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By ATWadmin On December 10th, 2008

It’s reported that Germany, Italy and Poland are pulling in different directions at crunch summit on climate change.

The EU is split between the poorer east and the wealthy west. Germany says that most of their industries need not pay to pollute, Italy says it cannot afford the ambitious scheme, and Britain, surreally,  says that the package on the table could result in huge windfall profits for companies!!

I expect some tatty compromise will be found, at the 11th hour, in true EU style. But the reality is that the economic consequences of the Climate Change Bill will be devastating for any nation that seeks to grow. Then again, growth is not on the EU agenda – but control is.


  1. the biggest bullshit tool to redistribute wealth ever created Global Warming my ass!

  2. These are really difficult problems to solve.

    And I really understand where the Poles are coming from–they are much less rich than Germany and can’t afford the things that Germany can afford.

    If this issue is this problematic in Europe, think how hard it will be bring (very poor, despite recent development ) China into the fold.

    I think that these guys will be very wary of clever western financial schemes, and I don’t blame them for being wary.

  3. Never fear:

    When the Irish vote "YES" for the second time to ratify the Lisbon Treaty (EU Constitution) all will be well in Emperor Berosso’s land!

    And us Mick weenies will fall for some idiotic promises by Lord Cowen to make the current recession disappear and the Celtic Tiger rise from its ashes.

  4. Italy (northern) is heavily industrialised, as is western Germany. The UK has been getting rid of most of its industry and replacing it with outreach services etc. hence the terminal absurdity of an increasing trade deficit when the pound is falling. The Milibands are the treacherous nutters who have got to the top of the government and are now hellbent on finishing Gordon’s task of destroying the country. Nearly there!