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By Pete Moore On October 9th, 2018

Not even close.

The NHS has plunged down Bloomberg’s Health Care Efficiency Index this year, falling from 21st to 35th. The Top 10 is dominated by Asia-Pacific countries including Hong Kong, Korea and Australia. None of those countries have a single monolithic provider of socialised healthcare.

The UK now ranks below Italy, Ireland, Greece, Algeria, Mexico, Costa Rica, Lebanon, Turkey and Malaysia in the efficiency of its healthcare provision.

Let that sink in.

26 Responses to “NOT THE ENVY OF THE WORLD”

  1. Ranks below Mexico?

    Aye Carrumba!

  2. None of those countries have a single monolithic provider of socialised healthcare.
    The UK doesn’t have a single provider of healthcare. You’re going to confuse the local Pennsylvanians

    But I’ll bet you a six pack of Dogfish Ale that the top countries have a government organized health insurance that covers all their citizens

  3. Private healthcare in the UK available right here


  4. The US ranks No. 54, Pete.

    You forgot that little detail.

  5. The Tories have been in power since 2010 so it is no surprise that the UK is dropping down the rankings

  6. It may have something to do with being the NHS for the 3rd-world. When borders were secure, only Britons worked and were treated by the NHS, and it worked reasonably well. Now, the NHS both ’employs’ and treats the 3rd-world and so the NHS heads down south towards the 3rd-world, as does anywhere that is overrun by the 3rd-world

  7. You’re going to confuse the local Pennsylvanians I resemble that remark….

  8. //The UK now ranks below Italy, Ireland, Greece, Algeria, Mexico, Costa Rica, Lebanon, Turkey and Malaysia//

    But how can that be? All those countries have Commie systems with health insurance regulated by the nanny state.

  9. Do the other countries kill all their patients like the NHS does?

  10. On the NHS, there is surely a huge geographical variant present. From what I’ve seen up here, the staff do their best in difficult situations but the chronic ‘unhealthiness’ of the reservoir of permanently unwell makes cure impossible. My mother was recently hospitalised in Dundee and those in the hospital and also their visitors (chronic obesity and failure to keep oneself healthy is passed on from parents’ habits) looked like a zombie movie.

  11. Hong Kong’s residents are considered some of the happiest, and healthiest people in the world. The island has the second highest life expectancy in the world at 84 for females and 78 for males, thanks in large part because of their highly developed healthcare system.

    Hong Kong’s government-operated hospital system is managed by the Hong Kong’s Health Authority. There are 164 public hospitals and clinics and about 12 private hospitals. The island also boasts some of the most state-of-the-art medical equipment and is the leading manufacturer of medical equipment and supplies.

    The majority of healthcare funding in HK comes from govt taxes and revenues.

    Yet another success for sensible regulated healthcare.

  12. chronic obesity and failure to keep oneself healthy

    That’s a hard problem worthy of discussion.

    Here, and probably there, the same large numbers of hard core alcoholics and druggies show up at the emergency room every week, etc.

  13. Hong Kong has plenty of government provided housing too

    They’re deeply practical Chinese, not wedded to any ideological purity.

    They have no founding fathers’ Koran to refer to.

    They just want to get the job done, and they do.

    Its a wonderful, wealthy. safe place to visit.

  14. No matter how many times Pete’s put to bed on this subject he really can’t resist trying to flog the dead horse can he?

  15. But even though he can’t and won’t be educated on this one, it forces us to revisit the correct arguments to be made around this issue.

    Long live Hong Kong and Taiwan, home of free Chinese.

  16. I would not necessarily think that NHS health care is worse than that provided in Algeria.

  17. //I would not necessarily think that NHS health care is worse than that provided in Algeria.//

    The ranking in Pete’s post doesn’t relate to the quality of health services provided but to value for money, based on a few very simplistic comparisions – the amount spent on healthcare, from all sources, in relation to a few parameters like life expectancy.

    So, because the US had the second-highest per-capita spending on health care ($9,536 per head of population) in the world, but life expectancy there is lower than in many other countries, the US has a relatively low ranking.

    Switzerland is the only country were more money is spent on healthcare than the US, but CH has a much better standard of health in most (if not all) areas.

    The NHS is of course much superior to anything in Algeria, but because Algeria and Algerians on the one hand spend so little on health services, while the people are relatively healthy as they don’t drink alcohol or stuff themselves with junk food, it comes out with a higher ranking than the UK.


  18. A huge amount of the US cost is pure waste – insurance underwriting, liability lawsuits, endless forms and reviews and pre-approvals, game playing between insurers and hospitals, price gouging.

  19. Pete

    People died because of the errors and alleged cover-up or worse made by private medical labs. You didn’t make any comment to the post on that, made all of two days ago.

    As a matter of fact, I’ve never heard you criticize medical malpractice in the private sector, while you are speak of NHS malpractice endlessly.

  20. The NHS is overburdened with bureaucracy, which absorbs far too much money. It is about time that an independent cost analysis was carried out and comparisons made with the relative costs of administration in other countries. I have visited people in private hospitals here in the UK and have been in hospitals abroad. Only the NHS seems to have so many non-medical staff wandering around corridors, sitting at reception desks, etc. And that’s without those the public doesn’t see who are sitting in offices pushing paper.
    I’d love to see some figures for medical to non-medical staff ratios for hospitals around the world!

