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Happy Columbus Day

By Patrick Van Roy On October 8th, 2018

24 Responses to “Happy Columbus Day”

  1. Happy Columbus Day, which I assume is yet another day for left-liberals to get angry at history. No doubt the Bolsheviks are trying to rename it. Can’t have the proles learning about stuff.

    The bald fact is that white men conquered a vast continent – for its betterment. They did that because white men are great.

  2. Yup Pete you’re correct. The Lib loony wackos are at it. Take a peek on how the Irish Central site views America’s name-sake: https://www.irishcentral.com/roots/history/truth-columbus-mass-killer-father-slave-trade?utm

  3. True Pete, whay way did that phrase of yours go? Ah yes,

    The greatest gift to an undeserving world

    (♪ ♫ It’s coming home, it’s coming home ♪ ♫)

  4. Columbus was a great explorer but also a cruel tyrant. Even his friends were shocked by his rule in the West Indies, and when he got back to Spain unlikely “left-liberals” king and queen stripped him of his titles and threw him in jail.

    Yes, that was King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, the couple who Made Spain White Again by kicking out all the Jews and Muslims. Surely you will give them some credibility, Pete.

    BTW, Pete, what do you think of Brazil’s new Trump figure who could well be its next president? Like Columbus, he’s also a big fan of torture.

    I reckon he’s your main man.

  5. Columbus Day? Nope – it’s Indigenous People’s Day


    The Invention of Christopher Columbus, American Hero

    How the founding fathers turned Christopher Columbus, a mediocre Italian sailor and mass murderer, into a historical icon.

    and yet…..


  6. Noel – the comment about the unlikely left liberal King and Queen was priceless.

  7. When he got back to Spain unlikely “left-liberals” king and queen stripped him of his titles and threw him in jail.

    Outstanding Noel.

  8. However I don’t favor the anti-Columbus hysteria.

  9. Columbus was a man of his time.

    They Europeans didn’t really see the Indians as people.

    The Indians weren’t that nice to one another all the time either.

  10. Columbus was a man of his time.

    Indeed, many sources portray him as being abjectly incompetent.

    Anyhow, everyone knows that the Americas were discovered by an Irishman:


  11. Right again.

    He showed Lief Erickson the way.

  12. Yes, Erickson was particularly spectacular in On The Waterfront

  13. https://www.nycgovparks.org/parks/leif-ericson-park

    The squareheads remember Leif

  14. Noel –

    .. and when he got back to Spain unlikely “left-liberals” king and queen stripped him of his titles and threw him in jail.

    Nice try, but he was defenestrated after an investigation. They were no left-liberals.

    I’m very impressed with this new Brazilian moderate. A totally top chap. I wouldn’t know him if he walked past me in the street, but the BBC and The Guardian hate him and that’s all I need to know.

  15. St Brendan is a nice fairytale, but there’s zero evidence to back up the claim that he was the first white man in the Americas.

    The archeological record suggests it was Leif Erikson.

  16. Nice try, but he was defenestrated after an investigation

    Yeah, ‘an investigation’:


    Stop spinning Pete. Next you’ll be saying the same about the book that western Christian society is based on.

  17. The Spanish Inquisition? What are you blathering on about?

  18. No one likes it

  19. I mean that the SI was implemented by the two leftie libs that Noel refers to and that they weren’t really that big on ‘investigation’.

    And that no one expects it……

  20. Every one in the civilized world knows this is Thanksgiving Day

  21. when the this routine was recorded I was less than 10 I thought it was hysterical. I always remembered the one line “That’s American Driftwood” the routine doesn’t hold up it’s a shame.

    Happy Columbus Day a good day for those of us of Italian descent. The second most famous Italian right behind St Patrick.

  22. Columbus was working for the King of Spain, and the Spanish speaking peoples, some of them anyway, claim this day too


  23. Quite a change in the world, no one smokes on TV anymore.

  24. yeah I totally didn’t expect the cigarette