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La Femme Nikita

By Mahons On October 9th, 2018

Nikki Haley has resigned as US Ambassador to the United Nations. On the way out she praised Trump, his son-in-law Jared and daughter Ivanka. She had the ability to call Jared Kushner a hidden genius without laughing.

Haley was able to navigate the odd ebb and flow of the Administration’s insanity and leave with the President praising her. She nicely deflected talk of running in 2020 by saying she would be too busy supporting his reelection. Thus she is from the Administration without being of the Administration, a nice trick.

Dont be suprised if her Presidential run isnt a future topic on ATW in 2020 or 2024.

38 Responses to “La Femme Nikita”

  1. 2024

  2. She has more brains than the Trump Crime Family has combined.

  3. Dont be suprised if her Presidential run isnt a future topic on ATW in 2020 or 2024.

    How is that possible – she’s an Indian, from India. Did Obama set a precedent?

  4. Nikki Haley was born in South Carolina.

  5. She’s apple pie Allan born and raised in South Carolina. A redneck Sikh.

  6. Mahons, a very reference-rich title indeed.

    I doff my hat to you if you really intended all of it?


  7. no Noel La Femme Nikita


    or the Bridget Fonda version Point of no return


  8. “She has more brains than the Trump Crime Family has combined.”

    and yet…POTUS just keeps winning. Some people have all the luck. 🙂

  9. I believe Haley’s Comet was too obvious, so I sought to play on Nikki with the movie title Patrick caught. I’d like to say I was a hidden genius like Jared Kushner so I could claim to intended the Khrushchev allusion but it was merely a happy accident.

  10. Hidden genius vs stable genius

    Who wins?

  11. She can speak the trump truth with a straight face, we should all be scared of her

  12. She is joining the NYT. So who wrote the hit-piece on Trump?

  13. Probably Melania

  14. She would likely be a good and needed additional conservative voice there.

  15. It’s strange timing for her to resign, despite all the nicey-nicey bullshit yesterday. It was the day that Kavanaugh took his tarnished seat on SCOTUS and just three weeks from the mid-term elections. I can’t imagine that Trumpy is a happy bunny, but it’s a chance for him to indulge in a bit more nepotism, which I suspect he will find impossible to resist. Ivanka will emerge as “the best qualified candidate” so of course she will get the gig. They’ll love it on Fox.

  16. Melania to the UN would be so completely stupid, but it would be high comedy for the ages.

    Pete could give some posts praising the brilliance of it

  17. I used to think Haley had a bit of wit about her:


  18. It is exceptionally well hidden

  19. Yes. Kudos on the ‘great and wonderful’ Israel / Palestine deal Jared.

  20. He solved the opioid epidemic over the weekend, and he reformed the prisons on Tuesday.

    These are/were actually his responsibilities.

  21. These are/were actually his responsibilities.


  22. This is a guy of no known talents, and whose father served time in federal prison.

    The perfect addition to the Trump Crime Family.

  23. Yes, it’s just a pity that Jared has no Klan background, unlike Trumpy himself.

    But I suppose that being Jewish might have been an impediment. Those Klaners are such bigots!

  24. “Exceptionally well hidden” great line.

  25. Here is a good part of why Trump is winning:

    “More to the point, abandoning Kavanaugh would have been a sign of weakness, demoralising to the Republican base — which firmly stood by Kavanaugh — and an intoxicating taste of blood to liberals, who would know that if they won this first fight, the next round would be worth fighting too. Instead, by seeing Kavanaugh through to confirmation, Trump has showed Republicans that they can win as long as they don’t pre-emptively surrender. His own campaign in 2016 was fought on the same premise. Republicans had been in a habit of apologising for themselves since at least the time George W. Bush ran on ‘compassionate conservatism’ (what exactly was he implying about everyone else’s conservatism?) in 2000, when he became president only by the grace of the Republican majority on the Supreme Court…

