of Trump’s request, more than a hundred thousand military personnel complained that they were suffering from acute cases of bone spurs that would make marching in such a parade a painful ordeal.

    “In the history of the U.S. military, we have never experienced a bone-spur epidemic of this magnitude,” the spokesman said. “Regrettably, however, we have no choice but to issue thousands of deferments.”


  58. How come you don’t hear the phrase “drain the swamp” any more? Patty and others used to repeat it as a mantra.

    Mr Manafort, 69, faces five counts of filing false tax returns, four counts of failing to disclose his offshore bank accounts and nine counts of bank fraud. If convicted on all counts, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

    Prosecutors accused him of hiding from US tax authorities $16 million in money he earned as a political consultant for pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine to fund an opulent lifestyle and then lying to banks to secure $20 million in loans after his Ukrainian income dried up and he needed cash.

  59. The fish stinks from the head.

  60. yeah but you’re looking at the wrong fish…..