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By Pete Moore On October 12th, 2018

Let’s just have Jeremy Corbyn now and be done with it.

1) Theresa May has announced that companies will have to report their ethnic pay gaps. Because blacks n ting earn less than other people, apparently. Responsibility, learning, hard work and productivity be damned.

2) Pizzas must shrink or lose their toppings under Government plans to cap the calories in thousands of meals sold in restaurants and supermarkets. No really, our pizzas and pies are too big, apparently.

There are some out there who say that the Conservative Party is to the left of, say the Democratic Party in the US. How little they know. The Conservative Party is to the left of the Democrats, every Labour government in history, bar probably that of Clement Attlee (and not even he wanted us governed from Brussels), and probably the Workers Party of Korea too.

The Tories are holding up Jeremy Corbyn as the scary alternative. So what? The Tories are already a far-left radical party.


  1. Pete

    Why “oblast”? Just curious.

    Ethnic pay gaps is nonsensical virtue-signalling which can only exacerbate the politics of victimhood. So it’s bound to be Labour policy by now.

    As for the pizzas, all menus should show the calories count of each item and let the customers make an informed choice. I eat regularly in Pizza Express and they offer a low calorie pizza selection without any government bullying, because they want to give their customers a choice.

  2. Peter –

    Just an allusion to the total, overwhelming cultural Marxist victory. It’s so total that the Tory Party is cultural Marxism’s greatest promoter.

  3. the Tory Party is cultural Marxism’s greatest promoter.

    You exaggerate Pete. Corbyn’s Labour already allow men to call themselves self-identify as women and use the ladies’ toilets. They have thrown their feminist wing to the Trans rentamob. And they are also well into “safe spaces” and the politics of victimhood.

    The Tories are miles behind on this agenda, thankfully.

  4. Peter –


    Proposals to streamline the process of changing gender have been unveiled by the government, as part of an attempt to boost equality for the LGBT community …

    An attempt to speed up and de-medicalise the process for changing gender will be the main element of a consultation on the laws that underpin gender transition, enshrined in the Gender Recognition Act.

    “De-medicalise” = So-called self-identifying. Where Labour has gone, the Tories are already there.

    And we know where this has led already. The Tories are putting male rapists into female prisons, so they can rape female prisoners.

  5. https://twitter.com/LivesMorgoth/status/1050489225173458944

    ‏ @LivesMorgoth

    I could explain to @guardian why sending a bloke in a dress to a women’s prison was a bad idea but they’d call me a transophobic bigot and report me for a hate crime.

    ‏ @Juliet68436201
    7h7 hours ago
    Replying to @LivesMorgoth @guardian

    If I identify as innocent can we just forego the lengthy trial???

    I identify as a billionaire – which government agency gives me my money which is rightfully mine?

  6. And there are times when the degeneracy just overwhelms one’s powers of disbelief….


    She made history this summer as the first black, trans, disabled model to sign with Elite Model Management. And she’s just getting started.

  7. Allan

    Where is the degeneracy in that last story. Is she a lesser human being than say Kate Moss ?

  8. What if a meat lovers pizza with extra cheese self identifies as a low calorie pizza, would that count?

  9. Colm – it’s a lesser model than Kate Moss, and not a female. Now just take a look.

  10. I think cutting down the calories on these pizzas is an excellent idea. As long as the overweight people don’t buy an extra pizza or some extra toppings of course.

  11. If this person is a lesser model than Kate Moss then they won’t sell the product they are modelling but that is between them and the private company using the models services. This person however is not a lesser human being or “degenerate” just because they don’t fit a perfect able bodied aesthetic standard.

  12. Dave

    But doesn’t that just show the futility of trying to legally regulate pizza calorific totals. Unless the government makes it illegal for greedy fat bastards to eat two at the same time 😉

  13. Exactly Colm. I totally agree.

    This kind of government interference is useless, and a total waste of money.
    I don’t have a solution to the obesity crisis, but this is certainly isn’t it.

  14. There is a school of thought called libertarian paternalism. Two ideas that seem almost mutually exclusive to one another. To quote wiki it is the idea that it is “both possible and legitimate for private and public institutions to affect behavior while also respecting freedom of choice”. So require restaurants to publish the calorie count beside the pizzas, and do public campaigns encouraging people to eat the smaller pizza (maybe even use other systems to not ban the bigger pizza but tax it more – thus making it more expensive, thus more unpalatable), but ultimately respect each person’s individual right to eat whatever they want to eat.

