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By Pete Moore On September 12th, 2018

Derangement everywhere.

Consider the degree of derangement which ignores the millions of hurricanes over billions of years, to make the man, who has been president for two years, complicit in the latest. This in what it supposed to be a newspaper staffed by adults.

Or maybe it’s propaganda.

15 Responses to “DERANGEMENT”

  1. What absolute bollocks.

    The blame for the impending hurricane about to batter the US east coast does of course squarely lie with Brexit.

  2. Paul.

    I’m confused mate, I thought the hurricane was the fault of the immigrants.

  3. It was a controlled demolition

    That was organized by actors

    And Silverstein partners

  4. Half correct Dave. Immigrants and our Christian God’s devine retribution for destroying Christian civilisation with trannies and gay marriage.

  5. Phantom and Paul


  6. It’s the fault of Tucker Carlson…….


  7. Fake News, the hurricane is not going to hit the US

    Pat Robertson is building a shield of protection with prayer.


  8. Whatever the cause, be sure that Goldmans will profit from it. They will have gone long or short or sideways into whatever, and will come out ahead as always. A killing was made on the night of the Brexit referendum, especially after Farage “conceded” for the second time. Sterling went up, but some knew better and went short and made a fortune for themselves.

    “Nigel Farage has denied placing currency bets against sterling after an investigation raised questions over public statements he made suggesting the remain camp had won on the night of the EU referendum. A spokesperson said on Monday that Farage “had no financial interest in currency movements on the night of Brexit”, after a Bloomberg report alleged that currency speculators used inaccurate early predictions of a remain victory to profit by shorting the pound.

    Farage twice said he thought the remain campaign had won the referendum but, according to Bloomberg, was privy to private exit poll data indicating the public had voted in favour of leaving the EU…”


  9. A killing was made on the night of the Brexit referendum, especially after Farage “conceded” for the second time.

    It may not be true, but it is certainly plausible. One confirmed case of a very senior politician acting as though he were the agent of Goldmans is when Gordon Brown ANNOUNCED IN ADVANCE that he was selling off a huge portion of the UK’s gold reserves:


    Critics use terms like ‘incompetent’ and ‘ill-advised’ – but it is much worse than that….

    Goldman Sachs, which is not understood to have been significantly short on gold itself, is rumoured to have approached the Treasury to explain the situation through its then head of commodities Gavyn Davies, later chairman of the BBC and married to Sue Nye who ran Brown’s private office.

    Faced with the prospect of a global collapse in the banking system, the Chancellor took the decision to bail out the banks by dumping Britain’s gold, forcing the price down and allowing the banks to buy back gold at a profit, thus meeting their borrowing obligations.

    Now “rumoured” is rather weak and unassertive, so the facts of the matter speak better than anything else, and they are particularly damning of Brown.

  10. Allan

    For what it’s worth I would give both Brown and Farage a pass on grounds of ignorance and stupidity.

    But it it’s certainly true that both of them helped the usual suspects to make significant money. On the night of Brexit, sterling shot up for a few hours, giving the well-informed an open goal. They probably only needed 10 minutes to take their short positions. It’s an interesting story in itself:

    “[Sky] BREAKING NEWS: UKIP leader Nigel Farage sensationally concedes DEFEAT within seconds of voting closing as final poll gives Remain the edge 52% – 48% in historic EU referendum.The news pushed the U.K.’s currency up—herding investors toward a cliff hours ahead of one of the largest crashes for any major currency since the birth of the modern global financial system. Trillions of dollars in asset values would be wiped off the books, but not just yet.

    At 10:52 p.m., the pound rose above $1.50 and reached its highest mark in six months. A few minutes later, Ed Conway, the Sky News economics editor, appeared before a giant screen showing the spike. The pound had been tracking polls for months, Conway explained. Whether they were on couches in London or at trading desks in Chicago, people watching Sky or reading headlines sparked by its coverage had every reason to think Remain would prevail. But not quite everyone.

    Behind the scenes, a small group of people had a secret—and billions of dollars were at stake. Hedge funds aiming to win big from trades that day had hired YouGov and at least five other polling companies, including Farage’s favorite pollster. Their services, on the day and in the days leading up to the vote, varied, but pollsters sold hedge funds critical, advance information, including data that would have been illegal for them to give the public. Some hedge funds gained confidence, through private exit polls, that most Britons had voted to leave the EU, or that the vote was far closer than the public believed—knowledge pollsters provided while voting was still underway and hours ahead of official tallies. These hedge funds were in the perfect position to earn fortunes by short selling the British pound. Others learned the likely outcome of public, potentially market-moving polls before they were published, offering surefire trades…””


  11. The Russian investigation was a red herring, all this time he has been colluding with mother nature.

  12. Peter, on September 12th, 2018 at 9:30 PM Said:


    For what it’s worth I would give both Brown and Farage a pass on grounds of ignorance and stupidity.

    In general as applies to all politicians, I would agree, but their ignorance and stupidity pales into insignificance when compared with their greed. How did Tony Blair, a lesser-competent lawyer, become a multi-millionaire with a ‘foundation’ all on a humble PM’s salary?

    As with the US, I cannot think of any politicos in the UK who have integrity

  13. The looting has started. It used to be that after storms, there would be rainbows in the sky. Now there are black clouds, clouds of looters descending on homes and businesses to ransack them.


    Dashaun Smith, 25, and Brandon Bellamy, 30, were charged with possession of burglary tools along with breaking into Tommy’s Mini Mart in Leland, according to the outlet. They are both being held on a $20,000 bond.

    Devin Harris, 21, and Justice Harris, 18, were both charged with breaking and entering a motor vehicle. They are both being held on a $5,000 bond, according to WWAY News.

    Other looters, who were not named, were caught breaking into private homes, police said.

    There’s no IDs but I’ll take a punt on them being black

  14. How did Tony Blair, a lesser-competent lawyer, become a multi-millionaire with a ‘foundation’ all on a humble PM’s salary?

    How did Putin, a KGB goon, become a billionaire on a humble President / PM / aparatchick salary?

  15. In Peter’s mind Blair is the same as Putin……

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