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A Sunday Tribute to Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh

By Patrick Van Roy On October 7th, 2018

this is the picture the left wanted to paint of the Judge…..

39 Responses to “A Sunday Tribute to Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh”

  1. Sweet Jesus Pat hasn’t this horse been flogged enough?

  2. I just used it as an excuse to play the song and to make you smile…. 😉

  3. Paul

    You show ingratitude and disrespect. Kavanaugh’s elevation to the Supreme Court is the greatest event since that Jewish guy emerged from the tomb 2000+ years ago. Be humbled that you are alive to witness such a moment.. 😉

  4. Interesting that this is the sixth Catholic on the Court (although Neil G. Has joined the Catholic-lite Episcopals).

  5. In a normal country, the average person wouldn’t know who the senior judges are.

    In the US, everyone knows who the Supreme Court judges are.

    US political activists spend great amounts of time and money seeking to game the high court selection process. Both sides seek a court that will do what they want, not a court that will fairly interpret the law.

  6. Which is why perhaps the appointees should no longer be chosen by the POTUS and ratified by a highly partisan Senate.

  7. Is there not something in that Holy Constitution that says the judiciary must be independent of the other arms of govt?

  8. Noel the Supreme Court changed it’s purview with Marbury vs Madison.

    Phantom half the people in the country couldn’t tell you who the vice president is let alone who’s on the supreme court.

    To the victor go the spoils. It’s a rare spoil to pick a SC Judge. Leftist Presidents pick leftist activist judges. Republicans tend to go toward moderates that sometime bite them in the ass. Trump as part of earning votes picked from a list made up by people that follow my political philosophy a Constitutional Philosophy.

    Out of that list Kavanaugh was a Moderate, and his choosing was requested by his successor which makes people like me a little nervous. His Judicial record is excellent, but his temperament once he dons the robes could mirror that of his successor.

  9. Kavanaugh may have been so chastened by this farce that he’ll perhaps refrain from his worst conservative instincts when on the bench.

  10. It is past time to consider term limits on Supreme Court justices and mandatory retirement age. The present way assumes all justices are competent no matter their age. That may be true in many cases, but not all.

  11. certainly not in Ginsberg’s case……

    Term Limits though for ALL public officials…… Representatives, Senators, and Judges.

  12. No one should have a life tenure for any public post.

    But age isn’t necessarily any problem, Warren Buffett and Maurice Greenberg are both north of 85 years, and both are the smartest guys in the room, Unless they happen to be in the same room

    Term limits is a fake solution for corruption in elected positions. I think that it would make things more corrupt if that’s even possible. Temporary office holders would be -much more- beholden to corporate PAC and union cash than they are now, since it would be by definition a temporary gig.

    There would be many ways around it. There is no reason to restrict the right of voters to select the candidate of their choice.

  13. We have term limits For elective office at the present time

    The voters decide how long the term in office should be

  14. the advice from someone who doesn’t know how the system in his own country works…. thanks Phantom

    The pac money, the k street money, the corporate money all goes into reelection funds. The entire in house system in the house and senate is based on seniority. The longer you are there the more power you have the more power the more donations from special interests.

    Term Limits for Representatives, and Senators destroys a corrupt power structure based entirely on how long you can maintain your seat. Committee Chairmanships are based on seniority not knowledge. Term Limits would end that and eliminate a huge chunk of the money that flow into these peoples pockets.

  15. You support taking the choice away from the voter.

    You have no right to tell the voters who their representative should be or who it should not be

  16. Term Limits give the voters more choice more often.

    Logic is just another weak point for you.

  17. ot…. Where is Peter?

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  18. Term limits and mandatory age retirement would assure change on the Supreme Court and better reflect voters choices. As it is, Republican and Democratic presidents can appoint people who last scores of years. It would be better if they had a 8/12/16 year limit so the appointments of presidents of both parties would better reflect generally how the electorate is voting. New blood is usually a plus.

  19. If they like their congressman, you prevent them from reelecting him

    You support corruption and only want to do window dressing

  20. Power corrupts Phantom, and the longer you’re exposed to it the easier the temptation.

    The Supreme Court Term Limit should be twenty years,,,,, the same amount of years that is considered Life in Prison. It leaves the position as a lifetime appointment while still imposing a set termination date.

  21. Phantom when you have time to kill you might enjoy this


  22. Thanks

    May listen to that when I do chores later on

    Just back from a glorious bike ride in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on a perfect early fall night

    NYC Is too congested but the parks make it livable

  23. Dave you would definitely enjoy it.

  24. Went for a nice long ride myself today through the woods, but I used the car. Stopped by a lake and ate lunch…. very nice

  25. Patrick Van Roy,

    Dave you would definitely enjoy it.

