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By Pete Moore On October 12th, 2018

Because Friday night is Music Night

I must have done a good turn somewhere. The Heineken Cup begins and there are ten (ten!) live rugby matches on BT Sport this weekend. And the commies say there is no God. So the beers, pizzas and pies are in. Big, fat, capitalist beers, pizzas and pies. Up yours May.

But something a little different first. I have no idea who Francisco Tárrega was but he could make a beautiful sound. Let this one play. It’s like his guitar speaks.

Have fun whatever you’re up to this weekend. As always, feel free to add your fav sounds down below –


  1. Fritz Kreisler’s Vienna Caprice, even more sentimental:


  2. both nice, but here’s three minutes of guitar heaven


  3. a little something that I think most will enjoy it’s 9 min it’s an unexpected gem well wort hearing.


  4. Well done PVR, enjoyed both.

  5. Nice post Patrick, I particularly enjoyed the second one.

    Here is one of my favourite pieces of music, from one of my favourite films, with pictures of one of my favourite places. What more could you ask for.


  6. nice Dave

  7. From the Grand Hotel Budapest movie. It goes with a swing, with a couple of pauses:


  8. Full of swing, with a hint of Gregorian chant and Sergio Leone. I love that piece.

  9. That second post is magnificent Pat.

    I saw these guys live last night:


    And for no reason whatsoever this beautiful, beautiful song came back into my head today:


  10. I said in here, or if not here then somewhere, that Sunshine on Leith is one the finest pop songs ever to come from these islands. Wherever I said it, it’s true.

  11. This is the theme music for Succession which you can see on Sky Atlantic. The music is good and the series is a brilliant black comedy, which like all good black comedies gets blacker towards the end. It’s loosely based on the Murdoch dynasty and has a five star cast.


  12. I watched Succession. Excellent drama – all the characters were repellent which goes against the Dramatic rule that you have to have a good guy to root for, but it was still a highly entertaining story.

  13. A late entry.