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By ATWadmin On January 19th, 2007

795151-639531-thumbnail.jpgIt’s funny how the UK MSM continues to cheer-lead for John McCain to get the Republican nomination for the 2008 Presidential election! Particularly when the latest poll shows RUDY GIULIANA with a clear lead according to a poll by Rasmussen Reports.

28 per cent of respondents would support the former New York City mayor in a 2008 primary. Arizona senator John McCain is second with 20 per cent, followed by former House of Representatives speaker Newt Gingrich with 14 per cent, and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney with eight per cent. 

Now one can take a view that there is still plenty of time for things to change, and who can guess what else might happen to influence the outcome, but SURELY the refusal of the UK MSM to accept that the blessed McCain is NOT the only contender speaks volumes for their own inherent liberal bias?

30 Responses to “GIULIANA FOR 2008!”

  1. David – Is there a European conservative attraction to Rudy and a European conservative dislike of McCain. Rudy has some conservative-like fire on foreign policy issues but his social views would make him an ATW lefty. McCain is very conservative on foreign affairs and has far more conservative social views. I am curious as to the few from afar.

  2. I’ll have to check out your answer on Monday as I am headed out. One thing is certain, Newt doesn’t have hope. And Romney wouldn’t even get 8% in his home State primary.
    One interesting development is Barack Obama’s cutiing into Hillary Clinton’s support among African Americans. If the Clintons are as adept as I think, watch another African American emerge to cut into his vote.

  3. I still maintain that both McCain and Giuliana will stand on the one platform, McCain President for one term and then Rudy the next.

    They reaslise that if they stood against one another they would reveal too much nasty shit, both have a lot of very dark secrets.

    Anyone both that stoop Clinton will do!!

  4. Mahons – there was a report in the Guardian that HC has lost ground by refusing to Condemn the war in Iraq ?

  5. >>>Republican Party sympathizers<<<

    says it all.

  6. It’s "Giuliani", unless there’s some play on words that I miss.

    Agree Giuliani is the best candidate out there, but do not understand the unhappiness some fellow Republicans have with John McCain.

    I have a lot of respect for McCain’s past and I agree with most of his positions. For starters, without his support, the surge in troops in Iraq would have lacked any political support in the Congress at all.

    Some Republicans oppose him because of his support of campaign finance reform, but shame on Republicans like that.I endorse McCain. As Vice President on a Guiliani for President ticket.

  7. I’m voting Romney. He is coherent on jihad and an effective and proven policy maker as well as business man.

    Romney is extremely competent:

    – As governor of Massachusetts he closed a $3 billion budget deficit inherited in his first year in office and helped the state achieve a surplus of nearly $1 billion in 2005 – without raising taxes or increasing debt.

    – As governor, he designed and signed into law a plan affording every citizen market-based health insurance without raising taxes, or creating a massive government-controlled system.

    – I met Romney recently at a fund raiser and I found him to be very frank and intelligent. I think he has enough charisma to win the election.

    McCain is a hero, and right about the war, but incompetent as a policy maker. He latches onto popular issues and promotes ineffective- or worse -solutions. Witness McCain-Feingold.

    Or witness Kennedy- McCAin which promotes amnesty for illegals without controlling the border. A popular bumber sticker here in Southern California reads: "Pay your taxes. 12 million illegals depend on you." McCAin/Kennedy proposal would just encourage more illegals to cross the border.

  8. Notme, Having listened to an interview of Romney on C-Span recently, I must say I was very impressed. He’s very intelligent, looks presidental, and has a detailed grasp of the issues. I think that him being a Mormon is not going to be the big factor the pundits make it out to be. After all, he was elected gov. of Mass.

    While I honor McCain’s service to our country, as a politician, he’s all over the board.

    Guliani has name recognition, and we all I think give him his due of acting well under pressure. We know he’s going to fight the bad guys. It remains to be see if my Southern social conservatives back his pro-abortion, pro-gay rights, anti-gun agenda.

    Mitt Romney is the dark horse to watch.

  9. The only one that can svae the country Is Newt….

    and here is all I have to say about the Traitorous Scum John McCain


  10. Two problems with Mitt Romney – he has agreed on socialized medicine for MA. He is Mormon. I could care less, but it will most definitely be an issue with many voters.

