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By Pete Moore On September 13th, 2018

Tom Watson MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, used to be a fat left wing bastard with Type 2 diabetes. Then he lost 7 stone and reversed his diabetes. So now he’s a slim left wing bastard.

We learn that “Watson has eliminated all junk food, processed food, starchy carbohydrates and refined sugar from his diet.” Good for him. Did you know, a loon in these here parts has been banging on about that?

Watson also “believes that official dietary advice over recent years, to minimise fat intake, is misguided and that a drastic reduction in sugar intake is the single most effective way to tackle Britain’s obesity epidemic.” Gosh, it’s as if Watson has been reading my dietary advice. For the umpteenth time, the official dietary advice, put out by government and the NHS, is terrible.

But what he did for himself, he wants the state to do for everyone else. And that’s the leftist all over. If he was bright he’d realise that millions have had their health wrecked by doing what the state implored in the first place.


  1. Absolutely – the dietary advice thrown out by the NHS ensures that the pharmas who own the apparatchiks of the NHS get plenty of orders for their statins, diabetes drugs, anti-depressants etc. It’s almost as big a racket as war.

    Sugar is toxic, fats are beneficial

  2. Thomas Sowell

    “The strongest argument for socialism is that it sounds good. The strongest argument against socialism is that it doesn’t work. But those who live by words will always have a soft spot in their hearts for socialism because it sounds so good.”

  3. You guys don’t know what socialism is.

  4. Allan

    Do you think that potatoes / sweet potatoes are bad for you?

  5. Phantom – why don’t you check it?

  6. Potatoes and sweet potatoes have been part of a healthy diet for milennia.

    As has corn, another food that some of the food faddists like to villify.

  7. As is corn

  8. Phantom – those were times when people were more active physically and the calories were used

  9. Allan

    That is spot on correct – I’ve said that before, here.

    But even now people can and should exercise, for a hundred reasons, and you can eat smaller portions of the delicious and nutritious potato.

  10. People don’t need to be advised how to eat and live healthily. They KNOW what to do. They just need to choose to do so.

  11. Protein is good

    Fat is good

    Carbs are good

    Eat some of all the good things, in moderation

  12. I heard Watson on Radio 4 this morning. His main point is that Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed within months if the right diet is followed, and the NHS has got on board with this at last:

    “Counterweight Plus is a low-calorie diet plan that involves an initial phase of consuming around 850 calories a day for 3 to 5 months. This is followed by a 2- to 8-week period where calorie intake is slowly increased. Participants are then encouraged to attend monthly advice meetings, with the aim of maintaining their weight loss. People on the Counterweight Plan lost 10kg on average, with around a quarter achieving the target of losing 15kg or more. Half went into diabetes remission – defined as normal blood glucose control – compared with only a handful in the standard care group.”


  13. Give Watson credit for losing seven stone. You make this an opportunity to pat yourself on the back. Are you taking lessons from Trump?