  15. Italians Koreans and Japanese know how to eat, And Americans and British do not know how to eat

    Teach the fat dumb and happy Americans and British how to be more physically active And teach them what food is, problem solved

  16. I’m all for proper labelling, and issuing guidelines on calorie content. And I have no problem with the government advising food producers and manufacturers to reduce calorie content, especially in foods that shouldn’t have extra fat and sugar added to them in the first place. But forcing companies to change the amount of calories in their produce is wrong.
    How about the government reacting to companies doing criminal things like selling horse meat as beef. Because they were pretty f****** useless over the whole horse meat scandal. Hardly anyone was brought to Justice, and a large food retailers and manufacturers Got Away with it pretty much Scott free.

  17. Yes

    Endless micromanagement On food content; multiple taxes on various so-called unhealthy foods Should not be what anyone wants


  18. Phantom,

    Italians Koreans and Japanese know how to eat, And Americans and British do not know how to eat

    Italian kids are fatter than American kids these days, so I’m not sure the Italians are a good example.


    Teach the fat dumb and happy Americans and British how to be more physically active And teach them what food is, problem solved

    I think you’re looking at this too simplistically Phantom. I don’t think the solution is just a matter of education.

  19. Although I still think that education is a good idea. I just don’t think it’s the solution to this problem.

  20. Tax people on their weight. That should get the fatties moving and dieting 🙂

  21. I could almost believe that except that I’ve been to Italy

    I can’t possibly believe that Italians on average are fatter than Americans

  22. Colm.

    I think it was Ricky Gervais who said supermarkets should be redesigned so that all the areas with the cakes, biscuits, pies, sweets and Pizzas, should only be accessible through a narrow gap. So only thin people, who can squeeze through the gap, can buy the unhealthy stuff. 😁

  23. Koreans Japanese and. Vietnamese can seem emaciated, but they’re not

    Very large number of them are at an ideal weight, very slender

  24. Phantom

    I can’t possibly believe that Italians on average are fatter than Americans

    I think the article I link to was about to tell you children being fatter than American children. if you take all of the population of both countries into account then Americans are more overweight than Italians but not by much.
    Only 2.8 on the BMI index.
    and the difference between Brits and Italians is only 1.3.


  25. Don’t all svelte sexy Italian women end up becoming big fat Pasta Mammas after middle age… or is that just a crude national stereotype ? 😉

  26. Colm.

    In my experience of living in Poland, that stereotype was certainly true there. A majority of the beautiful young Polish girls, ended up overweight in their later years.

  27. I think that Americans are off the charts more overweight than Italians generally

    You notice it the minute you go through the airport or walk down any Italian or US city

    Even within the US there are significant differences – There is a lot more morbid obesity in the Southeast or Midwest then they would be in the Northeast or California/Hawaii/ Colorado

    Very many people in US suburbs Hardly ever walk; they drive everywhere, . That’s as much of the problem as any food issue is. Being sedentary is not good, and very many people dont walk and never exercise

  28. I’ll take your word for it on Americans Phantom, seeing as you actually live there and I don’t. However, many of the Americans I watch on YouTube seem to be quite Slim. Mind you, I am mostly watching videos featuring carpenters and craftsman, along with extreme sport enthusiasts, so my data might be biased.

  29. Obesity is also linked to poverty and deprivation:

    “Across England one in 10 children (9.5%) are already classed as obese by the time they enter reception, while one in five (20.1%) of those in year six are in the same category. More boys than girls are obese. In reception 9.9% of boys are obese compared with 9.1% of girls, while in year six the gap is wider, with 22.6% of boys and 18% of girls classed as obese.

    There is also a widening “deprivation gap”, with obesity becoming even more of a health divide between children from richer and poorer families. Children in the most-deprived areas are twice as likely to be obese as those in the least-deprived places. In year six, for example, 11.7% of pupils at schools in wealthier areas are obese – less than half that of the 26.8% of 10 and 11 year-olds at schools in poorer areas, NCMP data showed.”


  30. A choice between Chairman May or, Kim il Corbyn is much like being given the choice of which testical you want cut off. Either you Left one or you Far-Left one.

    Personally I want Kim il Corbyn. The young have never experienced proper Socialism before, so a little aversion therapy might do the buggers some good.