    McCain will never make it past the primary. McCain-Feingold and the founder of the ‘I’m going screw the Republican Majority 14’. He has gone on record saying that he is willing to get rid of the 1st amendment if it gets corruption out of politics. Yeah baby – that oughta do it. He’s a traitor to the GOP – and a traitor to the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Here is another link with a straw poll on GOPBloggers.com. Hold on to your hats – NEWT is doing great! I hope NEWT runs. Not only do I like him but he will keep the debates focused on truly conservative ideas. Tom Tancredo looks like he’s in, too, and he will keep the illegal immigration/porous border issue front and center. Here is the link to the straw poll:


  11. Its a difficult one this. McCain’s support of illegal immigration will sink him with both the Republican base and the country at large – Republicans stayed away in their masses a couple of months ago and thats sunk them for a slew of ‘RINO’ candidates and there is little reason to suppose the same wont happen if he were to stand.

    Romney is a John Major figure, giving a different opinion on a subject depending on his audience. This will make him an unsafe choice and thats not what they are ultimately likely to go for.

    Giuliani is indeed whilst a very sound administrator and hardass on many issues, also in several areas as has been said, more or less an ATW Lefty. If it came to a straight race between him and a true Conservative, I have my doubts that he would win – the problem is he could end up turning into a William Hague-style ‘moderate’ candidate that alienates too much of the republican base without gaining enough Dems and undecideds to make the difference…

    I think Gingrich may do better than people think. Don’t ever underestimate the conservative core of the Republican base…plus there’s always the possibility that one of the fringe serious conservatives like Cox may actually get somewhere, you never know.

  12. Newt is radioactive. He’s way more polarizing than Hillary Clinton, even. Some of the truly bizarre, even dispicable things he has said in the past.

    When a woman drowned her to young children in a lake, he said that "liberalism" or "liberal ideas" or whatever was a possible reason why.

    What I would regard as a pro-corruption remark
    “The idea that a congressman would be tainted by accepting money from private industry or private sources is essentially a socialist argument.”

    Newt’s a very intelligent man, brimming with ideas. But there is zero chance that he could win a single Primary , much less the Presidency itself.

    I wouldn’t spend much time thinking about this guy.

  13. Newt may never win – but Newt in the race will keep this an issue-driven election.

  14. Monica

    Hilary has taken her first official steps to the white house today. Doesn’t it make your heart beat faster in the name of feminist solidarity 🙂

  15. Us fellers have to back Hilary in case people think we might be gay!

    And she is quite attractive as well!

  16. –And she is quite attractive as well!–

    There’s a problem with your monitor. Seek help.

  17. Phantom is right in that Newt is radioactive. His negative numbers, if memory serves were worse than Hillary’s. And it’s a shame b/c he’s so intellegent. I could listen to a lecture or interview of his for hours.

    But you’ll see Mad attending Mass before you see Newt in the White House!

  18. Newt’s popularity actually was below Saddam Hussein’s at one point if I recall correctly.

    But he destroyed himself politically with the often imbecilic and at times immoral things that he said.

    I did a little research. Some here may recall the incident in America where a mother, Susan Smith, drowned two of her children. Soon afterward, Gingrich said"I think that the mother killing the two children in South Carolina vividly reminds every American how sick the society is getting and how much we need to change things…The only way you get change is to vote Republican. That’s the message for the last three days."

    Some comments <a href=""Slightly more moving our way. I think that the mother killing the two children in South Carolina vividly reminds every American how sick the society is getting and how much we need to change things."

    It doesn’t get any worse than <a href="http://www.alternet.org/columnists/story/8695/">that</a&gt;

    He has said other kooky things, but this statement, seeking to make poltical capital out of a child murder was despicable.

  19. Monica-Pahiladelphia: Romney comes from the private sector – a business man during his younger, formative years – he grasps the benefit and necessity of a free market place. The driving theory behind his health care reform was that the health care industry would benefit from becoming more responsive to market forces – the opposite of socialized medicine.

    Working with the Heritage Group and others, Romney devised a way to provide health insurance for virtually all citizens of Mass. without raising taxes. His plan emphasized personal responsibility (everybody must buy insurance). By spreading the risks and costs, health insurance premium costs are lowered. For those who can not afford the premiums from private insurance companies, Mass. created 2 insurance pools (lower premiums) and there are subsidized premiums.

    The above description is not complete or very good, but I just want to emphasize that Mitt Romney does not in any way support socialized medicine.

    I think it would be a great if Romney, Guiliani, McCAin and Newt all ran. The debates will frame the issues, and the better the debates the better the future policy. All of these men have firm intelligent ideas in my opinion, and much to offer.