    I like listening to science podcasts while I do my carpentry. I give this a listen tomorrow Patrick, cheers.

  26. it’s interesting not the best AI debate but it has the guy who developed watson from IBM and the Guy who is doing Googles AI

  27. The automakers continue to make huge investments in self driving cars.

    Not a matter of if, but when.

    There was a particularly awful auto ” accident ” in upstate NY when 20 people were killed when a stretch limo was speeding and then went through a Stop sign. An self driving vehicle would be unlikely to do that.

  28. yeah that was wedding party……

    The google guy gets into the car issue in the debate.

  29. here are two articles worth the read



    the latter I could rant about for a week

  30. This story here is what we need to get back to…. the Russian Collusion case, who was really colluding with who?

    We will never get to the bottom of this if the dems get control of either house.


  31. The next Judge to go……


  32. Here’s what one of the judges on the SCOTUS made of Kavanuagh’s appointment:


    and here is that look you give when lying at a Congressional hearing….


  33. Oh another one trashing Ford here. That makes two of you.

    I’ve seen others joking about ” Used Ford for sale ” Ha ha ha you guys are so clever

  34. Phantom – it’s a gift to the realists, and that ‘used Ford’ apparently had over 100 previous drivers. Here’s another, and they are truly unhinged….


    It’s the Trump Effect – he just allows them to show themselves as they are

  35. They comb through Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook, yet a Court Order keeps Obama’s college transcripts secret – that is true, isn’t it?


  36. That ‘used Ford’ apparently had over 100 previous drivers.

    What’s the basis of that particular claim?

    Yet a Court Order keeps Obama’s college transcripts secret – that is true, isn’t it?

    Highly unlikely?

    Obama’s college records are not “sealed” by a court order, as this graphic would have you believe. It would be illegal under federal law (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) for Occidental, Columbia or Harvard Law School to give any former student’s records to reporters or members of the public without that person’s specific, written permission . Obama hasn’t released them, but neither have other presidential candidates released their college records. George W. Bush’s grades at Yale eventually became public, but only because somebody leaked them to the New Yorker magazine. Bush himself refused to release them, according to a 1999 profile in the Washington Post.


  37. Fake Ford news from the dregs of the right wing social media

  38. I’ve followed this whole thing and it’s had a big effect on me, not quite sure I can put it into words, but I’ll try.
    I’ve been sickened to the stomach by the pure garbage of the plainly false, politically-timed, evidence-free accusations thrown at this good man by the power-mad so-called “Democratic” party. Utterly revolted. They think nothing of trying to destroy a man’s reputation just to gain power. What sane person could be swayed by such a total lack of evidence? We were asked to judge him based only on utter garbage soundbites such as “believe her”, “believe the survivors”. NO! Believe EVIDENCE! (and prosecute liars).
    I think this will result in a huge loss of votes for Dems in November. Now I begin to understand why they’re referred to as the “demon-crats” on some US blogs. I’ve never seen their mask slip and their true faces revealed quite so plainly as this.

  39. Paul McMahon, on October 8th, 2018 at 8:14 PM Said:

    That ‘used Ford’ apparently had over 100 previous drivers.

    What’s the basis of that particular claim?

    This is a pointer……


    It’s not clear who began redacting the photos and entries and who spearheaded the scrubbing operation that became a race against independent outlets who snapped up the photos as soon as they became public knowledge.

    Of course, it’s not proof of anything. I have no phone-video footage of her debauchery because mobile phones didn’t exist then, but it looks more likely than not. Proof will arrive when her ‘partners’ come forward

    Yet a Court Order keeps Obama’s college transcripts secret – that is true, isn’t it?

    Highly unlikely?

    OK – but they’re ‘unavailable’. In the footage below, Ben Carson queries why a less-than-mediocre student at Occidental College ends up at Columbia University, and then Donald Trump asks about Obama’s passport records – and that is more to the point……



    Yet it seems unlikely that mediocre grades or LSAT scores would have led to this complete an informational shutdown. It seems unlikely, too, that Obama would have deemed a college thesis too radical for exposure. That he could have written off to youthful indiscretion.

    Trump’s linking of passports and transcripts, however, suggests a potential secret that would demand concealment: passage through Occidental and possibly Harvard as a foreign student.

    We know now that Obama was willing to claim foreign birth when it suited his purposes. In 1991, he famously described himself in his literary agent’s publicity brochure as having been “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”