    The protests liberals whipped up against Kavanaugh this weekend, on the other hand, revealed too much about their own weakness. Washington, D.C. is a majority Democratic city with a black majority. But the Democratic votes out there yelling about Kavanaugh were as white as any country club gathering of Republicans. They looked like a line of Starbucks patrons — Caucasian, professional, largely millennial, with earth tones and earnest expressions aplenty. Men and women wore the same fashionable glasses and more or less the same clothes. It was a Pumpkin Spice Riot…

    That’s white liberalism’s problem in a nutshell. What voters it has are concentrated in places where their votes aren’t needed. They’re not a terribly terrifying bloc in West Virginia or even Maine, where Susan Collins can be confident of weathering the storm in 2020, in a state where a Republican as outrageous as Paul LePage is, after all, governor. Even in Maine, white liberalism is dying…”


  26. “when he became president only by the grace of the Republican majority on the Supreme Court…”

    Okay that’s just bullshit right there.

  27. “There have been claims that the majority opinion emerged from conservative Republican Justices ruling against Gore for partisan reasons.[56] Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz wrote:

    [T]he decision in the Florida election case may be ranked as the single most corrupt decision in Supreme Court history, because it is the only one that I know of where the majority justices decided as they did because of the personal identity and political affiliation of the litigants. This was cheating, and a violation of the judicial oath.[56] ”


  28. The constitution should have been followed for such an election and thrown to the HOUSE.

  29. O.J.’s lawyer said it so it must be true?

  30. We need to revisit this damn thing?

    Florida voted majority for GW Bush, and that’s not even in dispute by serious people. Even the NY Times study showed that.

    The Supreme Court prevented a great wrong from happening.

    Not that GWB was any great shakes, but there you go.

  31. “Florida voted majority for GW Bush”

    Plurality for George W. Bush, but that’s a minor quibble.


    If either set of justices acting in a partisan manner it was the Democrats. 7 Justices found that the partial recount that Al Gore wanted was unconstitutional (including all 5 Republicans, and 2 Democrats). Of those 7 (who found the partial recount unconstitutional) 5 deemed that it shouldn’t go ahead. 2 Democrats found it wasn’t unconstitutional (because they wanted the recount to go ahead). Another 2 Democrats found it was unconstitutional but should go ahead anyway.

    Which side was acting partisan?

  32. The Florida Democrats were playing an exceptionally unethical game in 2000, with their changed methods of counting ballots that they themselves designed, and with their recounts only in certain counties.

    You would have had a true constitutional crisis had they gotten away with it.

  33. The fact remains that the Supreme Court voted along party lines in 2000.

  34. And you only have a problem with 5 of them doing so. Why do you not have issue with the other 4?

  35. because he’s biased…….

  36. Seamus

    At 9.35 I posted that the SCOTUS voted on party lines to confirm Dubya in 2000. At 9.37 you posted “Okay that’s just bullshit right there”

    At 10.19 I pointed out the obvious. And at 10.49 you posted some lawyer bullshit about “plurality”.

    No wonder your profession is despised as the second oldest in the world.

  37. I’m not a lawyer.

    And the plurality was in response to Phantom’s majority comment. Bush got more votes in Florida than Gore. But neither got over 50%. So it was a plurality, not a majority.

    My comment to you was to point out that 5 Republicans stated that a partial recount was unconstitutional. 2 Democrats stated that it was constitutional. And 2 Democrats stated it was unconstitutional but that they should do it anyway.

    The simple fact is that George W Bush won the 2000 election. If the Supreme Court had found in favour of Gore then Gore would have literally stolen the election. Bush won. The job of the court was to interpret the law. 5 of them did so. 2 did not. 2 did so but then shit the bed.

    The fact that it wasn’t 9-0 is a stain on Justices Stevens, Ginsburg, Breyer and Souter.

  38. Whatever you say Seamus. I apologise for calling you a lawyer.