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By Pete Moore On October 11th, 2018

They really need to check that White House door policy. They’re even allowing in negroes now (eh, CNN?) You’d think that Kanye West would be trending right now, what with him sporting a MAGA hat in the Oval Offie, saying that blacks don’t have to be Democrats. Whoops, what am I thinking?

Anyway, this is begging to be captioned –


  1. ‘Will this MAGA hat make me look more like a useful idiot boss?’

  2. “Right, Donald. Explain this video of you and Kim.”

  3. “ Crack Cocaine Summit “

  4. Dat your booty call list? Mines much much bigger. Huge.

  5. “did you see the clip of that crappy russian rocket… dog.”

  6. West has previously revealed he received treatment for bipolar disorder, and has made reference to it in his music


    No more needs to be said.

  7. No caption is needed.

  8. That these twp nobodies have become famous shows you how completely messed up both white ( Trump ) and black ( West ) are

  9. Kanye, scrolling through his phone – “ it’s my twitter Mr President. And you thought you had the most inane rambling account…..

  10. The Plantation slave-masters AKA: Liberal Democrats seem to have let another one escape. Call out the blood hounds Erik Holder and check the locks on those chains.

  11. Theyd be pretty smart to let this one escape

    He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer

  12. Remember Kanye is now a member of the Kardashian publicity behemoth. Being a vocal Trump supporter is a USP in a world of liberal celebrity. It’s all about keeping in the headlines.

  13. Bat shit crazy fight on the south lawn in 5 minutes, heres the rules

  14. A picture paints a thousand words:


  15. Very quiet