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By Pete Moore On August 12th, 2018

Twenty nobodies, half of them undercover cops, turned up in Washington today. This has held the media’s fervent attention for days. We must conclude that either 1) the press desperately needs to whip up fear of a so-called far-Right, or 2) that the press has no idea what’s going on out there.


  1. even you fascists used to respect the forces of law and order, its clear you would prefer you own militias, petem you’re moving closer and closer to terrorism me old chum !
    watch it or you’ll get crazy ideas in your head and act upon them, you’re vulnerable to being radicalised in that way and you have no restraint due to your batshit crazy ideas . take care now

  2. About 400 people had initially been expected at the “Unite the Right 2” rally but on the day nowhere near that number took part. ( snigger ) – that’s the real story the disappointing twist, nice bit of spin there petem, no cigar.

  3. I don’t think that any of the Americans here support this group

    But I think that most or all of us would support their right to demonstrate

  4. Everyone gets to speak especially the crazies….

    it’s nice when problems self identify.

  5. wonder if the organisers of the demo claimed many were present, like Trump inauguration. would not surprise me that there’s thousands of Americans who believe it was a huge turn-out
    that’s the mess you get into in when you start attacking the free press lads !

  6. guest post sent to pat on freedom of the press 🙂

  7. Jim Treacher:

    Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.

  8. “1) the press desperately needs to whip up fear of a so-called far-Right”


    It’s delusional. And I think they know it. Antifa is there to intimitate. And the hysterical press coverage of a hundred a**hole far-right marchers is about turning out Democrat voters in November. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

  9. Jude check your email

  10. It’s not the right or FAR-Right that the nation needs to worry about. The Right will only react defensively, the Far-Right tend to isolate in their “compounds”.

    The Far-Left are dangerous and openly violent.

  11. Timothy McVeigh was far right

    And I would think that there are more Timothy McVeigh types out there

  12. and he was an isolated kook…..

    The far-right are dangerous, I’m not saying they are not. When they get violent they are more likely to do something totally insane like McVeigh.

  13. thanks pat i realised after i sent it that i needed at least to quote a few bits from the article, else its just a hyperlink .. and a few words .. lol
    knew to this .. editorial business ..
    at least i can do a phto though, mahons still not able to 🙂 hi mahaons

    pat/phantom agreeing .. nice to see

    whackos on left/right we don’t need these people anywhere ..

  14. Over the last week, millions of words have been dedicated to how “Nazis” are threatening America. What actually happened is that 20 blokes walked down the street while Antifa and BLM terrorists went on yet another orgy of violence, attacking reporters, the police and passers-by.

    It’s worth pondering the political and ideological bias which led to such wildly disproportionate coverage.

  15. no pete, its worth asking why a call for a huge demo of thousands turned out to be a measly 20
    why dya think so few turned up ?

  16. No jude, I’m asking the sensible questions.

    So few turned up because it wasn’t a Unite the Right rally. It was a fiction, inflated by the media. They hoped to open the jar and attract flies, but the flies were too smart to fall for it.

    This is the organiser of the DC bus stop gathering, a Jason Kessler, who is persona non grata on the Right, admitting that it wasn’t a Unite the Right rally.


    Now that I’ve been so generous as to enlighten you (don’t mention it), maybe you could turn to my questions?

  17. //The far-right are dangerous, I’m not saying they are not. When they get violent they are more likely to do something totally insane like McVeigh.//

    But not as insane as Islamic fundamentalists when they get violent.

  18. jude,

    whackos on left/right we don’t need these people anywhere ..

    Well said Jude. Two sides of the same coin. Don’t trust anybody who claims otherwise.

  19. Whackos on the Left, actually.

    Jason Kessler, the organiser of yesterday’s stroll, is a former Democrat who voted for Obama and organised Occupy Wall Street. Don’t give me this “far-Right” bullshit. It’s a psyop.

  20. It was always going to be a damp squib of a gathering because the fanatical white supremacists melted away knowing they would be vastly outnumbered.

  21. Sorry this mass meeting. Was it in Washington in the USA ..THE Washington or Washington Tyne & Wear UK….you know Palookaville.?

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