  20. Newt is not as radioactive as you people think. Only a third of the nation votes. The majority of registered voters are the republican base, and they would come out for Newt no matter what the MSM drag up besides now that her Thighness Hillary has made it official Charles Manson could run and there would be as much dirt on either side. The MSM will try to destroy whoever runs against the hildabeast so dirt wont matter WILLINGNESS to fight is what will beat her and that alone he represents better than any other candidate….

  21. Troll: Interesting. You could be correct. Newt is so easy to demonize, though. But he has already been demonized so maybe the public is somewhat "vaccinated" against a MSM attempt to discredit him. And he is a fighter, and a very clear thinker and good communicator.

  22. Troll

    "her Thighness"–you must be a fellow Mark Levin fan!

    I will stick to my thought that this guy does not win a single primary. And if he were to ever win the nomination, it would be terrible for the GOP…I think that the Democrats, incl her Thighness would wipe the floor with him.

    Without Fox News giving this guy tons of air time, I think he would be nearly forgotten already. Though I will admit he is a good idea man.

  23. Well – the Hildebeast (Her Thighness…LOL!) has atleast learned the benefit of wearing pant suits. She should NEVER wear a skirt – good God – those legs of hers just overpower everything. It’s all one can focus on.

    Thank you NOTME for the explanation about Romney and his medical plan. I am still not one who agrees with a law requiring everyone to have health insurance. I know a couple of people (with plenty of money, obviously) who prefer to pay cash. Old Mitt was registering high for me until I heard a vague reference to the MA healthcare thing. (Which I never bothered to research or understand fully) I thought, "How so notRepublican of him!" As far as the Mormon thing – it’s not an issue for me. I have heard it brought up as being an issue for some. You still have a few of those whacko Mormons out in Utah hiding out in the hills and marrying 10 or more child-wives. Not too many of them left, though. On the plus side – Mormons are big supporters of the 2nd amendment! lol. As I pointed out earlier – Newt is getting lots of support on the GOPBloggers Republican straw poll. I agree CH – he is really intelligent and a pleasure to listen to.

  24. A lot of the anger of the right against Hilary Clinton comes from the fact that she is a woman. Witness Monica not being able to contain herself on that aspect. The Republicans are also deeply concerned that Hilary means the return of Bill, who was able to get around them every time and whose administration, for all its faults, is looked back upon more fondly than the present Bush Administration.

    Newt is a name only. He is an agigitator, not a leader, as demonstrated in his rise and fall. He is a smart guy, but a petty man, and he’ll be out of the primaries quickly.

    Romney is interesting, but don’t downplay evangelical distain of Mormons. The Republicans need to learn what the Democrats learned in the last Congressional election – the nation is not as divided as they think and Republican hold on the so-called red states is not as strong as they think.

    Lastly, watch any Republican who wins the nomination of his party avoid Bush like the plague.

  25. Mahons, Alan, or any other yank,

    what do you think of Paula Dobriansky being appointed Bush’s new Special Envoy to Northern Ireland?

    Does this represent a demotion?
    If so, is it Bush’s revenge for them dragging him into Iraq?
    Any chance of her frustration being taken out on the DUP?

  26. Cunningham – Clearly Bush had heard of the influx of Polish people to Ireland and thought to assist Mr. Blair by countering with Dobriansky (a Polish sounding name).

  27. Hmmm, Polish also sounds like Catholic!

    Any chance she’ll come over here and put manners on these Unionist bigots? 🙂

    By the way, is it considered a demotion?
    The New American Century ending when it’s just 6 years old!

  28. Cunningham – surely you would agree that neither side has a monopoly on bigotry.

    A demotion? I don’t know. Bush is hardly about to invigorate diplomatic efforts during this period of his presidency. Maybe she is fond of rain.

  29. >>Cunningham – surely you would agree that neither side has a monopoly on bigotry.<<

    No, but after reading what Madradin Ruad and Andrew have been saying on a few threads over the past few days, I can be forgiven for believing it’s slightly lop-sided. Still, I’ll be charitable and assume it’s just the trauma from the latest collusion report that’s to blame.

    Re. Dobriansky. Read her c.v. and it does sound like a (rather drastic) demotion. I just thought that maybe Bush in a pique over Iraq is making whipping boys (and gals) of the war lobby.

  30. Cunningham – I see that Madradin and Andrew have been coming out with some juicy ones, and are likely not penning a sequel to "We Are The World".

    I can’t say I am very hip to Dobriansky. Bush tends to promote those who mess up so I can’t believe he would demote her over Iraq. The cynic in me thinks this particular appointment will give her another area of "expertise" down the road that she can trade upon so she is not just labeled among the Iraq war hawks. Then she can market herslf as an expert on NI affairs.