  21. Phantom,

    As a matter of fact, I’ve never heard you criticize medical malpractice in the private sector, while you are speak of NHS malpractice endlessly.

    That’s because Pete’s a massive hypocrite. But I’m sure you already know that.

  22. Ep

    It certainly looks to be under funded as compared with other major world systems

  23. Dave

    He’s a good guy but he’s a political and economic fanatic.

    He doesn’t analyze issues with the emotional detachment that one needs to see what’s really going on. He’s not really interested in solving problems.

    Ideology comes first, last and always.

    He’s not the only one.

  24. Phantom, on October 9th, 2018 at 10:39 PM Said:

    A huge amount of the US cost is pure waste

    Let’s take a look at some of that waste, particularly those being wasted and those doing the wasting. As so often, the portal is the No.1 site of truth, The Daily Stormer 🙂


    As a Stormer reader before I was a Stormer writer, when I first started reading this site, I was a lot more interested in the Truth about niggers, mestizos, women and leftists – all of which I had already been forced to deal with repeatedly on a personal level – than was I interested in Jews, which I had never really had to deal with on a personal level.

    I always found them kind of neurotic and shifty and unlikable and I knew they weren’t really trustworthy. The Holocaust memes were funny, because I hated Holocaust denial laws, WW2 and wars for Israel, but I didn’t really care, because it didn’t affect me on a personal level.

    The impact of Jewish manipulation on ideologies is a bit hard to grasp.

    The opioid issue, however, personalizes the Jewish problem.

    Imagine how many people have died from all the oxycodone these greasy kikes have dealt.


    Five New York doctors have been charged for prescribing millions of highly-addictive oxycodone pills to patients without examining them.

    Drs Carl Anderson, Dante Cubangbang, Nkanga Nkanga, Anthony Pietropinto and Nadem Sayegh have been accused of running an illegal prescription drug mill that resulted in multiple deaths and several overdoses.

    According to Manhattan federal prosecutors, the physicians often dished out pills under other people’s names and without physically examining them or seeing them.

    In return, many of them received cash payments or luxury gifts such as alcohol, dinners and all-expenses paid vacations.

    Authorities say that Dr Cubangbang, 50, whose office was in a pain clinic in Queens, prescribed 4.6 million oxycodone pills in the last six years alone.

    Three of Cubangbang’s associates – nurse John Gargan, office manager Michael Kellerman and crew chief Loran Piquant – were also charged by prosecutors.

    According to court documents, Gargan alone prescribed 1.6 million oxycodone pills.

    However, Kellerman was recorded on tape in August 2018 berating Gargan for not bringing enough patients into the clinic.

    ‘There’s no reason not to have patients,’ Kellerman says on the tape, according to the court documents.

    ‘Ten million documented people living in New York City and another two, three, maybe four million undocumented…Are you telling me you cannot…get the people to come over here?’

    So, the jews reckon that are around 3-4 million undocumented potential recipients of their narcotics – and this shit is manufactured by jews too!!

  25. I recommend that this openly racist comment be deleted

    Allan is steadily normalizing such talk here while publicizing a Hitler Worship rag

  26. Allan is steadily normalizing such talk here while publicizing a Hitler Worship rag

    But, but, but you keep stating that I get my info from Alex Jones and I have been telling you for years that it isn’t so. Now when I show you where I get truth and accuracy from, you squeal ‘foul’ – and that’s what you have done. And your main problem with what is in the post of 3.51pm is that it’s all true, especially this bit

    and this shit is manufactured by jews too!!


    The Sacklers’ profiteering from the opioid abuse epidemic they helped engineer was again highlighted in Esquire16 in mid-October, as well as The New Yorker.17 After recounting the family’s extensive philanthropic endeavors18 and notorious “pursuit of naming rights,” Esquire journalist Christopher Glazek writes…..”Few are aware that during the crucial period of OxyContin’s development and promotion, Sackler family members actively led Purdue’s day-to-day affairs, filling the majority of its board slots and supplying top executives,” he writes. In other words, Sackler family members were fully aware of, and involved with, the marketing machinations behind OxyContin.

    Even the MSM cannot cover for the (((perps)))…..


    Following hundreds of lawsuits over the years against pharmaceutical giant Purdue Pharma, Colorado’s attorney general is suing the OxyContin creator for its “significant role in causing the opioid epidemic”.

    The lawsuit claims Purdue Pharma LP and Purdue Pharma Inc deluded doctors and patients in Colorado about the potential for addiction with prescription opioids and continued to push the drugs. And it comes amid news that the company’s former chairman and president, Richard Sackler, has patented a new drug to help wean addicts from opioids.

    FFS – who else would make a drug that gets people addicted and killed, then attempts to profit from remedies to the problems?

    The Financial Times reported that Sackler, whose family owns Purdue Pharma, a multibillion-dollar company, patented a new drug earlier this year that is a form of buprenorphine, a mild opioid that is used to ease withdrawal symptoms. However, some are expressing outrage that the Sacklers, who have in essence profited from opioid addictions, may soon be profiting from the antidote.

    “It’s reprehensible what Purdue Pharma has done to our public health,” Luke Nasta, director of Camelot, a New York-based treatment centre for drug and alcohol addiction, told The Financial Times. He said the Sackler family “shouldn’t be allowed to peddle any more synthetic opiates – and that includes opioid substitutes.”

    It’s the shamelessness of these (((philanthropists))) that sets them apart from decent humanity